Choosing the Best Website Builder for Your Business

Looking for the best website builder that will provide the best solution for your business? Then you should take some time to search through our list of the best website builders. Many features make one site builder better than another, and they can help grow your business online.

Best website builders

These website builders are for general use, and nothing specific after this list is website builders made for e-commerce, restaurants, and others.

Go Daddy

GoDaddy may be one of the most simple builders. You can make a website in minutes.

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing gives you a lot of information. It compares how your online presence is doing to other websites in your field. This service has been successful because it has helped people get more business revenue within 12 months.

The website builder is not perfect. There are challenges you will face, but GoDaddy offers outstanding support. They have PDF guides to answer any questions, and they also provide 24/7 tech support. You can go to their forum for help. Or, use live chat on weekdays if you don’t want to wait until Monday morning.

GoDaddy has four types of website builders. They cost $9.99 per month for the Basic plan, up to $24.99 per month for the Ecommerce tier. The cheaper plans offer fewer features than the eCommerce plan, but they are still excellent.

Some people complain that there’s not an app store and that features can be lacking. But this is because all of the features are made to work well. It may cost more money, but it has excellent support. If you want a website builder with affordable prices and good support, then GoDaddy might be the right choice.

1&1 IONOS MyWebsite website builder

Europe’s largest web hosting provider, 1&1 IONOS, hosts more than 12 million websites. It is a great company to use if you want to create a website for your business.

It is very disappointing that there’s no free plan, but the paid options are reasonable. The cheapest option starts at $84 for a year of access to MyWebsite Now or MyWebsite Creator. The difference between them is that the Creator plan has more advanced features.

IONOS is great for making websites. Many of the templates are organized by what kind of website you might want to make (for example, retail or tourism). You can easily find a suitable template and then use a drag-and-drop editor to change it.

IONOS will translate the site into different languages. This is good because it will help people who speak other languages. When a company gets bigger, IONOS can also help with international expansion.

Targeted content is also an option. Businesses can set up their website to show special offers for people who are just visiting the site. If you are looking for a scalable website builder with a great selection of themes, then IONOS is worth considering.


Elementor is a plugin for WordPress which helps you to build websites quickly. It can be used by anyone, even if they don’t have any money or other products. There’s also a free version and a premium product.

The interface is easy to use. You can put whatever things you want on it. So it will look like what it looks like in real life. There are many different templates and widgets that you can choose from, even for free!

The Pro plans have more features. You can use them on many websites, and they give you better tech support. They have a lot of editing tools, and they give you lots of choices for your website.

The free option comes with many templates and widgets. You can see what it is like to use the app before you pay anything. This will let you know if it is something that you want to use or not.

Elementor can be expensive. Other similar sites, like Divi Builder, might be cheaper if you need more than one or three websites. But Elementor is suitable for people who only need one or three websites.


Squarespace is a perfect site builder. It has a lot of functions for bloggers and writers that are built-in. These include multi-author, AMP support, and the ability to schedule posts.

Squarespace’s Blog App (which is on your smartphone) is great. It lets you edit and publish posts from your phone, which is good when you’re busy. The app also connects with social media, like Twitter and Instagram. You can use these tools to ensure that your posts get a lot of attention and people see them.

Squarespace’s website builder is different than other website builders. It does not use a drag-and-drop interface like other builders, but it works just as well.

Another benefit is that you can restore deleted pages and posts. If your connection to the internet fails, the page will still be there when your internet comes back on.

Some people do not like Squarespace because it is not as easy to use as some other websites. Also, it can be hard to find the features of the website. But if you read some support guides, it will be easier for you to build your new website.

The website has four pricing plans. The lowest is $12 a month, and the highest is $40 a month. But it’s bound to get you a great-looking website or blog, no matter what plan you choose.


Hostinger’s Zyro is a website builder for people who do not make their websites. This website builder is easy to use and has a drag and drop editor. The AI writer can help you by writing some of the text content, which saves you time. When you’re finished, your site will be quick to load.

