93 Viral Topics To Blog About That Gets Crazy Traffic

There are many topics to blog about. Coming up with one is easy when you start your blog. However, as you write many blog posts, you’ll eventually find that you have run out of topics. Coming up with the best blog post ideas isn’t always easy. You might have a hard time trying to find what you want. But it doesn’t need to be so difficult. There are many ways for you to think of good blog posts.

If you want to find new ideas for your blog posts, then this is the place. Blogging is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. You can tell stories and have people read them.

You need to choose what you write about carefully because it’s not easy to do all the time.

With so many blogs on the internet, it’s hard to find an original topic to blog about.

Almost everything under the sun has been covered. The best way of finding a new topic to blog about is by doing a lil’ bit of keyword research.

Topics to blog about if keyword research doesn’t work for you:

  1. Recession-proof income.
  2. Write comparison blog posts.
  3. What’s in your backpack?
  4. Interview influencers.
  5. Disruptive tech.
  6. Talk about failures.
  7. Tell your business stories.
  8. What sports help you work hard.
  9. Talk about your life.
  10. Write about controversies.
  11. Talk about the value you provide.
  12. Talk about movies or shows that help shaped your industry.
  13. Write about the causes you care about.
  14. Polarize people.
  15. Quotes to inspire people.
  16. Love emojis? Talk about it.
  17. Revisit old proverbs.
  18. Talk about your mission statement.
  19. What superpowers do you need to succeed?
  20. Respond to haters.
  21. Develop a funny bone and inject it into your blog post.
  22. Write an open letter.
  23. Tell all the bad stories and be transparent.
  24. Set a goal and write about it.
  25. Collect Twitter quotes and make a blog post.
  26. Progress report. Eg. weight loss journal, income report.
  27. Compare yourself to movies or actors.
  28. Bust the myth.
  29. Give good advice.
  30. Guess the future.
  31. Create a playlist that you listen to which motivates you.
  32. Top ten list of your favorites that keeps you working or help you be productive.
  33. Write about what you’d like to change in your niche.
  34. Talk about the best thing you’ve learned.
  35. Write about famous people from the past that you’d like to work with.
  36. Gift ideas list.
  37. Talk about what makes you angry.
  38. Layout the plans for success.
  39. Look back on what you said.
  40. Talk about being successful without school.
  41. Write about team building.
  42. Talk about your workstation. Be honest, if it’s messy, it’s messy.
  43. Share your gratitude habits.
  44.  How to get healthy while in the office.
  45. The best vacation related to your industry.
  46. Put together memes about your industry.
  47. Compile infographics in your industry.
  48. How can music help your industry?
  49. What are the must obey or you’ll go to hell rules in your niche?
  50. In contrast, what are the biggest sins in your industry?
  51. Talk about your customers or clients.
  52. Highlight industry events.
  53. Have a new product? Blog about it.
  54. Explain how you came up with your brand name.
  55. Talk about the people who are in your team or partners.
  56. Tell people why you are the best.
  57. Write a buyer’s guide.
  58. List events your company are participating in the future.
  59. Have a blog post about customer satisfaction.
  60. Have an “ask me anything” blog post.
  61. What’s your favorite personality trait?
  62. Have some tips and secrets? Write it up.
  63. The top 10 books that helped you.
  64. The tools that make things easier.
  65. Share your business life. And don’t hide anything.
  66. Have a blog post about your work process.
  67. How to make friends with people in the industry.
  68. Write about your last marketing campaign.
  69. Do and don’t list.
  70. Write about the top skills that will be prevalent in the industry.
  71. Write reviews of the products or services you use.
  72. Keyboard shortcuts save time! Write about them and I will bookmark it.
  73. Have a few websites that are helpful? Why not make a list and write about them?
  74. Explain every annoying jargon in your industry.
  75. Compile a list of the top podcasts in your niche.
  76. Compile a list of the top Youtube channels in your niche.
  77. Take controversial tweets and answer them in a blog post.
  78. Expand on your popular blog post.
  79. How to set your phone to keep you productive.
  80. Highlight what you learned from clients and customers.
  81. How to cut back on personal hygiene so you can do more.
  82. Best and worst practices for newbies.
  83. Talk about philanthropists in your industry.
  84. List your biggest motivators and talk about them.
  85. Interview up-and-coming influencers in your niche.
  86. Talk about the best hardware that makes work life a little easier.
  87. Have a pet or pets? Why not share how they motivate you to work or make your work life a living nightmare.
  88. Internet providers sometimes suck. Talk about the best you’ve used so far.
  89. How about writing about how you can reduce your carbon footprint while at work?
  90. Write about other platforms to use for marketing.
  91. Write about how a good mindset can make or break you.
  92. Mental health is important. Talk about how you can be mentally healthy.
  93. Talk about what you do when you’re not working.

