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Top 75 best blog about travel

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What are the best blog about travel?

I have a travel blog that’s not regularly updated. But, it’s still bringing in a little bit of income.

It is not easy to be a travel blogger, and there are many aspects of the job that I am clueless about.

Things like luxury travel, traveling solo, or backpacking, and so much more…

So, here’s a list of the best travel blogs that may resonate well with you.

#1 Ciara

Ciara is a full-time solo female traveler featured in major travel publications and has built up over 100,000 followers on her blog. Her honest insights about traveling as a black woman have resonated with readers worldwide for years now. In addition, she loves to write helpful posts that are easy to understand and implement into your own travels!

#2 Uncornered market

Audrey and Dan are great storytellers who take incredible photographs that show cultural travel in other countries and issues relating to sustainability (and even work with the UN Global Sustainable Tourism Council).

#3 Alex in wonderland

Alex is an amazing woman living in New York. She’s the author of a great article on Koh Tao diving. While she currently travels around America, Alex was born with wanderlust – her blog features photos from all over the world and helpful tips for other divers like me! Her website just screams ‘Alex’ so you know what to expect there: humorously self-deprecating posts about travel mixed with beautiful photography featuring dive spots (and some excellent advice).

#4 Travels of Adam

Adam, a former ex-pat and award-winning LGBTQ blogger, is here to provide you with travel tips on where the hippest bars are located. So if you want nightlife spots that will give your wallet an excellent workout of its life for drinks and food, then Adam has got them all listed out for you! He loves writing about Berlin as he currently lives there and writes content related to the gay lifestyle, including fashion trends in men’s clothing.

#5 The blonde abroad

Kiersten’s website focuses on the intersection of fashion and travel. She gives tips and advice for women on what to wear, pack, see while traveling worldwide; more importantly, though she shares her insights based on a higher-end or comfort point of view.

#6 Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is an online personality who experiences the world through travel videos on her popular YouTube channel. Her quirky and nerdy take on traveling makes for entertaining content, as she’s funny, smart but quite awkward in front of the camera. This has helped make Nadine one of the biggest names among YouTubers focused on travel!

#7 Chubby diaries

Jeff Jenkins is changing the game with his blog Chubby Diaries. He’s tackling body shaming and providing travelers of all shapes and sizes, including himself, as he is plus-sized too, with resources to inspire them for their journeys!

Jeff never shies away from telling it like it is in a very positive way that makes you feel motivated by him during your travels which not many bloggers can do because they are mostly pessimistic about travel or just picky when sharing places to go, but this guy always has an optimistic attitude even though traveling isn’t easy at times either so give props where prop is due cause Mr. Jenkins deserves some serious ones!

#8 Honey trek

Mike and Anne quit their jobs in 2012 to go on an extended honeymoon, but 8 years later, they are still traveling. They’ve road-tripped around the US in a camper van, stayed at some of the most incredible glamping sites worldwide (luxury camping), and wrote about couples’ travel experiences with tips for long-term travel as well. The adventurous couple focuses on sustainability while sharing tons of advice that makes them sound like pros!

#9 Be my travel muse

If you’re a solo female traveler or looking for some inspiration on traveling, Kristin is the woman of your dreams. She posts incredible photos and videos from her many travels worldwide, where she explores less-visited countries that other travelers will never discover themselves.

Thanks to her extensive traveling experience (over 5 years), she has plenty of tips and tricks up her sleeve when it comes to navigating foreign cities alone and conquering new environments by trying local cuisine instead of sticking with what we are used to at home.

#10 View from the wing

Gary Leff is a travel-hacking enthusiast who provides valuable information on the industry and airlines. He doesn’t just share deals or trip reports; he gives you context around how to get rewards from his experiences at airports and being an insider in terms of what goes down behind closed doors.

#11 Oneika the traveler

She discusses the “real” side of travel and is not afraid to get political, talk about racial prejudice when traveling, or discuss life as a black female traveler. This gives her writing a unique perspective that stands out from other bloggers who focus primarily on their own experiences with only some commentary on society at large.

Not only that but her tips and tricks are super helpful too! Finally, her writing style is engaging and picturesque in photography/videography, which adds up for a fantastic blog overall.

#12 Never ending footsteps

In her many travels, Lauren has experienced some pretty wild things. Despite the fact that she’s often involved in mishaps and misadventures on trips, it makes for fascinating stories to read about and keeps you captivated until the end of each tale.

#13 Wandering Earl

Earl is a vagabonding nomad. He loves budget travel, backpacking, blogging, and everything in between. Earl’s blog visits places few people visit (Kurdistan anyone?) and tells raw and honest travel stories that don’t sugarcoat the experience.

