15 Tips To Start a Fitness Journey Blog: Motivation, Success

You have seen how much success others are having with their blogs and you want to know how to start a fitness journey blog.

You’re not alone! Blogging is one of the most popular ways to stay motivated, get healthy, and feel like you have a community of people who understand how difficult it can be at times.

In this article, I will share some tips on how to start a fitness journey blog, as well as provide motivation for when you need it most so that you can reach your goals more easily!

How to start a fitness journey

Starting a fitness blog is not at all hard. However, starting and staying on the path is almost impossible. So, the following is how to get started and help you keep working out:

Plan how you will go about getting healthy and how to stay motivated

Choose the days of the week for posting and write down how many posts you want to make each day or week so that there is consistency in what’s being posted.

Find other people who are trying to get healthy as well and see how they’re handling their journey. This will help with motivation, inspiration, and making friends in the fitness community which is so important especially during hard times

Find a gym or workout at home

The best gym is the most convenient. Think about when do you like to work out. Is it after your job or before. The location of the gym is a personal preference.

I love to exercise after work. So, I chose a gym which was on the way home and not too far away.

Do you need any equipment or do you have a gym at home? This is something to think about how much space there will be after buying the necessary gear for your fitness journey blog.

Choose how many times per week, how long each workout should last, what days of the week work best with your schedule, how long the workouts should last on an average workday for you.

Set a realistic goal that is not too easy and not too difficult to achieve during your fitness journey blog.

Be active, keep healthy

Add other activities into your life such as walking by taking more stairs when possible, adding fruit (at least three pieces) into every meal, do some stretching before bedtime to keep muscles loose throughout the night.

Calories count

Keep track of how many calories are being consumed through food intake because if there isn’t a deficit between how many calories are being consumed and how much is burned then weight will not be lost.

Eat a healthy breakfast to start the day off right

If possible, eat breakfast at least one hour before exercise so that blood sugar levels don’t get too low during the workout session

Be accountable

Find an accountability partner or group who can support you with your fitness journey goals. Find someone else who wants to work out with you and push each other through tough workouts when it’s needed most. You’re going to need encouragement from others in order to keep up your motivation throughout this process.

Stay positive!

The mental aspect is crucial because it’s a lot easier to continue exercising if you’re feeling good about how much progress you’ve made.

Start small, finish big

Set small, achievable goals and work towards one major goal.

Plan ahead

Plan your workouts in advance so that everything is set up for you on the day. The more prepared you are, the better it will be when getting started with your fitness journey blog posts and articles.

Use these tips as motivation to help get yourself going on this huge task! Good luck on your fitness journey.

Tips to starting a fitness journey blog

Now that you have your fitness journey mapped out, it’s time to get blogging. Use these tips to help you earn money as you get healthy.

Show your progress

How will you track your progress? This may be in the form of pictures or how much weight you are lifting at each workout session. It can also be how many miles have been running or how many inches lost from your waistline.

Use Videos

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then how many pictures are videos worth? They can show how the workout was done or what it’s like on a day-to-day basis.

A video will also provide motivation for those who may not have seen themselves before and want to know how they look now. If there’s something specific you’d like people to see about your fitness journey, use video!

Upload them to Youtube, TikTok, Instagram Stories, EVERYWHERE!

Be Personal

Share with others why this particular exercise regime has changed your life. Why did they start their own health blog where they share tips and recipes as well as progress photos & videos? What happened? What are they feeling? It’s how we can connect and relate.

Be Consistent

Don’t be afraid to share your struggles, even if it means being open about how you’re not perfect at everything.

You wouldn’t expect anyone else to be either! We all have our own fitness journeys in which we make mistakes on the way through- don’t let them stop you from succeeding in a healthy lifestyle.

The more details you talk about how this journey has impacted your life, the better of an impact it will have for those reading or watching.

Use Your Voice

Most likely there is something that makes you unique – what’s yours? Share personal experience stories with others who may be going through similar situations as well as encouraging messages.

Making your voice heard is one of the best ways to help others on their journeys. You don’t have to be an expert in anything, you just need to share how YOUR experiences will resonate with someone else who may be going through something similar! If you’re passionate about what you do or if it’s part of your daily life then people are more likely to want to read and hear from YOU.

Write about how you can help

Think about how you would feel if someone told you that they were going to write a blog post for your website. What words or ideas can make them want to read it? How do the readers of your site find motivation in what you have written on this topic so far?

What are some unique ways that other fitness blogs inspire their readers with tips, thoughts, and motivational quotes?


Those are the tips on how to start a fitness journey blog.

When it comes to creating your own fitness blog, there is no one-size-fits-all formula.

Some people will want more of an accountability partner than a coach or mentor while others may need someone who can motivate them in person at their gym.

Others might be looking for some guidance on how to make healthy food choices when they’re dining out with friends or traveling abroad.

The beauty of writing about health is that if there’s something specific you want from your online community, chances are good somebody else does too!

You just have to know what type of content resonates most with the readership you’ll be targeting so as not to alienate potential followers. And how you can serve them the information they’re looking for.

These are all ways how to start a fitness journey blog, but it takes time and patience to find what works best for your particular audience so don’t be afraid of experimenting with content formats or how often you publish posts!

It’ll take some trial-and-error before you find the best approach for how to start a fitness journey blog.

That said, it’s important not to get discouraged after only one or two attempts because blogging is something like learning how to ride a bike – with enough practice and dedication you’ll be able to do it!

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How can I add content that is uniquely me without copying another blogger’s style?

The only answer to this is to be the real you.

How often do I post my fitness journey?

Consistency is key here. Have a schedule that you can follow weekly. But, the real answer is, as much as possible.

What are some good titles for how to start a fitness journey blog posts that would be catchy or intriguing and make people want to click on them?

The answer is in the question. Use words that intrigued the reader. Make them curious that they have to click your article to find out. Use words such as secret, shocking, ultimate, complete, revolutionary, powerful, etc.

Do I need to know about SEO to be successful at fitness blogging?

Definitely, a great source of traffic when you are adept at SEO. However, knowing SEO basics can beat the fitness guru who does not.

How many posts do I need to get traffic from Google?

It’s different for everyone. From my experience, I published 70 articles before Google showed me some love.

What type of content should be posted on the fitness blog?

Keep your posts related to fitness. When you are running out of ideas, branch out to health, nutrition, and wellness.

How do you keep your visitors interested after they’ve read a few articles?

By pumping out new articles. Have contests, giveaways, rewards, and community events to keep people in your circle.

There are so many questions to take into consideration when starting any blogging venture but these are some key ones based around fitness blogs.

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