Recession-proof income

At the time of this writing, the world is currently in a pandemic situation. Many businesses have closed down and many might think that our economy will collapse soon. 

Perhaps talking about money-generating businesses that are recession-proof and pandemic proof is in order.

Make some blog posts that will help business owners be prepared for the next economic recession.

Write comparison blog posts

You can show off your creativity by comparing two different industries in a blog post. The differences are usually pretty obvious, but you can make connections between them and show how they work together.

What’s in your backpack?

EDC is a bag that people carry with them everywhere. It can be any bag. EDC has blown up in the last few years as lots of people write about it and show their EDC. You just need to list all the things you carry with you, and then explain why each one is important to you.

Interview influencers

You can make your readers feel like they are having a conversation with someone when you write an interview. You can ask influential people in your area to share their thoughts and experiences with you and then you will have a good piece of content that people want to read. And it will help improve your network too.

Disruptive tech

Technology moves really quickly. It is hard to understand how it will change the way we work. But think about what trends are happening in your industry. Which technological advancements are changing your niche? Blockchain? AR experiences? VR content? Put together your thoughts as one of your future blog post ideas and make some predictions.

Talk about failures

People can make mistakes. Even if you’re very successful and know a lot, it can happen. When someone makes a mistake, we should learn from it and fix the problem. For example, let’s talk about some of the biggest mistakes made in our industry and what we could learn from them.

Tell your business stories

People have been telling stories for a long time. Scientists have only recently found out why it is so powerful. It turns out that well-crafted stories cause our brain to release oxytocin, a powerful neurochemical that helps us feel more connected to others. So take this blog post idea and tell the story of how you got started, the journey to growing your blog traffic, what it took to get your business off the ground, and the difficult journey to raising money for your company. After you do this, you will have forged a connection with your audience which will pay off for years.

What sports help you work hard

Some hobbies and sports are popular among people who are successful in their jobs. Long-distance running is a favorite hobby of entrepreneurs, for instance. And many of the world’s top sales leaders have backgrounds in theater. You could write about your favorite hobby or sport on your blog and explain why it helps you be better at your job.

Talk about your life

You do not think your day is interesting, but try to share it. Share how you spend an average day. Your readers will like that, they will get more interested in your blog, and they might even want to do the same thing.

Write controversies

Controversies and scandals happen in every industry. They can leave lasting scars. What controversies have happened to you? It can be a story that people want to know about. You should write about it on your blog post.

Talk about the value you provide

Every company needs strong values that guide what they do. If you know the values of your company, you can build up loyal fans for life. Even if you are not a big company, knowing what guides your actions and decisions will inspire your readers to get behind you no matter what. Plus, it might lead to more ideas for future blog posts because people might ask questions.

Talk about movies or shows that helped shape your industry

In the movie, Minority Report, people see what will happen in the future. In my industry, there are movies that have had a similar impact. Shows like the Kardashians have given birth to influencers. “My Unorthodox Life” is a story of a woman who had limited options for success but paved the way to success for women who are in the same situation as her. This empowered more women to break the mold.