Very few blogs do that, making him one of the best blogs about travel for travelers! He also doesn’t accept sponsored content, so it shows how passionate his voice is towards traveling; this separates him from every other blogger who isn’t as true-to-heart when they write about their experiences abroad or domestically.

#14 Legal nomads

Jodi is a former lawyer who writes about food and culture. She loves taking mouthwatering photos that will make you jealous of her ability to do so. She also has another series called ‘Thrillable Hours’ where she talks with other lawyers who gave up corporate life for travel experiences worldwide.

#15 Maptia

Maptia is an independent, ad-free travel blog where volunteers work together to create stories that inspire and provoke thought. Stories are self-published on the website over hundreds of hours by photographers, writers, adventurers, and conservationists worldwide.

#16 Notes from the road

Erik Gauger’s blog, Notes from the Road, shows his mastery of photography and writing as he explores themes such as city vs. country life in modern times. As a regular guy who travels on foot or kayak, Erik’s posts engage readers since they show “the messy truth” about travel told by someone like them.

#17 Atlas and boots

Peter Watson and Kia Abdullah started Atlas & Boots, an outdoor travel blog that details thrilling activities in far-flung places like swimming with whales in Tonga or trekking volcanoes in Vanuatu. Although Peter was into sports growing up, whereas Kia liked to read books, over the years, they drew each other towards the middle, describing themselves as “outdoorsy-ish.”

#18 Roads and kingdoms

Roads & Kingdoms is a website that uses talented local journalists, deep storytelling, and the good things in life to inspire you about travel. They are winners of an Emmy award for journalism as well as other prestigious awards!

#19 Nomadic Matt

Matt, who grew up in Boston, didn’t travel abroad until he was 23. Now, as a New York Times best-selling author and founder of one of the biggest blogs online about traveling on $50 or less per day (Nomadic Matt), he has helped thousands to see more with his tips!

#20 I am Aileen

Aileen Adalid is a Filipino travel blogger behind the fantastic site I Am Aileen. Along with great photos and an outstanding design, she shares helpful tips from her travels around the world and advice for becoming an entrepreneur (she sells custom gear on Amazon). She particularly loves Japan and Antarctica.

#21 Anywhere we roam

Mark and Paul are always looking for answers. Whether discussing politics with locals in a city bar, understanding unusual rock formations in spectacular scenery, or working out the meaning of life in an obscure gallery… Their questions drive their passion for independent travel and invoke their curiosity to see the world through the eyes of locals —and sharing it with you.

#22 Bucketlistly

Pete is a traveler who has traveled to over 65+ countries and knocked them off his bucket list. He takes advantage of every opportunity he can, including working on BucketListly Blog and other businesses while traveling the world for 7 years. Pete’s travels have inspired him to work in digital freelancing, photography & videography professionally – all through travel!

#23 Against the compass

Against the Compass is a unique blog that encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. The goal is for readers to break stereotypes and inspire them with alternative travel options in destinations not as popular or mainstream compared to others worldwide.

The writer, Joan, works hard at becoming an influential figure who challenges standard norms while traveling so they can provide helpful information on some lesser-known places across our globe, leading by example through their travels and experiences.

#24 Lost with purpose

Alex has always had an adventurous spirit, so living out of a backpack was not too difficult when she decided to quit her desk job and travel the world for a while. She traveled around the world, alternating between swashbuckling skullduggery (adventures) and gallivanting depending on where in alignment with stars were at that time. Her current trajectory is taking her entirely off the beaten path—stories from some destinations include Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.

#25 Travel episodes

Travel is all about the stories, and this website gives readers a chance to discover some of those through text, film, and photography. The site has no other focus besides telling great travel stories–it encourages you to sit back as your scroll along with it at your own pace because there aren’t any distractions that would get in the way. It’s incredible how Johannes Klaus put together such a great story-telling platform where people can lose themselves for hours reading their adventures from around the world!

#25 Sidetracked magazine

A magazine and online journal dedicated to exploring adventure travel, Sidetracked is a beautiful resource for those looking for inspiration. Different writers write the stories within with a passion that can be felt through their words.

#26 Along dusty roads

When Andrew and Emily were in East London, they decided to change their lives. They went on a one-way flight to Mexico with several cameras, laptop computers, and money for two years of travel. Since then, many things have changed, but their approach is the same as when I read them blogging about it today!

