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Hi, I’m Chris and I blog for a living.

Blogging allowed me to quit my job using a simple and proven formula anyone can do.

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“If this average, introverted, factory worker can make money by blogging and quit the nine to five drag, why can’t you?”

I’ve been trying to make a living online for almost two decades. But, I’ve lacked the focus, the grit, and the motivation to keep going. Whenever I start a venture, doubts always set in.

What if I’m just wasting my time?
Is this going to work?
I don’t want to take a step backward.
Am I good enough

I went through a cycle of starting a business, quitting within 6 months, and start again. Then I take a break and come up with another business idea only to give up.

Things change with the birth of my daughter. When she was born and the first time I saw her face, I knew then that I have to get it together and be a good role model for her to follow. Sounds cliche right? You’ll never know until it stares you in the face.

I wasn’t as healthy as I wanted to be when we had our daughter. I had high cholesterol, my belly was huge, and I ate crap all the time. The fear of dying early due to metabolic disorders loomed in the back of my head.

So, I started learning about nutrition and fitness. Received my certificate in Weight loss and Nutrition, and I continue to work out almost daily.

I created a blog in the health niche, one of the most competitive categories. Where giant companies with millions of marketing budgets are publishing health articles daily.

What was I thinking!?

What was I thinking!? I said to myself. Uncertainties and insecurities started to open up again. But, I won’t let those doubts cripple me, ANYMORE! I shouted (in my head).

I am currently making a stable income a month that allowed me to quit my nine to five and work full time on the blog.

My health blog allows me to work at home, escape the daily grind, no more hustle, and bustle commute to work. More importantly, I can spend more time with my family.

Competing with the big boys and gals is hard work, but my daughter drives me to strive harder and make a better life for myself and my family.

If this average, introverted, factory worker can make money by blogging and quit the nine to five drag, why can’t anyone else? I want to help you do the same.

Start a blog and do what you love today!

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