Write about your causes

People put their money behind brands that support the causes they care about. There are many options out there, and more people want to buy from brands that align with their personal values. Tell people what causes you support and explain why these causes are important to you. Then, more people who also care about these same things will buy from your company.

Polarize people

Taking a stand on a polarizing issue is risky. It could make people like your blog and dislike your blog. But it also has the potential to make you famous. You can try this at your own risk.

Quotes to inspire people 

People like to share on social media what they think is important and inspirational. You can do that too on your blog. You can write about things you know a lot about and people will read it because they want to know more about them. Sometimes you might even be able to make money from this, but don’t do it.

Love emojis? Talk about it.

Emojis are symbols that can appear in digital messages. They can help to give the message a lot of emotions when you cannot use your body language in a message. But they might cause more confusion than clarity if you are not careful to use them in a way that is meaningful for many people. If you share some emojis with your friends and see how they react, it might be interesting to see if they have different opinions about what the emojis mean.

Revisit old proverbs

Thousands of years ago, people were saying wise things. In fact, some of today’s best thinkers study old sayings and proverbs to find new ways to apply them. If you write a blog post that uses the old sayings and proverbs in a new way, you will make a great piece of content.

Talk about your mission statement

A mission statement is a goal or purpose for a company, organization, or person. If you have not made a mission statement on why you are blogging and what your readers will get from it – then start with writing about that. Revealing your goals to the world can help forge more meaningful connections with your readers.

What superpowers do you need to succeed

To succeed, you need to have superpowers. You also should know what villains are in your industry. Design a superhero that is the anti-hero of your industry for fun.

Respond to haters

Online bullies like to make hurtful comments. But you can get them back! Next time someone says something mean to you, answer them back. Even if they don’t know who you are, you can make a blog post that will make the bully embarrassed. That way other people won’t want to bully either.

Develop a funny bone

Some people like to post blogs that are funny. Some of your most popular posts may be the ones that are the funniest or lighthearted. Spend two days looking up jokes and one-liners about your topic. Then, create a list of upcoming blog ideas that you can write. This will make people happy even when they have hard weeks.

Write an open letter

Some people use open letters to get attention about important issues. They can be bold, depending on who the letter is addressed to and what it says. If you have something powerful to say and know who needs to hear it, write it in your blog post like this one.

Tell the bad stories

Overnight success is just a story. It is not true. Some of the most important people in our time had difficulties, disappointment, and depression in their life. You can use these examples to help your readers feel good when they have problems. And you can share these examples to make more posts for your blog about them too.

Set a goal and write about it

Setting goals is important. But only a few people do it the right way. Make your goals known to people, and use a blog post idea to show how you will achieve them this year. One example of this is my weight loss journey. My goal was to lose 20 kilos by the end of spring. You will benefit both your readers and yourself because then they can get inspired by your work and also learn from it as well.

Twitter quotes

Every day people share knowledge on Twitter. It is easy to miss these gems if you have a busy feed. To find them, bookmark the tweets that are your favorite over the course of a year and then put them into one big list at the end of that year as one of your blog posts. This way you will give your audience some great information.

Progress report

Reviewing your goals is important. It takes time to do, but it can help you make progress towards them. You will need to look at last year’s goals, and see which ones you have achieved, and which ones are still in progress. This is one of my top blog post ideas because your audience may be able to help you with some of the more ambitious things if they know about them.

Compare yourself to movies or actors

In movies and on TV, people from different backgrounds can find common ground. It can be fun to try to imagine what it would be like to live the life of a character from a movie or TV show. You should write blog posts about this too.

Bust the myth

In some industries, there are many myths and misunderstandings. If you find this is true of your industry, you can try to set the record straight by writing a blog post about myths and facts. You might be able to change people’s perceptions.

Give good advice

No successful person got to where they are without some help along the way. We’ve all had mentors and advocates who have helped us in some way. This is good karma, so try to do something nice for people when you can. Share your best advice about that situation in a blog post (or video or podcast). Help newbies avoid that mistake by pointing out common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Guess the future

Nobody knows what the future holds, but it is interesting to try and guess. To do this, you need to make a blog post outline. You need to plan what you want your blog post to be about and when you will write it. After that, each year, look back at the old posts and see how they compare with your current situation in life or business.