Zyro has a good web builder. The account setup is easy, and the interface is easy to use. There are 150+ templates available, which is not as many as some other providers, but this makes Zyro stronger in some ways because you don’t have to search through a lot of designs. In addition, it should help you build your website faster if you’re new to it.

Zyro has different plans. The free plan will give you about 500MB of data and monthly transfers. But you will see some ads. The paid tiers start with Basic, which provides you with 3GB of bandwidth, 1GB of storage, AI business branding, and SEO tools for $2.90 per month.

The Unleashed plan provides unlimited bandwidth and storage at $3.90 per month. You can also get a free domain for one year. Other plans such as Ecommerce, which facilitate online payments, order tracking, and tax management, are also available.

Zyro is an excellent choice for small businesses. It is not too hard to use, but it offers all the necessary features that customers want.

Zyro is new in the website builder space. They are making updates and improvements all the time. They are a good option for anyone who wants a simple, straightforward website that has 24/7 support and doesn’t have any unnecessary extras.

Hostinger WP

WordPress is the most preferred CMS in the world. It can do extraordinary things like make your content look great. But you need to have a website hosting service to go with it.

Hostinger offers a WordPress hosting plan. It is excellent for any person who wants to set up a website quickly. The Starter plan costs $3.59/month and allows you to create 100 websites with 100 GB of storage space. Your websites can handle approximately 25,000 monthly visits, which are more than enough for people starting.

Hostinger has an easy installation that only takes one click. If you use WordPress, you will get helpful tools and features to help with the setup process. In addition, Hostinger’s Customer Support team will be happy to answer your questions if you run into any problems.

The plans are excellent. They have a new and growing list of WordPress themes, so you will never need another one.

Hostinger gives you a free domain and SSL certificate. You can also create as many email addresses as you want, no matter what the domain is. Hostinger also offers LiteSpeed cache engine and Cloudflare protection to make your site safer.

Hostinger offers a WordPress starter plan that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hostinger also boasts about 99% uptime and faster WordPress performance, so it is worth exploring.


The website builder Gator Website Builder is famous. It has been commended for its simplicity and low price, which should appeal to small businesses.

There are three versions of Gator. The cheapest plan is Starter, and it costs $3.84 a month ($3.46 with the special deal). It has free hosting, website analytics, a free domain name for one year, and unlimited storage space.

Another plan is Premium, which has priority support for $5.99 a month ($5.39 with the special deal).

The e-commerce plan costs $9.22 a month ($8.30 with the special deal). Also, it offers features like inventory management, shipping, tax calculators, and coupons you can create to give customers discounts or other specials on your site when they purchase something from you online.

You can use images, videos, text boxes, columns, maps, and contact forms with easy-to-use drag-and-drop interfaces to make your website. In addition, you can customize up to 200 web templates in Gator’s online portal. Some of the web templates are also mobile-friendly so that everyone can see them.

Gator has a lot of pictures that you can use. You don’t need to know anything about photos. Just choose an image, and Gator will show you how to put it on your site.

The downside of this is that complicated websites cannot be made. In addition, there are not any built-in email marketing features, and the blog building options are essential.

Gator is a good website builder for small businesses. They are quick, professional, and have lovely designs. And they also offer 24-hour tech support for all their users. Plus, they provide free analytics solutions to help administrators know how their site is performing. That means there are many reasons to choose Gator for your next website project.

Web is newer than other website builders, but it has already made its mark in the game. It offers easy-to-use templates, with over 150 professionally designed templates to choose from. is a website that you can customize. You can drag different things to place where you want them. Want to change the size of one thing or change something else? Then this is what does for you!

The website builder has an easy-to-use interface that also allows for blocks. You can insert what you need, like a navigation bar, when you want it. It is powerful and user-friendly. It includes one hour of free website design support.

There are two different types of plans: basic and eCommerce. If you have an eCommerce website, there is a separate plan from the basic package. The eCommerce plan costs $3.95 per month, but it does not allow for as many products as the basic package can sell (500). is very affordable with a lot of good customer service. Therefore, there is nothing better than making a website with because it won’t cost a lot of money and you can do it in not much time either! allows you to monitor your website with an easy-to-use data dashboard, which shows real-time traffic statistics and trend charts. It also has Google Analytics integration so you can see how many people visit your website.

