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If you found this page, then you must want the best local SEO services in Sydney?

Look no further because this local SEO Sydneysider geek will bring your drowning website to the top of local Google search.

Oh, and I’m supposed to link to internal pages so I can share some link juice. Yes, another SEO trick to help me rank.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an article about internal links by Google Developers: Importance of link architecture.

So, the following link is an article detailing how my local SEO services can help boost your Google rankings: Local SEO services.

Local SEO services Sydney business needs

I’m not much of a talker, but when it comes to SEO, I can’t shut up. 

Just like the time I caught my very first bream in Sydney.

I caught a Bream in Sydney
My first Bream in Sydney

What is an SEO? That was the question that made my potential prospect hang up. 

An SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO can also be a job title. For example, I am an SEO, and I help businesses with their SEO. 

I hate talking about myself because I’d rather focus on your business instead. But, how would you know anything about me if I don’t?

So, here’s a rapid-fire me:

  • SEO geek with 11+ years of experience
  • Local SEO obsessed
  • Copywriting nerd
  • Social media butterfly
  • And brand-focused

I believe that brand building is the ultimate goal for a business.

When you have a brand, you can sell anything. 

Take Nike, for example. What do you think of when you think of Nike?

Achievement, high quality, high performance, athlete, perfection. Do you see what I’m getting at?

As an example, would you buy a shoe with no name or a Nike shoe at the same price?

Not only can you sell anything, but you can also sell them at a higher price than the competition. 

Imagine comparing two yoga pants that are made in China. One yoga pant is from Nike. Yes, Nike is made in China. Also, in Vietnam. Which would you think has better quality?

I bet any money that you would choose Nike.

What does this have to do if you’re an accountant or a mechanic? Well, what if people who want to do their tax return think of you first?

Or when their car needs an oil change? What if they line up in your garage first thing in the morning? That is branding.

Branding to me is when you can charge a premium price on anything.

However, branding takes a long time to build. Luckily, once you have a robust SEO foundation website, your branding will be next level with customer intent.

Once you have your Sydney-based business in Google, it becomes harder to dethrone you.

That doesn’t mean that you should let off the SEO throttle. 

No, your competition is hot at your heels, implementing their SEO strategies and spending high amounts of moolah on getting you off the top. 

As an SEO expert, I know how to prevent your competition from taking over your spot. 

Do you need local SEO services in Sydney?

Suppose your business is based in Sydney.

But no one can find your business when they search for your services on Google?

Me thinking with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background
Where are you located in Sydney?

Who’s going to call you?

Or, you’re on Google but on page 2 or 3?

Who’s going to scroll all the way down to the bottom?

You need the help of a local SEO expert. 

An SEO expert that has more than a decade of SEO experience and in the trenches daily. 

Don’t get left behind by your competition; they are aware of Google’s local snack pack. 

local seo snack pack results for painters in sydney
Local Sydney Painters

And they know how vital it is that their business show first when someone is searching for their services. 

Most likely, you’ve seen the local snack pack while searching for services you need. 

Do you ever click on the next page?

No, you don’t because no one ever does.

As SEOs say, if you want to hide a body, bury it on page 2 of Google.

If you want a thriving Sydney-based business, you need a local SEO expert’s services to get you on the first page. 

Once you’re on the first page, it’s tough for other businesses to chop you down. 

Do you need local SEO services in Sydney for your business?

To be frank, you don’t need a local SEO service in Sydney. You can learn about local SEO just by searching on Google.

To start off, click on the following article to learn how you can implement local SEO to your website: 10 steps to local SEO

However, learning and implementing them in your business takes a lot of time.

You may not have that time at your disposal and could spend that time on another aspect of the business you excel in.

Why choose my local SEO services over Sydney agencies?

There are many local SEO services in Sydney. So, why would you choose me over them?

Because I’m down to earth and can take you out some time at the best places to eat and drink in Sydney.

I'm having sweet coco at a Sydney restaurant
Sweet Coco at Pancake on the Rocks in Sydney

In all seriousness, I’m incredibly passionate about what I do. And stay updated with algorithm changes that may impact your website.

While big SEO agencies churn and burn their clients, I focus on long-term value.

I’m not going to win your business; sign you over to the “SEO person,” then off to the next one. 

No, I want to grow your business so you can make lots of money.

And please don’t get me started on an “affordable” SEO.

An SEO local expert charges for their knowledge a minimum of $70 per hour. 

Imagine what a $300 SEO service will do to your business?

That’s only 4 hours’ worth of work. 

It takes 6 hours to do a well-written high-quality blog post. 

This article took me 12 hours.

What you get with my local SEO services are proven effective strategies that will blow the competition out of the Sydney water.


Sydney is a beautiful place. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Me and the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Even more beautiful with a thriving business. 

I want to help you grow a thriving and successful business. 

With proven effective local SEO services, your Sydney business will stand above the rest in Google’s local snack pack. 

There are many local SEO services in Sydney that make choosing one a daunting task.

Here are examples of my websites that I am trying to rank in Google all the while helping other businesses beat their competition:

  • Healthful Papa
  • And this website Blogzn.

Currently, I am ranking well over 5533 keywords with Healthful Papa. Keywords such as the following:

  • korean diet to lose belly fat
  • 7 day jump rope challenge
  • how to get rid of apron belly without surgery

Just try searching for each keyword in Google. 

Both are in challenging industries, SEO and Health. 

You can imagine how saturated the health niche is with many big companies that possess colossal marketing budgets. Yet, I’m able to compete and get a piece of the pie.

Meanwhile, the SEO and marketing category is filled with people who know how to rank in Google, making competition fierce. 

Just imagine competing with people who know what you know and doing the same work.

Choose someone who has battle scars and in the trenches daily competing with the big boys and girls.

Sydney is a great city and many surroundings to enjoy. 

Take the time to enjoy before hiring me as your local SEO in Sydney.

Soon, you’ll be getting a torrential rain of phone calls keeping you busy for the life of your business.

SEO Geek, Copy Nerd, Cheesecake monster.

Just an ordinary guy with epic dreams

Christian Tanobey

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