How To Blog Anonymously: 10 Tips To Keep Things Private

How much of your identity do you want to keep private when you blog? Blogging anonymously is an excellent way for people looking to hide their identities. But how can someone go about blogging anonymously? This article will teach you how to blog anonymously. The 10 best ways to remain anonymous when blogging. From using an email address that isn’t linked with your identity or creating an entirely new social media account, bloggers can use many different methods to remain anonymous.

1. Use blogging sites that protect your identity

If you need to blog but want to hide your identity, there are some options. One website no longer in service called Invisblog used to offer this service.

BlogACause also claims it can be done anonymously, but there is not enough information on how you currently do it.

A third option is WordPress and Tor, which we will detail later in the post.

2. Use a fake email registering your blog

Here are some websites when you want anonymous email:

  • Hushmail provides encrypted accounts
  • RiseUp is aimed at activists
  • MintEmail gives you a 3-hour temporary email address
  • FilzMail gives you an email account that expires after 24 hours

3. Use a new alias

If you want to keep your secret, use a new name and use it on other websites. This way, people will not know who you are.

4. Don’t include any details that may give you away

The police blogger, NightJack, changed or didn’t include names in the cases he was involved in. But this detail was enough for a journalist to find out NightJack’s real name and other information about him.

If you wish to become anonymous, don’t add anything that can be traced back to you. It sounds easy but sometimes, we F up. It’s hard when blogging day in day out. It’s like a slip of the tongue.

5. Forget the accolades

They would not be interested in the identities of NightJack and Girl With A One Track Mind if they were cult heroes and stayed underground.

Be careful and pretend you are not very smart, so you do not get caught.

6. Hide your IP

When registering a new blog or publishing an article, ensure your IP address is not logged. You can use a service like Anonymizer or Tor to ensure it’s not in the logs.

7. Use Online Policy Group to register a domain

If you will register a website, do it anonymously with a service like The Online Policy Group.

8. Don’t collect emails

When it comes to growing an email list, which you should, it can be a challenge when you want to be invisible.

Companies like Mailchimp will want your physical address to ensure you and them are not breaking the privacy law.

If you want to remain anonymous, don’t grow an email list. Or, you can risk it and use a fake address. I don’t recommend it because the fines can be hefty ($43,000).

9. Keep it offline

Some bloggers write directly in the blog software like WordPress, but this is bad. If you are online for a long time, your digital footprint will get bigger.

Use an offline editor such as notepad or Google docs. You can learn how to use Google docs by reading the following article: Use Google Docs Offline.

Once you’re done with the final draft, you can copy and paste the text into your content management system, such as WordPress.

Once you’re done, delete the text files from your desktop and the trash. You don’t want any evidence of your blog to be found on your computer.

10. Use PVN

The problem with an alternate identity is that your location can still be tracked.

If you use your home or work computer to do things, your internet provider always keeps a record of it. So it’s not hard for government or even private companies to find out if they need to.

You can hide your internet location with a Virtual Private Network. It doesn’t sound easy, but it is not.

A VPN encrypts all the information that you send or receive on your device, so hackers or the police cannot find out where you are in the world.


That’s how to start a blog anonymously.

It can be challenging and the rewards may be little.

But, if you get high on becoming a whistleblower, go ahead and start an anonymous blog.

Whatever type of blog you choose, know how to start a blog the right way.

So, you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

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