There’s no need to pay anything to use the service for a month. You can sign up for just $1.95, but you need to remember that it is only for one month.


Bluehost recently made a new website builder that makes it easy to make a website. You can use drag and drop editing, live editing, mobile editing, and stock images.

Thanks to the WordPress integration, you can set up parts of your website using Bluehost’s website builder and other components with WordPress.

Using WordPress? Then you can use Bluehost’s website builder. It has over 300 templates, full access to WordPress, and custom CSS. There are three different plans for the website builder- Basic, Pro, and Online Store.

The Basic Plan will cost you $2.95 a month and renews at $10.99 a month for 12 months. The Pro Plan will cost you $9.95 a month for 12 months and renews at $14.99 a month, and the Online Store plan will cost you $24.99 per month for 12 months and then renews at $39.95 per month after that period ends.

Bluehost has features that are just as good as its competitors. One of these is a free domain for the first year. They also have 24/7 expert support.

Bluehost offers unlimited websites. You can have a website for each type of use that you need. For example, if you are trying to sell something, then Bluehost can help too. It has templates just for this!

Bluehost has a 30 day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the website builder after 30 days, then you can get your money back for all of it. It also offers a refund policy for things like SSL and dedicated IPs which is more than enough reassurance to try this website builder out with peace of mind.


The best website builder is Wix. It has a good design, and it is easy to use.

Wix has a lot of freedom to customize your website. There are plans for different people, from those who just want a place to put their pictures up to those who need a website for their business. In addition, you can do or drag-and-drop things as you want to make it easier.

If you do not know how to code, you can still make your website with Wix’s website builder. You can alter and customize all of the parts of the page.

Wix is one of the popular website builders. People use it because it is easy to use and has everything you need for a website.

Wix is a website builder that helps people make their own. There are no costs for this.

Wix offers lots of features, and you can find the one that is best for you. It includes website advertising, photography showcasing, and more. You can make a website with your favorite hobby. {blog about hobbies}

When you start your Wix website, there are two types of pages that you can choose from. The first one is WixADI, and it uses a few quick questions to design the site for you. This is good if you’re indecisive but not so good if you want total control over the design.

The other page is WixEditor, and it lets people customize their website very specifically. You will spend plenty more time on this page than with the other one because this type of site takes longer.

Wix has some weaknesses, but the biggest one is that it limits how much data you have for each plan. It can be a problem if your website has many pictures because the data might run out. Some people also complained about their tech support, which was not very good.

If you are not 100% satisfied with Wix, then you can get your money back. You will get 14 days to test it out and decide if it is right for you.

Wix is a website builder. It has good features, like SEO and marketing tools. We think Wix is the best website maker for your money if you need one. You can use it for free or pay for a plan that costs more.

Best website builder for eCommerce

3D Cart

3dcart is a simple shopping cart that you can use to sell online. It has some good features for helping you sell your products. 3dcart is also very inexpensive, and the layout of the website will work on phones too.

3dcart is an excellent way to set up an online store. You do not have much creative control over how your store looks, though.

Features- 160+ payment options, 90 free templates to get your website up and running, built-in SEO functions, abandoned cart notifications.

This service costs $19/month. Give it a 15-day free trial to see if you like it.


Volusion is a website builder that has been around for a long time. It helps you start your own eCommerce business without any problems. You can create the home page, product pages, and more.

The builder lets you connect to over 30 different payment gateways and sell unlimited products. But sometimes, it can be hard to understand how the builder works if you are new to it or don’t use it often.

Volusion is known for its data. You can look at inventory and analytics to see how your store is doing and where it needs help. It also has a native “suggested products” feature in the stores you create with Volusion.

There is one downside: you cannot sell digital products with Volusion, so if you want to sell ebooks, music, or art, then you should use another builder.

Volusion is easy to use. You can customize layouts with content blocks for images, texts, reviews, and more. In addition, there are no transaction fees whatsoever on any of the plans.

The themes are responsive for mobile shoppers. In addition, you can edit the site’s CSS to make it work better for your business needs with a CSS editor. There are monthly pricing options available too!


