How To Start A Blog On Medium: Make $100 In A Day

The hardest part of blogging is getting past the first post and making sure that people keep coming back for more content!

In this blog post, I will share how I’ve learned how to start a blog on Medium and some tips and lessons learned along the way.

How to start a blog on Medium

Well, the first thing you do is go to

Once you’re there, click on “Start Writing.” This will take you to your dashboard, where you’ll have a few different options for how and what type of blog post you want to write.

Select the option that says, “I want to start as an author.” And voila! You’ve got yourself a Medium account with some content out there ready to be read by others just like me who are endlessly scrolling through their feed looking for something interesting worth reading.

If this is going to be your first time blogging in general or even if it’s not, I recommend adding links back into these posts so people can find more related information from other places online (like Wikipedia, another article, etc.)- especially if your blog is all about how to do something and you want people to find the how-to videos or tutorials.

How to make money on Medium

Honestly, it’s easy to start a blog on Medium. The hard part is making money. But, Medium is a great place to share your ideas, and we’re excited about how the community can grow through Medium. 

Just know that you won’t be able to make money from just publishing articles on Medium.

You’ll need other ways of generating revenue outside the platform, such as selling books or growing an email list via Kickstarter or Patreon. But if you publish blog posts on Medium, they will appear in people’s “Explore” section, which may generate some traffic back to your site (or social media).

How to make $100 blogging in Medium in less than 24 Hours

Tom Blake started a new blog on and generated $100 within 24 hours by republishing old content to the platform.

He started writing on Medium after someone recommended it to him to drive traffic to his website.

The only thing he did was republish his phone farming guide and wrote one more short post on personal development, but within 24 hours of posting this article, it has already made $100 from just these two posts!

Tom mentions that he now makes $1,000 a month on Medium from his articles. Tom’s story is an inspiration for how anyone can make money blogging with Medium!

The key takeaway from Tom’s story: If you’re a writer, it doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you have – if your writing resonates with the readers, you can make money on Medium.

Check out his blog at

How does Medium work?

Medium has made some changes to how authors are paid. The old system, where the author earned $0.02 per clap (basically a tiny commission for every time someone liked their article), is now replaced with one that pays based on reading times and engagement levels like comments, likes, etcetera.

Authors can also make money by selling subscriptions to those who want more of your content or opt-in as an affiliate marketer for products you promote within articles – but these things mustn’t seem spammy to not turn readers off from following future updates from this particular author!

Reading time of non-members will also be factored into payment if they become a member within 30 days of engaging with your stories.

Medium for existing bloggers

I recently found out that Medium adds the rel=”canonical” tag when you share your articles on Medium. So, I recently started sharing mine.

Medium is the best of both worlds for content creators. Bloggers can import their blog posts onto Medium, allowing them to take advantage of its traffic while maintaining control over their original position on that other platform.

Importing a story gives bloggers access not only to Medium’s massive monthly readership. When you import blog posts to Medium, the article will have the rel= “canonical” tag.

This tag essentially informs Google that your original article maintains ultimate authority over the website that houses imported content. This means using this tag. Google will prioritize your blog posts on Medium instead of on other sites like Medium itself or even Wikipedia- among many others.

You can earn money from driving traffic to these pages (as they are monetized) and grow by taking advantage of the additional reach you gain for each post published in Medium.


We’ve covered a lot of ground today and hopefully given you some inspiration to go out there and start your own blog on Medium.

Now that we know what the platform is about, how it’s free to join, how much you can make, and how much work goes into running a successful blog here, all that’s left for us is to answer one final question- why should I consider joining?

There are many reasons why starting a blogging career with Medium can be beneficial. First, you get access to an established community of writers with who you can learn from and share content to grow your following.

You can make money from writing which helps offset any other day job income or side hustles you may already have.

And, of course, you can start building a long-term career that will give you the ability to turn your passion into something financially sustainable.

Medium is excellent, as I mentioned. However, if you want complete control of your content and have various monetization options, start your own website.

Starting a website is not hard nor expensive. The potential to make a full-time income far outweigh the costs.

Read this free guide to starting your website. You’ll learn the fundamentals you need to start a blog and be successful.

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