6 Simple Steps to Start a Blog Using Your Mobile Device

For many of us, our phones are a constant companion.

We use them to stay in touch with friends and family, to get directions, or even just as an alarm clock when we oversleep.

But have you ever thought about starting your blog using your phone? It is easier than you think!

This article will walk you through 6 steps to start a blog from your mobile device that will help grow your business and create more opportunities for yourself.

Blog on mobile

Blogging on mobile sounds hard. But, it can be easy with the following apps. Follow the steps below to get blogging on the go:

Step One: Find a blogging platform

There are many different solutions, but the two most popular platforms for bloggers are Blogger and WordPress.com. As far as which one to choose, it just depends on what you want your blog to look like and how much of an investment you’re willing or able to make.

After deciding your preference:

  1. Go to the Apps Store for Apple or Play Store for Anroid devices.
  2. Look for the Blogger or WordPress app.
  3. Download and install.

Step Two: Choose a domain name and set up hosting

The next step is to purchase your domain name. This will cost $15-$25 for most people, but it’s worth the investment if you plan on blogging for a while because of all the benefits that come with having your website.

Next, choose to host your domain in Bluehost. Starting, don’t get too caught up in the best hosts. Pick one that won’t blow your budget. You also get a free domain with Bluehost.

Step Three: Write a blog post!

The first step is to write your blogs with Blogger or WordPress, depending on which you downloaded and installed in Step One.

To do this, open the app and click “Create New Post.” The next screen will allow you to enter details about the post like title, date it was published (today), who wrote it (you!), tags for search engine optimization purposes, etc…

Once finished writing everything up there, scroll down until you find a text editor where you can type what without having to worry about formatting or anything else.

Type away! It should automatically publish when done typing, of course. There are some other options here, like editing, sharing, and saving as drafts.

Another alternative in writing a blog post is Google Docs. That’s what I use. The great thing about having a separate copy of your blog posts is that you have a backup, just in case your hosting provider stuffs up. It has happened.

Hosting providers like Bluehost and Cloudways do provide automatic backups nowadays, so we may not have to worry about our hard work going down the drain because a 12 yo hacker from China decided to have a little fun with you.

In any case, I’d like to feel safe knowing that I have another backup of all the articles I’ve written.

Step Four: Install speech to text

Do you know how long it takes me to write a simple text message? Or how many spelling errors I get because of how stubby my fingers are.

This is when Google Docs text to speech comes in handy. Talk and Google Docs will type it for you.

Isn’t that the greatest?

You still have to proofread your work and edit it, though. However, at least you’re not cursing at your phone for every single spelling errors.

Step five: Install a photo app

The recent trend of apps like Photoshop on our iPhones has opened up unlimited possibilities for editing and enhancing images. A few years ago, this was nearly impossible without a computer–but now the latest software is available in your pocket!

The advent of photo-editing applications from reputable developers such as Autodesk has made it easier than ever to turn even average photos into works of art with just a touch screen.

These new programs are powerful enough that an amateur photographer can achieve professional quality results right away.

One of my favorite photo editing apps is Pixlr Express. This app allows you to quickly and easily adjust, correct, crop, or apply filters with a few taps!

It also enables the user to create collages, fix red-eyes and whiten teeth. In addition, it can add artistic-looking focal blurs that will leave your pictures popping out from all angles.

Step six: Install social scheduler

People will read your blog once the search engines have indexed you. But you can’t just wait for Google or Bing to bring you traffic. You have to leverage other platforms to get your content out there.

There are millions of people on social media. So why not get your content in front of them?

I know how creating content is time-consuming. Writing and researching can take 6 hours to a whole day. But, of course, the process will take longer if you just started writing.

I’ve found that using the social scheduler app Hootsuite has been a lifesaver. With this app, I can schedule tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time to go out when convenient for me.

The best part is that you can write one tweet or post then use the scheduling feature to upload various versions with just a few taps!


Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as you think! If you have a smartphone and want to start blogging on the go with a few minutes here or there, then all you need are those six apps.

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