How much traffic does a blog need to make money

You’ve been blogging for six months straight, but you have yet to see the fruits of your labor.

Eight months later, you’re getting some clicks from the organic search. 

Ten months on, and you see a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Can you make money with a trickle of traffic?

How much traffic does a blog need to make money?

You’d be surprised.

How much blog traffic to make money

Blog traffic is a vanity metric. 

The metric to focus on is your conversion rate. 

Asking how many people visit your blog making a purchase is more important than asking how much blog traffic to make money.

However, if you don’t have a product or service to sell and you don’t want to promote other products, your other option is to join an ad network such as Adsense.

You can work out the amount of money you may earn from the Google Adsense monetization calculator.

The following are different categories earning potential with 50,000 views a month and target audience in North America:

  1. Games $2,694
  2. Books and literature $3,462
  3. Arts and entertainment $3,744
  4. Sports $3,888
  5. News $4,272
  6. Computers and electronics $4,530
  7. Food and drink $5,010
  8. Online communities $5,058
  9. Science $5,082
  10. Reference $5,430
  11. People and society $6,054
  12. Auto and vehicles $7,464
  13. Beauty and fitness $6,042
  14. Hobbies and leisure $6,756
  15. Pets and animals $7,452
  16. Shopping $7,938
  17. Business and industrial $10,986
  18. Jobs and education $8226
  19. Law and government $8,226
  20. Internet and telecom $8,172
  21. Travel $9,210
  22. Health $10,506
  23. Home and garden $13,026
  24. Real estate $13,446
  25. Finance $18,720

[source: How much you could earn from Adsense calculator]

If you’re in the games category, you need at least 500,000 views to make a considerable amount of money. But, what is a considerable amount? That is subjective.

A considerable sum could be $6,000 a year in some parts of the world. But, if you’re in developed countries where the cost of living is high, $6,000 will only get you by for only three months. 

And that’s living minimally. What if you have kids?

How much traffic is good for a blog

The best amount of traffic that is good for a blog is the highest amount. The more people you can get to look at ads on your site or products and services, the more you’ll make.

However, you don’t need a ridiculous amount of traffic to start making good money. If you have a product or service at a good price and your site is optimized for conversion, you should be able to earn a good amount with only 1,000 views a month.

I went over what you can do to earn a good income with only 1,000 views a month on the following article: How many blog views to make money (1,000 and 50,000)

To make money with a small amount of traffic, you can start with a coaching business. You can give a 1 to 1 talk over the phone, a personal visit, or a Zoom call for a premium price.

A coaching business is profitable when you have built a loyal following. 

Another one is to charge for your writing. You’ve been writing for six months daily now. And I’m sure you realized that your first ever copy is terrible.

Six months on, you’ve developed your writing style and learned to structure sentences for better reading.

Many business owners need content for their websites. And as a blogger, your skills are on demand.

You can help with their marketing efforts by creating good quality articles. Your service will also be valuable if you know SEO. 

There are more ways you can make money with only 1000 views per month. Check them out by clicking on this article: How many blog views to make money (1,000 and 50,000)


How much traffic does a blog need to make money? 

You can start making money with your blog with traffic as low as 1000 views.

Provided you have something to sell. You can drive traffic to your product page. Or catch emails and market to them with letter promos, discounts, and offers.

Or build trust through a series of helpful emails that can solve your customers’ problems. 

The following are ways you can make money with only 1000 views a month:

  • One of them is a coaching service. If you’re an expert in your topic, people will want your expertise to help them reach their goals. 
  • You can offer a writing service because, well, after writing so much about your niche, you have to be a professional by now. 

There are many more ways you can monetize your blog with only 1000 views, and I detailed them in the following article: How many blog views to make money (1,000 and 50,000)

And if you haven’t started your blog yet. What are you waiting for? Click on the following to start generating an extra income for you and your family: How to start a blog.

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