49 Best Personal Finance Blogs In 2022 To Gain Freedom

What are the best personal finance blogs?

It’s a question that many readers ask themselves, and it’s something that I’ve been asked before.

I thought long and hard about this topic but couldn’t come to a definitive answer.

So instead of just naming one blog as the best, I decided to give you 50 options (in no particular order) to make your own decision.

Best personal finance blogs to get you out of debt

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There are plenty of ways to manage and pay off your debt. Use the following blogs as resources for advice, insights into real people’s journeys, data-driven information about how you can take control of your finances better than ever before.


Bob Lotich noticed the lack of financial education and how that affected his business, so he decided to create SeedTime.

Now, Bob shares Biblical wisdom about money management with practical tips like debt-elimination plans or investing strategies within a working budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about your finances from an experienced entrepreneur (who has made many mistakes himself), check out SeedTime.

Millennial Money Man 

The personal finance resource Millennial Money Man is geared towards millennials interested in earning more money, saving more of it, and paying off debt.

The site aims to provide a different path than the traditional route for financial independence by discussing tools available that can also help with your journey.

Rich And Regular

Julien and Kirsten founded Rich & Regular to document their story of paying off $200,000 in debt while boosting their net worth. In addition, they offer honest insights on how they mastered personal finance skills and achieved financial freedom through simple strategies such as reducing spending, using credit cards responsibly, investing early into the market, etc.

Afford Anything

The Afford Anything blog is for adults who want to control their money, pay off debt and create a life they truly love. The creator teaches you how to do this by focusing on your financial goals. In addition, you’ll learn about topics like investing, lifestyle design, financial independence, etc…

Inspired Budget

Inspired Budget is a personal finance budgeting app that offers women advice on creating a workable and manageable budget. The goal of the application is for women to gain confidence in tackling their finances, which should help them feel less overwhelmed by financial matters.

Arrest Your Debt

Arrest Your Debt was created by police lieutenant Ryan Luke after his personal mission to educate first responders about Money. He shares financial advice for officers and anyone looking to learn how their finances can work in their favor.

Handful of Thoughts

Maria is a millennial mom who overcame her massive debt to share personal finance wisdom through blogging and social media. Her journey has given others the inspiration they needed to get out of their financial messes, emphasizing prioritizing time management and focusing your energy on what you value most when it comes to Money.

Brave Saver

As the world becomes increasingly digital and globalized, it is easy to have a sense of entitlement about making good Money. This blog helps you get clear on what truly matters for your financial situation so that when out in this digitally connected economy, you can be confident knowing exactly how much control over your life will result from certain monetary decisions.

Marriage, Kids, And Money

A finance blog created for young families looking to achieve financial independence and learn how to create goals as a family is Marriage, Kids, and Money. The authors cover debt-free kids raising money-smart children everything from choosing the correct savings rate for your family how to pay off debt interviewing financially independent couples sharing wealth-building wisdom with their readers frequently.

The College Investor

The College Investor is a personal finance blog dedicated to helping millennials and college students navigate the world of student loans. It has resources on generating passive income or starting side hustles, in addition to tips about how best to manage your financial situation through this challenging time in life.

Best personal finance blog to retire early

So you’ve got 40+ years left until retirement, or maybe it feels like a distant reality. No matter where you are on your journey to financial freedom and independence, the following blogs can help walk you through what needs planning to make sure that the future is as awesome as possible!

Real Deal Retirement

This website provides clear and straightforward advice on how to save for retirement, choosing investments, planning your income in retirement, as well as lifestyle design tips.

Retire by 40

Joe Udo was 38 years old when he retired early. He began his blog Retire by 40 to share insights on how others can withdraw early, too, to generate passive income.

The Retirement Manifesto

The Retirement Manifesto is a personal finance resource for adults within 10 years of retirement. The founder, Fritz, retired at age 55 and created the blog to share his best tips from along the way with others who may be facing similar issues around saving Money and planning out their future to retire comfortably one day.

Well Kept Wallet

Deacon Hayes paid off $52,000 in debt and now shows people how to do the same. His strategies focus on understanding opportunity cost, reducing debt, and making the right investment moves, while he also teaches practical advice such as creating a personal retirement strategy.

Best personal finance blog for budgeting

If you’re having trouble coming up with a personal finance budget, don’t worry: there are many great resources out there. These five blogs will help make sure that your financial plan is tailored to suit both your needs and preferences.

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is one of the oldest and most popular money blogs online. Started by Trent Hamm when he resolved to get out of debt for good, The Simple Dollar provides tons of up-to-date information about credit cards, loans, banking, and insurance. Plus, it has plenty of actionable advice on budgeting paying off debt while saving! In addition, an array writes posts of expert contributors.