Create a playlist blog post

According to a new study, listening to music at work can make you more productive. Researchers found that proofreaders complete their tasks 20% faster when they listen to dance music. You could put together a list of your favorite songs and share them with your readers as one of your blog post ideas. In this blog post, you could talk about each song and how they were recorded and what the lyrics mean. You could even create different playlists for different moods or activities!

Top ten list of your favorites

People are posting lots of content these days. That makes it hard to know who to follow for expert tips and insights. To make it easier, you can put up a list of the most influential people in your space as blog posts they should read.

Write about what you’d like to change in your niche

Even if you’re passionate about your work, there are probably some things that you wish were different. Write those opinions in blog post ideas and see if people that share your interests can find out what they want to change too.

Talk about the best thing you’ve learned

Did you learn anything last year? What about failures? With a growth mindset, anything and everything can be a learning opportunity. Good or bad, your experience will help your readers. And when you write blog posts with personal experience, it is easy to write quickly because you know what you are writing about.

It’s Halloween!

You are not too old to show your Halloween spirit. You can take a funny or unique costume related to your industry to work. This will be good for people’s feelings about you. Make sure to post pictures of the costume on social media.

Talk about conflicts

When people who love what they do work together, it can be difficult. Sometimes people feel a strong opinion about a topic and it can cause them to disagree. If there is disagreement in your field, don’t hide from the conflict – take part. You could expand on your opinions by writing blogs or doing something else.

Write about famous people you’d like to work with from the past

Get creative with this idea. For me, as an example, I’d like to work with Colonel Sanders because I can have KFC for a whole week without complaints.

Colonel Sanders founded KFC. He was a steam engine stoker, a salesman, and a filling station attendant before success happened. He finally found fortune at the age of 73 when he sold the company. But before that, he and his wife went through a lot such as sleeping in the back of their car.

Gift ideas list

In a White Elephant game, people steal gifts from each other. A clever or unique present can earn some praise. Give your readers a list of creative gifts that are not expensive and that will get people to like you.

Talk about what made you angry

When you have an opinion, it is best to keep it positive. But if you are passionate about something or think there needs to be change, write a blog post that will start a debate. It can be hard but some of the world’s biggest brands have been built on controversy.

Layout the plan for success

It can be hard to know how to start a career. So you need to find ways that will teach people how it is done. You can also use your experience from your career and translate it into blog posts for others who want their own careers. For example, I have written posts about how you can start a business, freelance, and starting a blog where people have learned from the posts and acted on them. You could do this too if you want or write about other topics for those who are interested in those things.

Look back on what you said

You had to make predictions about your industry. Your readers might be interested in looking back and seeing how they went. You can talk about what you thought would happen and if it did not happen, why not.

Talk about being successful without school

Many students are deciding not to go to college because they want to save money. Some people think that degrees are necessary, but there are other ways of learning. Many people in your industry need skills you can get outside of school, like online courses or certifications.

Write about team building

Team building activities are usually not very fun and they can be cheesy. But you can make them fun. You might want to think of some things that adults can do that will help them get along better in the workplace.

Talk about your work area

People like to see the workspaces of inspirational people. There are major attractions that are lived by famous people. You might not be at this level yet, but your readers will still appreciate blog post ideas like this that give them a sneak peek into the place where the magic happens, even if it is modest. 

Share your gratitude habits

Practicing mindfulness makes you feel better. You can do this with breathing exercises, stretches, and even meditation. This will make you feel happy and thankful for what you have.


That’s 93 of the best topics to blog about. 

The topics are more aimed at entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business persons.

The best method of finding the best topics to blog about for your industry is through keyword research.

And, it’s all free.

Check out what blogging tools I use to help keep things running smoothly.

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