#27 Dan flying solo

Daniel is a British man who works with Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet as an author. He’s also a photographer, contributing to his work being published in the National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Beautiful Destination magazine (published by Matador Network), and various others previously mentioned. I had the privilege of traveling across India alongside Daniel during my time there!

#28 A broken backpack

Melissa is a Canadian girl who recently became famous on social media. She loves to travel and doesn’t hold back from sharing her experiences with the world, which makes for great entertainment through videos of hitchhiking around South East Asia or stories about how she crashed an opening night at a dance club in Barcelona dressed as Little Red Riding Hood!

Initially, Melissa was just another college student working part-time jobs while studying English Literature but now she has been published everywhere – Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog all want something interesting enough to share with their readers as it did before when they first found out about this young woman and fell head over heels in love after reading one of her rambunctious tales.

#29 Lilis travel plans

Lili is a Belgian travel blogger who has no filter and shares her opinion about traveling.

#30 The blog abroad

Gloria is an Arizona native and a writer for multiple publications, including Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Matador Networks, and working with top travel photographers. She’s also one of the best selfie-takers I’ve seen.

#31 Nomadic boys

Travel bloggers Stefan and Sebastien are changing the game of travel. They aim to encourage other gay couples around the world to get out there, embrace their inner wanderlust, seek adventure at every opportunity—all while finding amazing deals on flights & hotels along with wonder-inspiring experiences!

#32 Backpacker banter

Chris is a talented photographer and video creator. His most recent Maldives YouTube video will surely make you want to quit your job NOW! 

If he isn’t surfing, Chris is off traveling the world and recording every piece of it.

#33 Travel break

Steph Be is a talented writer and content creator with expertise in social media. She recently published this article, “7 Steps to Get Influencers’ Share Your Product (As Told by One).” 

Steph comes from a marketing background and has taught herself the ins and outs of social media.

#34 Drew Binsky

Drew is a native of Arizona who has been traveling the world since he left college. Since then, his career as an entrepreneur and content creator online has made him well-known in Snapchat circles.

He works with brands to create sponsored material for them while also hosting his travel show on Snapchat; additionally, he writes columns for Elite Daily and HuffPo about social media trends related to these two platforms specifically.

#35 My Life’s A Movie

Alyssa Ramos is a Cuban American Florida native who’s so good at selfies, she published “10 Tips For Getting Travel Photos With No People In Them.” She also works with the GoPro team and writes for Huffington Post and Matador Network. Catch her on Snapchat as she shares quick travel tips!

#36 Another escape

Another Escape’s best feature is its minimal and clean design, which allows you to focus on engaging travel stories. The website excels in using white space and a simple color scheme that makes for an enjoyable experience when reading these articles. This site truly demonstrates how good design can be “invisible” as it lets your attention stay focused on what matters most: The story itself!

#37 Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley, aka Adventurous Kate, is a professional traveler who shares her adventures with readers in her solo female travel blog posts. She has traveled to over 100 countries.

#38 Borders of adventure

If you want to travel responsibly and with a purpose, you should follow Borders of Adventure. This leading blog combines destination inspiration with social, historical, political, and cultural reporting on its many journeys around the world—ensuring that readers are both entertained as well as informed when they return home from their travels.

#39 Brendan’s adventures

Brendan van Son’s passion for travel is contagious. His adventures and photos have taken him to more than 100 countries on six continents, while he shares his favorite destinations with readers through articles on Brendan’s Adventures.

He also provides helpful advice in travel guides by continent—inspiring others to embark upon their journeys across the globe!

#40 David’s been here

David Hoffman is a travel host who has been to six continents and documented his travels online with episodes about each location.

He shares information on the David’s Been Here website, inspiring readers looking for new experiences or advice from someone passionate about traveling.

#41 Expert vagabond

Matt Karsten is the adventure travel blogger behind Expert Vagabond. In seven years, he’s shared entertaining stories of his travels to motivate others to add more adventure into their lives through articles and videos on Expertvagobnd.com

#42 Fox nomad

Anil Polat travels the world indefinitely, sharing his adventures with readers in a popular blog called foXnoMad. Readers adore Anil’s fresh and informative content because he provides travel tips that help you backpack brighter than ever before! He blogs twice per week to keep up with your thirst for knowledge about making this lifestyle even better.

#43 Girl gone travel

Want to travel, eat, and live life? Follow Carol Cain! Her website Girl Gone Travel inspires friends, families & lovers who want to hit the road. She shares quick links about adventures (adventurous trips), family activities/getaways, good eats & wine, hotels/local attractions in your area + National Parks.