Budgets Are Sexy

Budgeting is a dry topic, but Budgets Are Sexy makes it fun. This blog helps you get out of debt and saves for retirement by teaching budgeting through free templates and other resources.


Frugalwoods was created after a husband and wife decided to escape consumerism, financial independence and chase their dreams of buying land. Through wise money management strategies on frugality living, they were able to build wealth for themselves, teaching others how to do so with blogs about them online such as this one offering insights.


Jon Dulin created MoneySmartGuides to share his journey of becoming debt-free, learning how to invest, and making smarter money decisions to achieve a financially free lifestyle. In sharing his own stories about reaching financial milestones, Jon hopes to encourage others who are looking into doing the same thing themselves.

Women Who Money

Women Who Money is a place for women to empower themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to make more informed financial decisions. The writing team consists of experienced personal finance experts passionate about guiding women toward success, all framed around understanding today’s landscape as a woman.

A Dime Saved

Robyn is a financially savvy woman who was laid off from work. However, she found that living within her means enabled her to become debt-free, so she created A Dime Saved – a blog about personal finance with practical strategies for getting rid of your debts and saving money on everyday expenses.

Money Saved Money Earned

Money Saved Money Earned is a novel for adults that aims to help them navigate today’s world of consumerism by adopting sound financial practices. It caters to all ages and shares advice about understanding how finance works to use it in your personal finances journey.

The Savvy Couple

The Savvy Couple is led by Kelan and Brittany Kline, who believe that everyone should handle their finances effectively without worrying about stress. The couple’s mission: simplify complex financial topics into simple lessons anyone can adopt. They focus on families in particular because they aim to help them save more time for what matters most – family!

The Fioneers

Want to make intentional choices about your Money? The Pioneers will share insights and advice on building a sustainable income that feels right for you.

Money-Saving Mom

Money-Saving Mom is a personal finance blog created by Crystal Paine to share her tips on couponing and sustaining a family on frugal budgeting. Since its inception, the site has grown exponentially, with over 500 million hits in November 2013 alone! The blog features Money saving ideas across all aspects of life, such as home decorating, healthy eating recipes for kids, and even fun DIY projects. So if you love getting deals like coupons or finding new ways to save more money while spending less, then Money Saving Mom will be your best bet.

Clever Girl Finance

If you’re a woman and want to control your financial situation, then Clever Girl Finance is the source for you. Here at CBG, we provide practical advice, money tips, and general personal finance knowledge that can empower women like yourself to take charge of their finances now and in the future.

Best personal finance blog for credit cards and banking

If you want to master your finances, it’s time to learn about credit cards and using them in a way that benefits you. There are many basic steps for first-time users of these financial tools, like budgeting and paying off debt but learning how they work is crucial if you’re looking into the world of finance. These blogs can help those who wish to take their money management skills one step further by providing valuable information on applying for credit cards and responsible spending practices with this type of loan or cash advance.

Money Under 30

Money Under 30 is a personal finance website meant for millennials and younger adults to learn the fundamentals of good fiscal health, offering advice on credit cards, savings accounts, mortgages, and car insurance.

Wallet Hacks

Wallet Hacks is a personal finance blog created by Jim Wang, who believes that anyone can learn about managing their money with the right tools and advice. The website features simple financial concepts explained in easy-to-understand terms, accompanied by concrete steps for action, including choosing the best bank accounts, insurance plans, or credit cards, depending on your journey.

20 Something Finance

G.E. Miller founded 20 Something Finance after he went from having zero savings and massive debt to saving 85 percent of his income in a few short years, reaching financial goals that allowed him to reach for wealth and lead an interesting life with friends all over the world. 20SF shares similar strategies found on their website, which are proven effective at teaching personal finance basics so others can achieve success too.

Physician on FIRE

Leif was a physician who retired at age 43 by building his credit and saving money. His blog is dedicated to sharing the strategies he used, which supported him financially to retire early.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is a community of travel experts who help others make traveling possible through sound financial strategies. They share knowledge on the ins and outs of credit card rewards, miles, and points and help money-conscious adults reach their goals without breaking the bank.

Credit Card Insider

Credit Card Insider is a website that provides in-depth guides for those looking to learn the basics of credit cards and building credit. They also rank top companies by category, providing comparisons so you can find the right card that fits your needs.

Lexington Law 

Lexington Law has been a leader in the credit repair industry for over 10 years. They have worked with clients to provide ethical and effective credit repair services. The firm is also committed to educating consumers on their rights and how they can help improve their scores by understanding scams or milestones like buying a house or paying off debt.

Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit is a website dedicated to helping consumers make the most out of their credit and provides comprehensive information on everything from what makes up your credit score, how to read your report, and even fraud prevention.


