Best Way Of Using Tumblr As A Blog And As A Marketing Tool

Tumblr is a great blogging platform for bloggers who want to share their thoughts and opinions with the world. 

It’s free, easy, and offers customization that you can’t find anywhere else on the web.

If you’re looking for Tumblr tips or Tumblr advice, this blog post will show you how Tumblr can help you become an expert tumbler!

Before we get started, I feel like I have to point I’ve been on Tumblr for a long time – much longer than I’ve even had a blog. 

I started tumbling in 2016 and got a custom domain for it back in 2017. That means that this post is coming from someone who tumbld hundreds of times.

So if you have any questions about Tumblr as a blogging platform, please feel free to ask them below in the comments section.

What is Tumblr anyway?

about tumblr

Tumblr is a site where people can create memes and share them with others, but it’s also a place filled with hate. It’s important to remember that there are many good things on Tumblr as well – like love and support from strangers you’ll never meet!

When you join the site, there are many different communities to choose from. Some examples include Fandom for people who love their favorite TV shows and Studyblrs for those in school who are motivated to study and exercise.

There is also NSFWF, which allows users more freedom when posting content that’s not safe work or children under 18 years old viewing without supervision.

Tumblr has given millennials a platform to discuss and learn about important issues in today’s society, such as feminism, racism, ableism, etc.

In addition to that, they offer endless recipes for foodies who are constantly hungry from looking at these pictures of yummy foods on Tumblr!

It is also the go-to place for memes or hilarious content because people there post some funny poo with absolute perfection.

There are so many communities to explore on Tumblr, like posts about fashion and beauty. There will be a community interested in what you have to say.

Using Tumblr as a blog

Want to start your own Tumblr? It’s free and easy! You can sign up through the website or even one of their mobile apps. 

All you need is an email address, a password, and usernames for both. Your username will appear as your blog URL so be sure it’s unique enough not already taken.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, Tumblr will take you to a page where it presents five images that are related to the interests that have been selected. These are then used as recommendations for other blogs and websites which might be of interest.

Your dashboard on Tumblr has a feed of the most recent posts from users’ blogs that you follow. There are also some post icons at the top for you to make your own posts such as photos, GIFs, videos, and quotes.

The seven types of posts supported by Tumblr include:

  • Text posts
  • Single or multiple photoset posts
  • Quote posts
  • Link posts
  • Chat/dialogue posts
  • Audio posts
  • Video posts

Browsing Tumblr on the web or mobile app is simple and easy. You can easily navigate your options with a few quick taps, swipes, and clicks:

  • Home feed 
  • Explore page 
  • Inbox messages  (direct messages)         
  • Activity (likes & reblogs you made as well as likes/reblogs of posts by others that include tags for things you’ve liked in the past)

Themes and options

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you’re not stuck with the same generic theme that everyone else has. Tumblr lets you change the whole layout of your blog anytime.

Choosing a Tumblr blog theme is easy with the many free and premium options available. Each one can be customized within seconds to fit your unique personality, tastes, or preferences.

Customizing your blog is easy! First, click the user icon in the top menu and select “Blog Name” from the drop-down menu. You can customize several components of your blog on this page such as text size, background color/image, button styles, etc.

The following are features of Tumblr as a blog:

  • Encryption: Creating an extra layer of security can be useful when you’re sending data to someone else.
  • Likes: This feature allows others to see the posts you have liked if they decide to check them out.
  • Username: Your username is one of the key elements to your Tumblr blog. You can change it anytime you want but remember that this will also affect its URL address. If you have a personal domain name, now’s the time to use our tutorial on how to set up custom URLs for tumblr blogs using it as basis!
  • Theme: With the help of Tumblr, you can easily configure your current theme and see a live preview or changes. Furthermore, if needed, you can install new themes with ease!
  • Mobile blog header: Add a mobile-friendly header image, profile photo, and colors of your choosing. You can also choose to add the following components on this page – title, description & custom color palette.
  • Following: Interested readers may go to the blogs that you follow on your profile if they opt in for this feature.
  • Ask: Asking others to submit questions they want you to answer on your blog can be a great way of building community around your site.
  • Submissions: You can open this up on a specific page of your blog to invite other users to submit questions they want you to answer.
  • Queue: The queue allows you to add posts and automatically publish them on a drip schedule. You can customize the times by selecting how often they get published during that time period, such as daily or weekly.
  • Timezone: To streamline your post queue and other posting activities, set up a timezone in Settings to match the appropriate one for where you live.
  • Visibility: You can configure your blog to be seen only within the Tumblr dashboard (not on the web), hidden from search results, or labeled as explicit for its content.
  • Replies: Users can reply to any post, however there are restrictions on who they can reply. For example users might be able to only follow accounts for a week before being allowed to comment and others may not receive responses unless the user follows them back.
  • Messaging: If you want to keep your privacy as tight as possible, turn on this setting so only the people that you follow can message you.
  • Facebook: Facebook can automatically post your Tumblr posts onto Facebook.
  • Twitter: Similar to Facebook, after connecting your accounts, you can automatically post to Twitter the articles that are posted on Tumblr.
  • Language: If Spanish isn’t your preferred language, change it here.

Post your first Tumblr blog

Want to start publishing posts on your Tumblr blog? To get the word out, here are a few tips for getting noticed by other users.