#44 Goats on the road

Travel bloggers Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift write about living an adventure-packed life. They have been traveling around the world for nearly eight years, searching for new cultures while also taking photos and videos to share their experiences on Goats On The Road.

#45 Gotta keep movin

Emma Higgins’ travel blog, Gotta Keep Movin’, is a different sort of blog because it dedicates one year to immerse herself in the culture and history of each region. As such, she features stories about her travels and what makes people passionate about exploring new places.

#46 Indiana Jo

Indiana Jo was once a full-time lawyer, but now she writes about her independent travel adventures and hopes to inspire readers with information on how they can leave their 9–5 jobs behind for some time and pursue their dreams of traveling the world.

Since 2010, Indiana has visited over 60 countries around the globe, becoming what is known as a digital nomad in doing so! She shares valuable tips such as arranging trips independently or going the extra mile when looking into destinations you want to visit.

#47 Keep calm and travel

Clelia Mattana has been a globetrotter for more than 16 years. She is passionate about traveling and blogging to show others that you can travel regardless of your age, budget, or status.

Clelia’s Keep Calm and Travel posts include tips for planning and packing for a trip, stores about her travels, guides to various parts of the world, as well as information on local cuisine, so readers can experience what they see while reading each blog post in real life if possible.

#48 Pause the moment

Ryan Gargiulo loves to travel the world and adventure. He created a blog, Pause The Moment, that inspires others who want to travel more often, adventurously, or affordably so they can document their travels as well.

His readers rely on Ryan’s advice when he writes about frequently traveling around Europe but still having enough money for daily needs like food and shelter while not being tied down by work commitments at home in America.

#49 The planet D

Dave and Deb are the two travel bloggers behind Planet D, a site that has been in existence for nine years. At its core is an audience of 2.8 million people who follow them every month to learn how to make their dreams come true when it comes to traveling around the world with everything from budgeting tips to photography advice!

#50 Retire early and travel

Retire Early, and Travel is the blog of Keith and Tina, destination influencers who love to travel. They share their knowledge with others through posts about living internationally, retiring early, learning new cultures firsthand.

#51 Rick Stevens

Rick Steves has looked at the world through a different lens after traveling to more than 80 countries. He is an author, radio, and television host who owns his own travel company, which provides tours throughout Europe with experienced guides that teach you about the history and culture of each destination while also giving insight into political topics.

You will find plenty of videos on Rick’s blog where he discusses these experiences in addition to sharing general information such as vacation tips for planning your trip!

#52 Salt in our hair

Salt in our hair is a travel blog by Hannah and Nick, two creatives from Holland who started sharing their experiences on Instagram. They write about the different destinations they visit throughout Europe and give valuable tips for planning your next trip.

Their articles are filled with inspiration and advice that you can use when thinking of where to go or what places to see if you’re looking for ideas.

#53 Travel mamas

Travel Mamas wants to help parents and children connect, as well as the world around them. The blog includes helpful tips on traveling together, packing lists for family trips, giveaways that encourage planning a vacation together—but if you need some grown-up time without the kids in tow or just want to get away with your partner, Travel Mamas also covers romantic vacations and girlfriend retreats.

#54 Travel with bender

Travel with Bender is an award-winning family travel blog that shares first-hand experiences traveling to more than 65 countries. In addition, the website has many guides and expert tips for families to enjoy vacationing together, such as packing lists and sightseeing tours.

#55 Why wait to see the world

Why Wait to See the World is a travel blog for millennials. Stephanie and Megan post about their adventures around the world on this site and give tips and advice.

#56 Flying the nest

Stephen and Jess are an Aussie couple who have been traveling together for the past three years. They publish high-quality travel vlogs on YouTube, which has earned them a huge following!

#57 Passport to Eden

Anshula, the blogger behind Passport to Eden, is a kindred spirit. Her blog features destinations as well as travel tips–but she doesn’t stop there! A monthly book club series helps readers get in an adventurous mindset even while they’re at home saving up for their next trip.

#58 Adventurous Kate

Kate has been to 83 countries and is an excellent resource for female solo travelers. Her backpacking trip through Southeast Asia led her on the path of international travel, where she now writes about destinations around the world! As a result, she’s earned herself a Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencer.

#59 Karina keeps escaping

Karina Keeps Escaping is written primarily in English, but Karina herself is actually from Slovakia. She offers an easy-to-read Table of Contents that allows you to skip directly to the subtopics most interesting for you, and her social media accounts are shared translated content.

To make it more engaging: Before every blog post on Karina’s travel blog, she provides a table of contents to quickly find what they want without scrolling through all available posts (like with infinite scroll blogs).

