Why blog in 2021 (Worth it or a waste of time?)

The year is 2021.

People have labeled blogging dead since 2007.

Also, in 2008. 

Again in 2009.

Is blogging finally dead in 2021?

If so, why start a blog in 2021?

Why blog in 2021?

Because blogging is not dead.

I don’t think blogging will ever die when many people are searching for answers.

As long as there are demands for valuable information, blogging will never cease to exist.

Now, I mentioned valuable information and not what you had for dinner last night.

That type of blogging will not garner attention unless you’re famous.

Blogging about your life when you’re unknown may not be a good strategy. 

If you’re someone special with a significant following, blogging is an excellent way to communicate with your followers.

Which is the first reason why you should blog in 2021.

1. Update followers

You’re someone famous, an actor, influencer, the president of the… 

Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with your fans.

Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok is a great blogging platform, but…

What will you do if Instagram decides to ban your account because your photos are too “racy”?

What if Facebook finally dies because of Privacy laws?

What if TikTok goes bankrupt?

It’s great when your followers can go to your site instead of a platform you don’t have control over.

2. Get some eyeballs

What if you’re not famous or an influencer? What do you do? Start a blog.

Perhaps you have something to sell.

How do you get people to buy your product when no one knows about it?

Blogging about your product is a great way to garner some attention. 

Providing valuable content first before asking for something in return is an effective way to sell.

Who’s going to say yes to your product or service from the get? You need to butter them up with valuable posts, then you can ask. 

It’s always great to lead with a few jabs first, then the hook.

The jabs are the contents. The hook is the ask.

{jab jab create an image}

3. Build authority

When you keep writing about a topic people want to learn, you become the authority in that area—giving you credibility and trust. 

When you build authority, your chance of selling a service or product increases because you become the go-to guy or gal. You can charge premium prices or simply sell more.

4. Business network

Blogging is not just writing day in day out. You still have to promote your blog so people can know about it.

In saying that, I didn’t do anything to promote my wellness blog. All I did was pump out content and waited for Mr. Google to index my pages.

However, once I started reaching out to other bloggers in my space to increase my chances of getting links, my traffic skyrocketed. 

Any business needs to build a network. Having a business network can increase your chance of success. 

Those networks may become a meaningful relationship resulting in friendship. Friends you can count on for support when times get tough.

5. Write better

You can write better if you blog daily. 

If you think this article is abysmal, you haven’t seen my very first post. 

The first blog post was all over the place. It’s like night and day in comparison.

Thank god I got better. I think so anyway.

When you keep writing, you can only improve. You get good at grammar. See what I did there? 

Expand your vocabulary and learn how to write clearly with brevity.

If you’re an aspiring writer, blogging can help you become Hemingway (famous American writer).

Don’t sweat it if you can’t spell or don’t know jack about grammar. Some tools can help you out. Click on the following article and get the tools I use to make money with blogging: Blogging tool (Must-haves).

6. Learn something new

I knew nothing of supplements. But, I needed to learn plenty about them in a short amount of time to write better articles.

Since I started blogging about supplements, I now know the dangers of supplements. That not all supplements are created equal.

I know why supplements work and others don’t. Supplement companies also tell many lies, and people blindly believe them.

I didn’t start writing how to make money blogging. I created many and made many mistakes along the way. 

I learned from those mistakes, and I finally found what works. 

That’s when I’m confident enough to teach others how to make money online and why blog matters today.

I don’t want to talk out of my as5. But research is a big part of blogging. You have to back what you say. Otherwise, it’s all BS.

What I’m saying is that you don’t have to be an expert straight away. You can learn as you go too.

7. Create opportunities

Do you know how many job offers I got from my wellness site? Do you know how many keep spamming my inbox to pay me $100 for a sponsored post? There have been some SEO consulting gig offered and marketing roles.

I haven’t got a speaking gig yet, but I’m still waiting. Although, I would most likely turn it down due to my lack of confidence speaking in front of people. I’m bad. Real bad.

These are opportunities I would never have seen if I hadn’t started my blog.

8. Make money

Making money online is what attracts would-be entrepreneurs to blogging.

Blogging is not the only way to make money. There are others.

But, blogging is the safest and cheapest method to make money online. 

Making money writing about your passion is common in the blogging space. 

Say you kept writing about that thing you love for two years. After five years, your blog gets about 300,000 views. 

If we use the calculator to work out your revenue from Adsense. A blog about fitness with an audience in North America can get you $37,000 annually. Not too shabby, right?{adsense calculator}

And that’s only revenue from ads. What if you monetize with affiliate marketing or your own product?

After five years of blogging, you could possibly earn more than $1000 a week using various monetization methods.

9. More time with family

Since you are making money with your blog and quit your job, you probably have more time with your family. 

Technically I’m still working but at home. I get to spend more time with my daughter. 

I can take a day off whenever we need a family day out. 

I don’t have to rely on sick leave or ask permission for a one-month holiday. I can go whenever. Wherever. Wherever cheap, ha!

Blogging is done anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection. But, you can also blog with a pen and paper. It’s just tedious when you have to re-type it to live digitally. 

No joke. I once asked my cousin back in the Philippines, who doesn’t have a laptop to blog for me. Guess what she did? 

She wrote down her travels using a pen and her notepad. She typed everything in a Notebook document on her mobile phone.

She now earns enough to spend more time with her family through blogging.

10. Build a brand

Branding ties in with building an authority. Branding is a longer game. But the rewards are all so worth it.

When shit hits the fan, your brand will remain standing. You can sell the same product as everyone else is selling and make more profit.

There’s a difference between building a business and building a brand. Building a business is solely for profit. 

Building a brand is loved by loyal raving fans that will keep coming back to you with their money.

Blogging can help you build a brand by getting awareness, authority and providing unique valuable help that people will love.


Why blog in 2021?

Because regret is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Just imagine you wanted to start your blog today, but something changes your mind along the way.

However, your workmate started his blog the same time you decided that blog doesn’t work.

While you slept after work, your friend worked tirelessly for five years to grow his website.

After five years, your friend’s blog garners enough traffic to support his family and decides to quit. You’re still stuck at your job.

Yet, you’re still wondering whether blogging still works in 2026. Are you really going to wait another five years to pass you by?

Look, I’m not selling a $1,500.00 course. I make money through referrals and projects that may come along. That means I can provide you everything I know without holding back. 

Blogging is not only for individuals but also for businesses. To gain awareness, establish credibility, trust, and build a brand.

Start blogging today and see your business and money grow.

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