WooCommerce lets you sell things on your WordPress website. You can use this plugin to put the items you want to sell on your website. It does not make a new website for you. It just changes the one that you have.

WooCommerce is a favorite for managing your website. WooCommerce has features to manage inventory, tax management, secure payments, and shipping integrations.

You can also get extensions to make changes to your website easily. WooCommerce also has many developers to contact when you need more advanced modifications made to your store.

Woocommerce is exclusively built for WordPress, with a connection to their ecosystem.

It is mobile-friendly to make your products look good on any device.

You have complete control over customer and business data—no third-party software has access.

There is a worldwide community with over 350 contributors.

Woocommerce is 100% open source for complete control over how your website looks and operates.

The best thing is that it’s free. But, unfortunately, you have to pay for more features such as upsells and downsells.

Go Daddy

You may know GoDaddy as a domain registrar, but it can also be used to create an online store.

GoDaddy has a beginner-friendly build that is made to make building an eCommerce site fast and easy. It takes the information you input to create a customized site in minutes.

The downside of GoDaddy is that you don’t get any freedom to do anything. It also doesn’t have some features. It can be suitable for some people, though.

For example, suppose you want to start selling products quickly. In that case, it might be the best website builder for you if you only sell up to 1,500 items per month because it has tools for search engine optimization and email marketing campaigns built-in already.

But if scalability is what you are looking for, GoDaddy wouldn’t be the best website builder choice because they don’t allow any more than 1,500 items per month on their website.

Go Daddy has many templates you can use to build your site. The templates are mobile-friendly, and you can connect with social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Many payment options, such as Google Pay and Venmo, make it easy for buyers to buy things on your site. You can also use this website to sell items online or at a store!

Pricing starts from $24.99 a month for the eCommerce plan.


Wix is following the trend of eCommerce. It now has a website builder for people who don’t know how to code. You can use the website builder to make an online store that meets your requirements.

Wix offers domain name registration, customizable templates, and web hosting so you can start your business without any knowledge of how to code.

The big downside is that you can’t sell anything until upgrading your free account to a paid one.

Wix has some helpful tools for your eCommerce business. But their basic plan does not have essential features, like low-stock alerts, tax calculators, and dropshipping capabilities. If you have an extensive inventory, you will want an eCommerce platform with more effective inventory-tracking tools.

Wix offers a way to edit your website easily. You can customize the templates, so it matches your taste. With integrations, you can choose to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, and eBay.

It also has a free SSL certificate that will protect customers’ personal information and payments. In addition, the product pages are SEO optimized, which means they will rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

The cost of the Basic plan is $23/month.

Big Commerce

BigCommerce is an online store builder for big companies. It offers web hosting and many types of design options.

The business owner who wants to grow can use this software. Unfortunately, you cannot register your domain name through BigCommerce, so you need to buy one elsewhere and connect it with your website on BigCommerce.

BigCommerce has a lot of advanced features to help you sell your items. It is possible to use these features if you want, but they can also be complicated and complex, so it’s best for people who know about them already.

With Big Commerce, you can edit website pages with a drag-and-drop tool. Customizable themes that are built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

You also can customize checkout with an API or SDK that works for you. In addition, there are digital wallet payment options like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and more.

There is cross-channel commerce where your products can be sold on different marketplaces such as Amazon or Google Shopping.

Last but not least, multi-language support for international sales.

The price for this service is $29.95 a month. However, you can try it for 15 days for free before you decide to buy the paid plan.


The following eCommerce site builder on the list is Squarespace. It’s easy to use with little technical knowledge. The builder is like Wix, but it was first a website builder. It was not an online selling platform. So there could be a slight learning curve on the back end when setting up an online store.

Squarespace offers a lot of good templates for you to design your store. Once you pick a template, you can change the colors and images to fit your brand. But if you want to sell anything online, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

When you use Squarespace to sell your stuff, you can only accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Afterpay. The Commerce Advanced plan lets you also sell gift cards and subscriptions.

Squarespace features include a drag-and-drop builder with customizable templates and starter layouts to build your store, automatically responsive designs, and image scaling.

