Why blog is important

A blog is important for any business.

Any type of business needs a form of content marketing.

As a marketer, you need to take advantage of every method to get awareness for your brand or business.

And blogging is the cheapest way to get eyeballs to your offer.

Why blog is important to a business

I’ve been blogging for years now. 

I only found success in blogging just recently.


Because I wasn’t consistent.

I would start a blog and stop after seeing no traction. 

My motivation would get deflated, and I would quit.

When I started, I didn’t have any money to spend on ads to get people to my site. 

Blogging consistently and leveraging the search engines got me consistent traffic without paying a dollar. 

I did invest my time at the early stages, but it paid off in the long run. 

I’m still getting traffic from one of my old articles. That’s free awareness that I would have paid for advertisement.

Do you see now why a blog is important for any business?

The following are reasons why a blog is important:

  • Free traffic
  • Connect with audiences
  • Extra selling opportunity

Free traffic

I touched on this earlier. The best thing about content marketing (blogging) is that you don’t have to pay for people to visit your site.

When people search for the answers they need, your blog provides the solution and potentially wins their trust and business.

Blogging is an excellent way for people who are starting their small businesses to get some brand awareness. Being new, no one knows your brand yet. 

Blogging is excellent to get your brand out there to people searching for answers to their questions related to your business.

However, the blogging landscape has changed. It’s harder. Much harder.

There used to be a time when bloggers who know blackhat techniques get a higher position on the search engine result page. Their businesses thrived.

And this went on for years until Google got smart and introduced the Google Panda. Essentially, Panda is a change in Google’s algorithm. Low-quality and spammy sites were penalized. 

Those who weren’t following the Google guidelines lost businesses that relied on Google’s search engine. 

And those who weren’t tempted to use blackhat techniques were rewarded.

Although it’s free, content marketing is a hit or miss game. 

Sometimes, your blog won’t make it to the search engine results page at all. 

I know because I have an article that is a year old that is not indexed yet.

Bear this in mind about content marketing. When you write an article, don’t expect anything. Just try to write the best possible article.

As I am writing this article about why a blog is important, I do not think about where it will sit in the SERP. I’m thinking of the next topic to write about.  

That’s all you can do. You have no control over where or when Google will index your blog. Pump out all the content as great as possible and put it out there. Then move on.

Connect with audiences

Blogging is excellent for connecting with your customers or readers. You can talk about your life if you’re an influencer or a personal brand, and people will read whatever you had for lunch. 

It’s different when you are a business, though. Who cares about what you did yesterday after your biz dev. No one except your mother. 

People care more about what’s in it for them. Again, if you are a personal brand, it’s a different story. 

As a business or a company, you can connect with your customers by providing them value. What sort of value should you write?

Well, think about what they need.

What questions are they asking related to your business?

Suppose you’re a cake shop. Why don’t you write a blog post about how to make a cheesecake? Even better, why don’t you do a video and upload it on Youtube? Make sure to embed your video to your blog.

When you connect with your audience and provide them value, you’ll be appreciated and trusted.

Extra selling opportunity

When you write the best blog in the world, perhaps you can direct the readers to your offer? Talking about your offer at the end of an article will let them know that you have what they need. Your reader doesn’t have to look elsewhere. 

Convenience is big in this day and age. They don’t want to search everywhere for something they can grab in 3 seconds.

You will get people who appreciate your blog and how much you’ve helped them out. These people will buy from you instead of the shop selling the same item less for less.

Blogs are significant because they are extensive on the internet

There are many blogs on the world wide web. Why should you add more? 

Just because people joined a gym doesn’t mean they won’t try another? What if there’s a new gym being built that is bigger, closer, and better? 

It’s the same thing with blogs on the internet. Yes, there are thousands of answers provided already. But, if you give the best value, you will score some customers.

There could be millions or billions of blogs on the internet. It doesn’t mean that your blog will be drowned out in the sea of articles.

Even if you don’t make it to the search engine results page, your customers will be searching for your brand name. 

Hence, it’s so important to build a brand. Once you have enough traction, people who know you will search for a query together with your name.

I’ve done that before. My job requires me to study and research many vitamins and ingredients. 

Many websites talk about vitamins and minerals. But, I trust only one website, visiting only their site to find the best answer to my questions. 

Even if blogs are extensive on the internet, you don’t have to fight with them. You can use it to help your customers and boost average lifetime value. For some businesses, ALV is the best metric to look after. 

Why blogging is important for students

Blogging is important for students because it allows the student to research information. And as they research and write about their topic, they tend to learn.

I learned so much writing and researching about nutrition. My knowledge expanded after blogging about nutrition. 

Students will learn how to use the internet to research anything. It’s true. The internet is full of knowledge. It’s like a massive library in the “clouds.”

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when researching. Your source has to be credible and reliable. 

As mentioned, there are many blogs on the internet. Some of them regurgitate what others are saying. 

That’s why some people think that the internet is full of crap. However, their source of information is unreliable. 

Writing also sharpens your writing prowess. You will expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar. 

Heck, my grammar was shit. Now it’s less shit.

You will learn how to structure sentences and develop and build a story. 

Lastly, a student can earn income from their blogs. Which student wouldn’t love a recurring income while acquiring knowledge and skills?

Why is it important to post to a blog regularly?

It’s important to blog regularly to keep Google interested in your blog. 

Google keeps changing its algorithm. Nowadays, you can’t just blog for the first few months and be inactive for months. 

Your blog will drop in rankings. This is what happened to this blog. 

I didn’t blog or update the articles for two months, and I dropped seven positions.

I know I said that no matter what, I will blog about something. I did blog about something. Just not on Blogzn.com.

It was a busy period. So, I put more of my effort into my other site.

Until the other business is established, Blogzn won’t be updated regularly. 


Why blog is important? 

A blog is important for any business to build trust with its customers. Trust is essential if you’re solely an online business.

It’s hard to create trust when you don’t see and talk to your customers in person. That’s why being transparent and being personable in your blog can build trust for your brand.

It takes many interactions with your audiences until they convert. 

Much like dating. Would you marry someone after a few dates? No. 

And, if you answered yes, I think you should think about your life. 

Blogging will create a top of the line funnel and slowly build loyalty. Keep creating value for your audience and customers. The more you blog and help your customers, your average customer lifetime value increases.

Capture emails and keep in touch with them each week. Then you can move your audience to the bottom of the funnel. 

A blog is essential for any business. Businesses that do not leverage blogging are leaving money on the table.

If you don’t have a business, start blogging to start a business. For some, blogging is a hobby.

Others started blogging as a hobby then turned it into a business.

Learn how they did it, click on the following link to know more: blog about your passion, and start making money online.

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