How to start a blog if you can’t write like a Pro

I’m not a writer. 

I certainly do not hold a freaking writing degree!

But, I’ve written hundreds of blogs ranking well on the first page of Google.

I’ve written hundreds of emails that built relationships: written sales pages and product descriptions which made sales for my clients and business.

That is not a brag. I’m just pointing out that if you’re like me, who thought I couldn’t write even if a pen were in my hands, then this is for you. 

Writing is not that hard. Here are some tips on how to start a blog if you can’t write.

How to start a blog if you can’t write and do not hold a degree

Your definition of writing maybe someone who earned an MBA in journalism. 

Bugger that. 

It may help if you know a bit of grammar and know how to spell. 

However, some apps can fix all those errors for you, such as Grammarly. 

More on Grammarly later.

What you need to know is how to write colloquially. 

Colloquialism is informal, a bit of slang, and conversational.

Colloquial writing is similar to talking to a person. 

You also have to consider some basics of writing, such as not repeating the same word in one paragraph or two. 

It’s okay to do that when speaking, as talking is spontaneous. 

As opposed to, “It’s okay to do that when speaking as speaking is spontaneous.”

It’s better not to use the same word in one sentence when writing. However, you can repeat the same word if you’re trying to emphasize it.

If you can hold a conversation with a friend, you can write.

And, you don’t need a degree to tell you that you can. 

Tips on how to start a blog if you can’t write

Here are some tips to help you write better even if you don’t hold a writing degree:

  1. Use short sentences – Get to the point. Everyone is busy nowadays, and people usually just skim the pages. They want the information with as little reading as possible.
  2. Use short paragraphs in your openings – See the top of this article. I usually use it as a teaser trailer.
  3. Be descriptive and bold – Paint a picture with your writing with adjectives or even punctuate as many times as possible!!! Don’t overdo it though!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Write to a 9-year-old – Blogging is not writing to English professors. It’s about you having a conversation with someone about your chosen topic. Don’t create friction by using jargon no one knows.
  5. Know your audience – If your readers are English professors, the previous tip is not for you.
  6. Write daily – If you thought his blog is terrible, you should see my first one. The first blog I’ve ever written was atrocious! I think this article is a massive improvement. Writing is like building muscles. The more you put in the reps, the stronger you get. It’s the same with writing. 

How to start a blog if you can’t write for shite!?

If you’re really bad at writing, it’s all good in the hood. You can still start a blogging business even if you can’t write yourself.

If you look at blogging as a business, then you don’t need to write. 

However, the core of blogging is content. And you need text-based content for your blog. 

Here’s what I would do if I can’t string words together: concentrate on what I’m good at and outsource the writing. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 

“Writers are expensive!”

You’re right!

But, you can get writers for cheap at certain places. 

Places like Fiverr.

Fiverr is the middleman between freelancers and businesses.

Fiverr connects businesses, handles the invoicing, and makes transactions smooth like a baby’s bottom.

Bear in mind when hiring “affordable” writers, you get what you pay for. It’s especially true when it comes to writing. 

If you can afford a little bit more, Fiverr can provide hand-picked professional writers.

Click on the following to take you to the verified professional freelancers.

If Fiverr is not your cup of tea, try Upwork or Problogger. Both platforms provide talented people.

Tools you need to start a blog if you can’t write for shite!

The biggest tool I use to write, edit, and check for plagiarism is Grammarly. 

Grammarly is a big help if you can’t spell, not a “native” writer, or you can’t write.

Grammarly can also fix hard-to-read sentences and many more.

You don’t need the plagiarism checker if you’re writing original content. 

But, it’s helpful when it comes to hiring writers.

Some freelancers will copy and paste pieces of content from multiple sites on the internet to pass it off as an “original.”

There’s no way of knowing that the article you paid for are copied from different sites until you get a manual action from Google.

But, you can prevent penalties from Google by checking the paid article for plagiarism before publishing it in your blog.

And, Grammarly Pro can check the written piece against millions of contents on the internet.

The Plagiarism checker by Grammarly had saved me many times from plagiarised content. 

You need Grammarly! Full stop.


person sitting down thinking how to start a blog if you can't write
How to start a blog if you can’t write?

How to start a blog if you can’t write is simple. That is to treat your blog as a business.

I assume you have money since you’re starting a business.

When you have money to spend on writers, you don’t need a Master’s in Creative Writing. 

You see, money is a tool—a tool to get the job done. 

Hiring writers to get your blog up and running needs money if you don’t have money, partner with someone who can write. 

And, you should learn how to market the blog; otherwise, you have nothing to offer to the partnership.

If you can’t find a partner, you should try vlogging. Vlogging is blogging in video format. 

The following is an article about the difference between blogging and vlogging:

Blogging vs vlogging

Most people who can’t write have the gift of the gab. They can talk people’s ears off. 

And, if you’re good at talking, you should pursue salesmanship. 

As a salesman, you can help good writers to sell their services to businesses.

Or, the obvious, sell your product and service.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a grammar nazi to start a blog. 

It’s easy to start a blog. But, making it successful is another thing.

Below is a free guide on starting your blog and making money on autopilot (almost).

How to start a blog and quit the daily grind

Don’t worry. I’m not selling anything. 

I just want to share what has worked for me that made blogging my full-time job.

What do you think of the article, “How to start a blog if you can’t write”? Agree? Disagree? Comment below and spark a conversation. 

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