A custom WYSIWYG editing to support content types and complex layouts let you sell an unlimited amount of products, automatic post-purchase email sequences, marketing, finance, shipping, and sales extensions.

You get a 14-day free trial with the basic Commerce plan. After that, you pay $26 per month for it.


Weebly is an easy way to create a store online. It is for small or medium-sized businesses who want to have a store but do not want to take care of it. Weebly is suitable for beginners who don’t want to get lost in technical things.

It is free to build a website on Weebly. But you have to pay for it if you want to use your domain name or get rid of ads on the site. The free plan lets you do some things, like ship quickly, and offers coupons. However, if you want more features, then you have to upgrade.

This program is easy to use for building your website. You can control the inventory and orders. In addition, there are bulk functions, which you can use for editing bulk batches of products. These programs are also mobile-optimized websites.

The program has a simple coupon builder (for paid plans) that you can use to create promotions in your store. It also has a drag-and-drop builder and media library that will walk you through the website creation process.

You can use Weebly for free. Sick of the ads? Then the paid plan starts at $6/month.


Shopify is easy to use. There’s no coding involved or a big budget. Shopify has beautiful designs and marketing tools that will help you promote your products.

Over one million businesses are using Shopify, including myself, so it is already very helpful in business.

You can choose from 100+ professional templates with built-in features to help you find customers, make sales, and manage your day-to-day operations.

Your eCommerce store can sell unlimited products, and you can also sell on other websites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy with the help of Shopify.

Shopify Payments makes it easier to take payments online. You can use 100+ payment gateways worldwide, including Paypal, Bitcoin, Shop Pay, and PayPal. There are also 4,000+ free Shopify apps you can use to make your store work better.

Shopify has more than 100 professional themes made by world-known designers. Sometimes a website will have a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart that people can use on any device or tablet to buy things from the site, and you can customize your store’s HTML and CSS for some extra features. A search engine optimized store is one way to help potential customers find your site online. If you want some additional stock in your store, it is possible to sell as many items as you would like without restrictions on how much you need to order.

This website has over 100 themes. Designers make them. The themes include Happy Cog and Pixel Union. This website also has a built-in shopping cart for people to use and buy on their phones or tablet.

You can design your website with the HTML and CSS that it gives you. This is good for search engine optimization because then people will find your store online more quickly.

You can sell many things you want from this site without restrictions, but make sure that you keep track of your stock before selling out of something!

Shopify is a place you can use to sell things. It has a free trial for 14 days, and it starts at $29 per month after that.

Best website builder for restaurants

You can make a website for a restaurant with It is not as easy as other builders on this list, but you can make it work. You will need to add the menu and reservations through plugins.

When you use a third-party theme and plugin, you have more options. You can find plugins that offer more features than other website builders. The downside is that it can be expensive – to add a plugin, you need to be on the Business plan or higher.

You could build a simple website for the lowest price and still get a custom domain name so you can keep your branding consistent.

These are just some of the best features and plugins for your website. For example, you can use FoodPress, WPPizza, or even a plugin designed primarily for beer menus.

You can also make reservations with OpenTable on the Premium plan (lower cost than Business). In addition, the Yelp widget will show people how many reviews your restaurant has so they know if it’s worth trying.

Can you start with a free plan? Yes, but there are limits.

What is the starting price for a free plan? Personal Plan: AU$5.37.

What are menu options on a business plan or higher? You can get them from third-party plugins through your business account or from other sites through your restaurant account.


Why pay for more than you need? SquareUp is the only builder on this list that offers a full suite of restaurant-friendly tools without monthly fees. But, of course, when you do make a sale, that’s when you pay.

Square Online does not offer templates. There is just one default template, but you can change it to your liking. You can customize the color and background of the site. There are many customizations that you can do. The Square online interface isn’t straightforward to use, though.

Square has a lot of features on the free plan. For example, you can choose when you want to do pickup and delivery. You can also charge customers more or less based on your needs.

In addition, you can get an app that will let customers place orders for a future date and time. This is good if you are busy or need to get more information about their order before then.