The intersection of minimalism, mindfulness, and finances is explored with the blog Minafi. It aims to teach older millennials how to find financial independence sooner than expected through lessons on living with less and making smarter financial decisions.

Elite Personal Finance

The best part about Elite Personal Finance is that they cover topics like improving your credit score and getting better interest rates to be closer to financial goals.

Best personal finance blog for investing

One of the most complicated financial topics, investing, might seem impossible to understand. Luckily many blogs simplify it and help you on your journey!

Mr. Money Mustache

On his blog, Mr. Money Mustache, Peter Adeney shares how he could save a lot of money and retire early into his 30s by living frugally but still enjoying life along the way. He encourages others to adjust their lifestyle to achieve financial success without feeling deprived or sacrificing happiness along the way.

Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose founded Good Financial Cents, where he helps his readers learn about investing and other money management topics. His blog posts give simple advice that’s easy to understand for anyone who doesn’t know how to get started with investments or opening a Roth IRA account (or if they should). He also offers practical insights on life insurance if you don’t have any idea what it is.

Just Start Investing

If you want to learn about investing, check out Just Start Investing. This money blog is on a mission to make financial services easy and simple with their content relating mainly to investment strategies but also plenty of other posts, including budgeting, banking, and credit cards resources which are all useful when starting your search for the best possible service provider in each specific area.

A Purple Life

The author of A Purple Life retired in five years by increasing her income, reducing expenses, and still enjoying life along the way. She shares personal finance wisdom based on this experience through an engaging blog with relatable advice for young professionals. The site is an excellent resource for early retirement planning and budgeting tips that can help readers enjoy their lives while they save up money to retire at 35 or earlier.

A Wealth of Common Sense

Ben Carlson aims to simplify the complexities of investing and financial markets by sharing his firsthand knowledge on these topics in a way that anyone can understand. He believes everyone has common sense. It just doesn’t always seem so when faced with complicated ideas.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is a personal finance blog by J.D. Roth, who wanted to chronicle his journey from debt and struggle to financial freedom with well-researched advice for wherever you might be on your money journey – whether in deep debt or starting as an investor looking for smart down the line decisions that will keep wealth growing through wise investments and management of assets like real estate properties or stocks traded online at brokers such as Etrade.

Best personal finance blog overall

There are many different finance blogs, but these don’t exactly fit into a single category and share information on every topic.

Making Sense of Cents

After paying off $38,000 in student loans, Michelle started her own business and traveled full-time. She uses this blog to teach others how she did it to pay their debt quickly too! Her posts cover topics such as earning more money or saving a lot of your income for the future.


Kasasa offers a wide range of financial information and resources to teach audiences about paying off debt, understanding credit card insurance basics, saving for retirement.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder also helps people take control of their finances and make smarter money decisions. People can find numerous resources on virtually every finance topic online, whether budgeting or mastering taxes. The site’s mission is to provide information that takes the stress out about proper financial management so they can create a life they enjoy and get ahead financially at the same time.


ChooseFi aims to teach its readers how to increase their income, reduce expenses and learn about personal finance. The blog also discusses intentional living to help people achieve financial independence quickly. They have a podcast available for listeners and videos on their community page. In addition, they help members live more intentionally day-to-day by sharing valuable tips from others who are doing so themselves already.

Frugal Rules

John Schmoll’s story about his journey from being broke to becoming debt-free and creating Frugal Rules is inspiring. He guides how you can overcome your debts, too, all within an online community that covers topics like frugality, investing, financial tools, and more.

Financial Samurai

The Financial Samurai is a personal finance site that will help you achieve financial independence in the near future. The author has an MBA from UC Berkeley and two decades of experience working for major investment firms, so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to money matters.

Of Dollars and Data

This blog aims to help readers make the best financial decisions using data analysis. Topics include how market conditions can change, when to buy and sell stocks, what makes for a smarter long-term investment strategy, etc.

Four Pillars Freedom

Zach had a day job as a data scientist, but he quit because he earned enough through his websites to support his entire lifestyle. At twenty-five years old in 2019, the fields of philosophy, psychology, and personal finance taught Zach how to live life with four pillars-work ethic being one pillar.


There are plenty of finance blogs available to help get your personal finances in order. When I say plenty, I’m not kidding! Hundreds of blogs about budgeting, investing, retirement, eliminating debt, credit cards, and banking.

Hopefully, this list of the best personal finance blog helped you decide which blog to follow. And find ways to improve your financial situation and gain control over how much you earn.

Most of these blogs were started by average men and women who wanted financial freedom. Why don’t you start your own blog too?

Click on this free guide to start a blog and learn the secrets to making a blog successful.

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