How to Make Money in Star Atlas: Tips and Strategies

Do you want to make money in Star Atlas? If so, this article is for you! We will teach how to earn money in the Star Atlas. This guide includes how to make more coins, spend less time playing the game, and get more Atla$. But first, a bit of this new gold rush, blockchain, and the Metaverse!

The new gold rush

Video games were first played at an arcade, and you would put in a quarter to play the game. But now, video games can be played on the internet, and you can make money.

There are games where you can talk to friends and show off your legendary loot. In the game, you click on goblins to kill them. Unfortunately, the makers of these games didn’t let people buy virtual gold for real money.

That would be against the rules of service, and if someone was caught, they could get banned from playing that game.

Nevertheless, a secondary market for virtual gold still emerged. The process of buying and exchanging real money for virtual gold was complicated. First, you need to put your credit card into an online portal that is not official.

After the transaction completes, you have to meet the person in-game to pick up your gold. If they are fast enough, they can drop it on the ground and pick it back up before you can take it. YIKES!

The virtual gold market grew a lot when the game Warcraft came out. People traded their time in the game for money. But you can’t buy much with virtual gold, so companies grew to sell it.

The Blockchain

Blockchain news has talked about new games where people play to make money. The blockchain is used in these games to make it easier for people to get money.

Buying virtual gold has changed. You don’t need to meet up with a stranger on your server and give them your credit card to buy it. Instead, you can buy tokens online and trade those for the gold you want.

Virtual swords and shields can be stored as tokens. The tokens are not locked to a server or even a specific game. They can be traded in an open market. They are stored in your wallet, and you could loan them to friends so they will get the item back later.

The Metaverse and making money in Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a game where players can earn money. They sell things in the game and get ATLAS tokens. The game lets people do things like selling stuff to other players.

If someone uses materials to make an item in the game and creates a new one, the old ones are destroyed. Your ship is not safe in space battles and can be lost forever. This helps with deflation.

Early games focused on the gameplay first. Blockchain games started by making an economy and putting gameplay second. But those games didn’t do as well as other ones.

Star Atlas is different because it has good gameplay and a good economy.

How to make money in Star Atlas

Let’s get to the good part, how to make money in Star Atlas. Well, I don’t know how others make money in Star Atlas, but this is how I do it.

Currently, there is no “game.” There is a mini-game, which is basically “staking.” Staking is when you give your crypto to someone else. Then they’ll give you some money for it. The following is how I make money in Star Atlas with the current update:

  • Enlisting ships
  • Trading POLIS
  • Flipping Ships

Enlisting ships

To enlist ships, you need to purchase one. You can do that in the Star Atlas marketplace.

It doesn’t take much capital to start earning money in Star Atlas. All you need is US$20.

I bought a Pearce X5, and it earns about 6 Atlas a day. One thing to note here is that red bar. My crews’ food supply is zero. That means they are starving, and I have to resupply them.

You must keep the supplies coming to keep earning Atlas. So how much does it cost to resupply a Pearce X5? Luckily, it’s only 1.57 Atlas. So after the burn, the net daily rewards for the Pearce X5 come to 4.68 Atlas, to be exact.

If the market price of Atlas is at US$0.10, then you are looking at US$0.468 a day.

Trading Polis

What is Polis? POLIS is a token in the Star Atlas game. The people who have POLIS will be able to tell the Star Atlas team what to do. So it’s a governance token.

It’s good to hold a good bag of it to vote, but it’s better to trade some of it while it has no function with the current Star Atlas progress.

I make money by buying POLIS at the lowest price and selling it at a higher price. It sounds simple but timing it is hard.

This is the riskiest method to make money regarding Star Atlas. But, the best thing when buying coins/project that you believe in is that you don’t feel sh*tty when you lose hundreds or even thousands in a bear market.


For the newbies, HODL is an abbr. For hold on for dear life in the crypto world.

Flipping Ships

Others bought ships at the original price and sold them almost double. As a result, there are only 24 ships available to purchase at the time of writing.

According to StaratlasWiki, there will be over120 ships available in the Star Atlas metaverse. So if you’ve missed out on the fourth wave ship release, then set aside some good money and get ready to buy more ships at original prices.

Potentially, you can double your initial investment when you buy Legendary ships.

That’s the only way I am making money in the Star Atlas game. However, I asked one of the team and the future looks bright when it comes to making money in Star Atlas.

There will be lots of ways to make some moolah in the game. Such as opening up shop, mining, lending money, insurance, anything you can think of in the real world, you can do it in Star Atlas.

That’s the promise anyway. For now, I’m enjoying my daily Atlas rewards doing absolutely nothing!


At this time, there’s not much you can do in the Star Atlas game. However, the Star Atlas team rewards early investors by giving them the ability to earn some or a significant amount of Atlas with their Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions (SCORE) mini-game.

You can also buy ships at the original price and flip them for some nice profit. There are other ways to earn money in the Star Atlas game. We’ll have to wait for the team to develop them.

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