If you think paying no money for these features is a great deal, there is a catch. There are fees for this service. The fees are 2.9% of the funds plus 30¢ for each transaction completed on your website with Square Online branding, and a custom URL cannot be used.

If you want to remove the Square branding and use your custom domain, you need to upgrade. But, unfortunately, you can only do that in the Professional plan. And with that plan, Square is lower transaction fees by 0,3%. But the Professional plan includes many other features, so it might not be a wrong choice.

There is a free plan with transaction fees of 2.9% + 30¢ on every sale, but it has limited features. For example, it includes selling items for $16.11 and with built-in menu page layouts for restaurants.


SITE123 is a good website builder. Site123 is very easy to use and has a built-in menu and reservation options, but lacks a few features that would make it the best. There are other websites you can build with better features.

Compared to those, SITE123’s site editor is not as hard to use. This means that building the website will go more quickly, but the downside is that all of their templates look similar.

You can make menus on pages in the menu templates. For example, you can change the size of tables and how people confirm reservations.

SITE123 does not have any other apps that are made for restaurants. Instead, you can use a 3rd party tool to order online. It is cheaper than Wix, but it does not have as many features.

SITE123 is easy to use, and you can customize it. You can have a simple site with just the essential information. It is also easy to build single-page websites with this product too. Also, predefined page layouts are very customizable but still give you a good amount of design choices.

There are three levels of plans. The cheapest cost is $17 per month. The Premium plan costs $17.18 per month. You can also buy a restaurant template for $13 per, or design your own for $25 per month. Or, you can use it for free.


Squarespace has beautiful templates for websites. They are the best in the industry. For example, you can make your website look classy and professional by using Squarespace’s 10 restaurant templates.

The editor lets you make custom pages with blocks of content. Many different layouts come with the menu, and they have guidelines to help you design them.

You can make your menu any way you like, and Squarespace provides online reservations and ordering through OpenTable and ChowNow.

These integrations work as additional blocks in the editor. And since they are the only options for these functions, you can get help from Squarespace if something goes wrong.

Squarespace has a free trial. Unfortunately, you need to be on the Business plan to use ChowNow and OpenTable integrations. But Squarespace is worth it because our expert found that it has many good features for business owners.

Here are some features that restaurants will love. E-commerce features can be built into your restaurant website to sell gift cards, merchandise, and much more. 

Email campaigns can also be built for your restaurant from the website editor or the dashboard. This will help you promote deals and discounts to customers who have been loyal to you.

Squarespace is not free, but you can try it for 14 days. And if you like it, you can start with a Personal Plan for $16.11/month. 

The menu is customizable. You can alter how it looks and what options are on there. In addition, there are 10 restaurant templates to choose from. If your restaurant is not there yet, then you can use those templates to make your restaurant.


Wix is an excellent choice for a website builder for restaurants. It offers many easy-to-use features and tools that make it simple to manage your restaurant’s website.

For starters, there are 64 different templates divided into five subcategories: catering & chef, restaurant, cafe & bakery, bar & club, food & drinks.

Wix’s templates feel different than the templates offered by other website builders. You can change every element to match your restaurant’s branding.

The Wix App Market offers a lot of apps for many different things. For example, you can create online menus with the apps.

You can also take orders and reservations by connecting to your website. But, of course, you can manage all this in your website dashboard, too! Another neat thing is that many of the restaurant templates come with the Wix Restaurant app downloads already in them!

The Wix Menu app is an excellent way to make menus. It allows you to add unique dishes and labels such as “vegan” or “spicy.” It is easy to use and SEO-friendly.

Wix is the best free site builder. For restaurants, it includes all of the features above. However, to take online orders, you will need to upgrade to one of the Business plans. Once you do this, you can also connect your domain name so people can find your site easier.

This is a list of Wix features for restaurants. The first one is an app where people can order food from your restaurant.

There are no fees from the company and people can also get special discounts on their orders. Another feature is analytics that tracks orders and other restaurant-specific information automatically.

The last feature is a system for making reservations, making it easy to confirm reservations through email automatically.

If you want a free plan, it is included. In addition, you can make an app with many features, and there are lots of templates for your restaurant’s website.

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