How to Start a Blog About Your Life And Get Rich!

Blogging is a fun and creative way to share your life with friends, family members, or the world.

Some people blog about topics that they are passionate about, while others blog because they want to give advice on how to accomplish something.

But what about blogging about your life?

Can you write about your life story and get readers?

Should you start a website and blog about your life there?

Or, go social?

This guide will show you how to start a blog about your life.

Things to consider before blogging about your life

Who are you?

Before we go any further into these instructions, is whether or not your life story can be interesting enough for other people to read it in full detail.

There’s no harm in someone writing about their life. However, you have to ask yourself, who cares?

If no one knows you, why would anyone want to see where you’ve been, who you’re with, or what you had for lunch?

And if no one cares, who’s going to read your stuff?

Now, if you’re a celebrity, an influencer with a massive following, then that’s a different story. People will pay to see them drink water.

If you’re not Zac Efron, Will Smith, or someone famous, there is something you can do to get people to read what you’re writing.

What do you do if you’re not famous?

If you’re not that famous, how do you get people to read your blog?

I suggest starting a blog in social media with a massive audience first before starting your own website.

Everyone wants to hear how someone else is doing it, how they’re living their life and whatnot. But if you don’t have the right audience or following online, starting out on social media might be easier for getting followers.

It won’t matter who you are- there will always be some overlap between things that everyone can relate to love, family, hobbies, etc…

When people can see this common ground with other things in your life- like cooking dinner together as a family-they’ll want to know more about what makes you unique. And when they find out how much of an interesting person you are, they’ll want to engage with you.

Are you sensitive?

Secondly, how to start a blog about your life is an important question that you need to ask yourself before diving into this type of project.

I hope you will not pay for a domain and web hosting and start your life blog with a website.

So, starting where there are engaged audience is the path to take if you’re not Brad Pitt.

But before you do, how sensitive are you?

Your story may be so personal or so specific that it’s not worth posting on the internet for others to read.

What if you get plenty of haters or, worse, crickets?

Don’t get hurt when no one is commenting or liking your content.

Or you lash out when you get a hate comment.

If you’re too sensitive, don’t do it.

Do you have time?

Thirdly, how much time do you have available? If you plan on making this a full-time gig, then having a few hours per day would be great if not at least some part of every day free – but if this is just going to be something other than work in between jobs, then how much time in a day will you be able to dedicate?

Look, blogging/writing takes a long time. When I write health articles, it can take me 6 hours to finish. Proofread and well-researched with references. When I don’t know the subject matter, it can take much longer.

When it comes to social media, it’s much easier. Take one or two photos, write a description, and done. That’s your post for the day.

But, you have to consume a little bit too so you can get some inspiration for your next post. Also, know what’s trending and ride it too.

Are you social?

Lastly, how comfortable are you with social media, and how connected do you want your blog on Facebook or Twitter, for example?

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; how connected do I want my blog to be with them? How involved am I in those networks?

There’s no perfect formula here because not everyone has the same preferences as far as social media goes, but there’s something called “social listening.”

Learn how to listen so no matter where people are talking about your topic, they’ll find their way back to your content if it resonates with them.

Are you organized?

Finally, how often do you post content? This may sound like an obvious question, but how many times per week or month does someone who blogs about their life typically publish new material?

It doesn’t need to be set in stone beforehand but knowing how often posts happen at least gives some guidance on when to expect new content.

Have a schedule when it’s time to post. This can help you keep on track with your goals.

This brings me to the next question…

Do you have goals to meet?

Why don’t you set some goals to measure how you’re doing?

For example, your goal is to hit 1000 followers after a month. What do you need to do to reach it?

Now, you could be handsome as Brad or build like The Rock. You can probably hit 1000 followers in a week.

No matter how handsome or charismatic you are, have a goal in mind. Then, keep setting higher standards each time you break the mark.

Once you have a goal, reverse engineer how to reach it. Start with how many followers you need. Now, how many people do you know?

How about social media accounts that have a lot of followers? What are they doing on those profiles for them to get so much attention and shares/likes from others like yourself?

Break down the steps needed each day to accomplish your goal. It doesn’t matter how small or straightforward each step might seem. Just make sure you’re taking action on something every day!

This will help keep up the momentum and focus when things inevitably go wrong, which we all know happens more often than not, but don’t let it discourage you! You’ve still got this! (Take breaks)

The process is how to execute a task. First, break it down into the smallest manageable parts and then do them all one by one in order, like how we make instant coffee!


Starting a website and blogging about your life is hard but not impossible.

But, I recommend growing a following on social media like Facebook or Instagram first before getting your website.

Have a plan, set goals, and have a thick skin.

If you’re too sensitive about other people’s opinions, don’t start a life blog.

People on the net will eat you alive. There are far too many trolls and haters on the internet.

When you’re ready to start a blog, own your contents, and have full control, read our free guide to starting a blog and make money on autopilot.

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