#60 One girl one world

One Girl One World is an excellent resource for female travel bloggers. Francesca writes about all-things digital media with a twist on traveling, from beauty tips to marketing tricks and offbeat guides (like why Tulsa Oklahoma should be your next destination). She has consistently good content and will undoubtedly be one of the best in 2021.

#61 The points guy

The Points Guy is one of my favorite travel bloggers. He finds a “deal” without sacrificing quality, making him incredibly savvy and financially conscious for those traveling in 2021.

#62 Two monkeys travel group

Two Monkeys Travel Group successfully marries luxury and adventure in a way that is hard to find anywhere else. In their blog, Kach and Jonathan tell stories of their adventures around the world while providing tips for others traveling or exploring new places.

Their writing style is unique as it combines thoughtful descriptions with entertaining narratives about how they ended up at each place from which they write reviews.

#63 Let’s be merry

A great travel blog is not only about sharing excitement and adventures but also what happens in between. Once a part of the world of television, Merry has one goal: to encourage people to be happy at home and abroad.

#64 Will drink for travel

If you love whiskey and traveling, Will Drink for Travel is a must-read. This cocktail-centric blog features recipes, resources, and destinations for travelers who appreciate the spirits in all their forms.

#65 Spirited pursuit

Lee has been working in the world of influencer marketing for a long time. Her blog is filled with advice on how to start and grow your business, as well as some great storytelling about her experiences. She even hosts creative retreats!

#66 Not a nomad blog

Not a Nomad is the go-to travel blog for anyone who wants to capture those perfect Insta shots. Not only does she have great photography tips, but her site itself is minimal so that you can focus on what’s important – the images! Plus, as a bonus, she sends out an email with all of the new content and updates from her website every week, so it’s easy to keep up.

#67 The culture map

The Culture Map is a website that brings together ideas and concepts from around the world to create an entire community. Each contributor has unique thoughts, ideas, and posts that combine with others’ input to make something more than just individual contributors – it’s all part of one whole culture.

#68 Migrationology

A foodie may enjoy following Migrationology, where international travelers share their experiences through different types of cuisine. Oh, and his face when he eats is enough to follow his blog and youtube channel.

#69 Torn tackies

Carryn, an avid traveler from South Africa, loves to take visitors off the beaten path for their outdoor adventures. She can find unique destinations that aren’t on traditional tourist paths so travelers can experience something new and authentic with Carryn as a guide!

#70 Lovicarious

Lovicarious is a good travel blog that focuses on new angles of travel. They are creating the term microadventures, which encompasses day trips and date ideas,o feel adventurous without packing lots of things.

#71 Traveling well for less

A former 12-year executive in the travel industry, Debra is an expert at scoring deals. She has been exploring the world since 1994, and we completely adhere to her philosophy of spending less but still enjoying a great trip on your budget. Her adventures prove that one can live well even with little money spent, and she mainly travels alone or occasionally takes trips with family members as well!

#72 Finding beyond

“We’re nomads,” they said. “You can’t have a plan; it’ll just limit you.” For the past 11 years of their lives, this British couple has been traveling and living on and off from place to place to avoid settling down anywhere for too long.

They say that not having any plans when traveling or moving around constantly allows them more freedom in how much time they spend at each location.

While also saving money as well so that they can travel for longer periods. Instead of shorter trips like many people who remain settled somewhere steady all year round with work commitments or family obligations.

#73 Mint notion

If you love to travel, then make sure your financial habits are healthy too! Eden started her journey of “intentional living” as a shopaholic. Now she helps people better their lives through mindfulness and minimalism.

#74 Two bad tourists

The LGBT community is perceived differently throughout the world: Auston and David provide helpful tips based on their experience. In addition to some funny accounts, expect money-saving hacks as well!

#75 Vagabondish

Vagabondish, run by Mike Richard, is an excellent resource for backpacking. The website provides an extensive list of tips and tricks to help you become a savvy traveler. It also has detailed photography guides that show your readers how they can capture their travels like a pro with just the click of the camera button or smartphone photo app!

Vagabondish’s special news section keeps its audience up-to-date on what’s going in the travel world. Hence, people never miss out on any opportunities there might be while traveling abroad!


There you have it, 75 of the best blog about travel.

Did you know that 90% of these blogs started with someone who loves to travel and blogged about it?

That means you can do the same too! Here’s a free guide to start your travel blog the right way.

Most of these blogs are attracting more than a million visits a month. That equates to almost US$170K a year.

Even if you’re only getting 200,000 visitors a month, you can still quit your job and travel the world!

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