  • Be visually appealing: Tumblr users can now search for GIFs on Tumblr’s own dedicated gif engine, which allows them to embed and share short clips of moving images. This is a big deal because visual media like photo and video posts are popular on this site.
  • Tag it: Each post you publish on your Tumblr blog should include several tags so it’s more discoverable by people who are searching them. 
  • Extra Extra!: Click the plus sign icon that appears once you click your cursor in the typing area to open up a number of media and formatting options. Choose from inserting photos, videos, GIFs, horizontal lines or more links.
  • Post. Always!: Tumblr users know that posting regularly is important. If you post a few times each day, your audience will be more engaged and it’ll help grow your following even faster than if you only posted once every week or two weeks. You can schedule posts on specific days at specific time so all of the content comes out smoothly without any delays.

And that is how to use Tumblr as a blog. However, I recommend starting your blog with WordPress. There is more flexibility when it comes to monetization and there won’t be a problem when Tumblr decides it’s time to close its doors.

Start Your Blog And Make Money On Autopilot

How to use Tumblr for your blog

People love Tumblr because it’s a great way to share short content. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, posts disappear from the home feed quickly but can be reblogged by other users for more exposure.

Reblog blogs

I want to talk about reblogs! On Tumblr, you can create a post that includes something someone else has posted. This is called Reblogging or just “Reblog.”

The difference between Twitter and Tumblr with this feature is simple: on Twitter, when you Retweet, it will show up in your followers’ timelines but doesn’t affect the original tweeter’s timeline at all; however, if one of my posts gets Reblogged by another user then I get notifications for every Re-Blogger who decides they like what I had to say too.

If done correctly, this could be very effective as far as getting your content seen goes – people see precisely what kind of stuff interests them because their interest was expressed through actions rather than passively.

Post your blog posts manually

Now, I know it’s the easiest way to tell WordPress to automatically send out updates to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr. Don’t do it! It can be a bit troublesome if you do this.

You see, for example, if you post something on your blog and want to share that with all of the social media outlets, including Pinterest, Instagram, etc., you might think this is a blessing and an easy solution since they are already nicely integrated into the WordPress platform.

However, linking each of them will result in different formatting problems, affecting how others see your posts.

It’s a good thing that Tumblr lets you schedule your posts ahead of time. So it’s the with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Use the best format for your post

Are you looking for new ways to maximize your blog’s exposure? There are several different tools Tumblr offers to help promote posts.

Whether or not they work depends on the method, so it is best to go over each individually. First off, photo sets (or “photo posts”) allow users who follow both of your blogs to view all content shared by us when logged into their dashboards since photos take up much more space than links alone.

Secondly, writing out a title and short description with an accompanying link will make viewers much more likely to click through because readers can get context before clicking onto another site.

If you want to automate the process, consider making an IFTTT for this. However, my preferred method is to post manually so that Tumblr’s formatting options are available and allows me freedom in writing a caption.

Post repeatedly

To keep content on the dashboard, reblog your posts. The flow of new stuff in a Tumblr Dashboard makes it easy to forget old items.

However, you don’t need extra tools for this since queueing allows you to post when convenient without worrying about multiple posting penalties or losing an opportunity with another blog’s audience if they are offline at that time.

Sharing is caring

There are two types of content you can post on your blog.

First, there is original content that only appears on one side (your own).

Second, there is reblogged or reposted material from other sites, which gives credit to the author and links back to their site.

You should share 80% of others’ posts with 20% of yours because it’s important not to steal someone else’s work without giving proper attribution, as plagiarism isn’t remarkable among internet circles.

Moreover, suppose they use an ad service like Google Adsense, then by stealing their work. In that case, you could be banned at worst or lose revenue if they complain about reduced click-through rates due to a lack of referral traffic coming directly from them, so sharing links helps keep everyone happy!

To find people to follow and reblog from, you can search for the tags in your niche on Tumblr. Then, when browsing through posts with those tags, look at who has liked or reblogged them – these accounts are likely relevant to what interests you too!

You should also check out notes that have been left under posts about topics related to yours. Any users mentioned here will probably be interested as well!

Make a unique site designed with you in mind

Your blog page is a chance to get creative and create your personal space.

The platform’s design reflects who you are as an individual, so it should have some elements that are similar to your main website or be completely different depending on what looks best for you!

However, if there’s one thing I noticed across platforms was consistency in certain aspects, such as an author bio at the end of the sidebar for each blog post.

Engage, like, follow

Don’t just go there and promote your business.

Being social is key to using the most popular social media platforms.

It’s important because it helps you stay involved in the community, meet new people and engage with others regularly on your favorite topics.

Comment, like, follow, and reblog.


To summarize, Tumblr has two main advantages for businesses. Firstly, follower posts are only read on their pages, so you shouldn’t overestimate this advantage – but it is helpful if your followers want to check out more of your content. 

Secondly, the platform doesn’t have too much competition from competitors. This means that companies can effectively market themselves without being drowned by ads and messages created by other brands trying to do precisely what they’re doing or providing similar products/services as them.

If you establish yourself as a player on the platform, Tumblr is one of the best places to go viral. Posts with hundreds and thousands of reblogs are not uncommon because users scan dozens at breakneck speed.

If you manage to use popular topics and become established on Tumblr, your posts have an excellent chance of going viral quickly since people don’t hesitate before scrolling through their feeds for new content at high speeds.

If you want social media boosts for your blog, don’t underestimate Tumblr. The blogging site can help increase traffic to websites by reblogging or retweeting interesting thoughts and comments from Twitter and Facebook users. 

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