How often should you blog? (By Expert SEO and Marketers)

This is a common question for most bloggers.

And I’m pretty sure you’re asking the same question for SEO purposes. 

Essentially, Google likes fresh AND updated content.

So, how often should you blog?

The quick answer is, as often as possible.

How often should you blog for a small business? 

As often as you can. 

And that can be once a week or twice a week. 

Obviously, the more you can write an article, the better your chances of succeeding.

When I first started, I was producing two a week. 

The writing is not the hard part. It is the research.

That’s why it helps if you’re knowledgeable about your topic.

Not only do you need to know a lot about your niche, but you also have to love it.

I’ve seen many who are so excited about starting their new blog. 

They would write for weeks and months. 

After 3 or 6 months, they would give up and lose interest. 

In the blogging space, you have to love what you do.

You also need to love to write. If you hate writing, consider vlogging instead.

How often should you blog if you’re a big company?

As often as possible. 

Big companies have the budget to pump out content daily. 

They have content machines doing the work.

People who are talented writers. 

Big businesses hire bloggers, marketers, influencers to write and publish every day.

Which makes you wonder. How can a small business like yours compete?

You can’t.

As a starting blogger, you don’t have the capital to invest in content mills.

That means you have to do all the work yourself.

And, if you’ve written for some time, you know it could take days to finish one quality article.

I will probably take 3 hours to write this blog post. But I need to let it sit for a day. Then I can proofread.

If I proofread just after writing the first draft, I have to revise more than I should.

Big companies can have ideas teams, writers, researchers, and proofreaders.

As a big company, if you have the budget, publish daily.

How to find your blogging frequency

You probably already know the answer. 

I said it many times. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, big, or massive business. You need to put out content. 

And to find your blogging frequency, ask yourself the following:

  • How are your writing skills?
  • Can you research quickly? 
  • Do you have the time?
  • Can you afford to pay for content?

How are your writing skills?

It’s irrefutable that the more you write, the more love you get from Google and other search engines such as Bing.

Experience and writing skills can also help determine your blogging frequency.

The better you are at finding the right words to use and structuring the article. The quicker you are at publishing content.

Can you research quickly?

This question is tied together with how well you know your topic.

If you’re knowledgeable, there is not much research you have to do.

However, the less you know, the more hours you have to put in the research.

Writing is easy. Researching is the hard part.

Do you have the time?

Every business is different.

You could have a full-time job, and blogging is your side hustle.

Having a full-time job and kids is already hard. 

When you add a side hustle, you may not have time for your kids. 

Sometimes, I wish I had started sooner. When I didn’t have to be constantly reminded that I have to change the nappies.

But, don’t let family life stop you.

I still found the time to blog each night, bathe my daughter, feed her, and change nappies.

If you want it, you’ll make the time.

Can you afford to pay for content?

When you can afford to pay for articles, you should start giving some of the workloads to others.

Nowadays, writing content is not enough.

You can’t just publish a post and expect it to do well.

You have to market your business.

Marketing is a full-time job. 

Creatives, engaging with people, networking can take a whole day. 

It’s great if you can afford to pay for content so you can wear other hats as well.

Once you can afford it, hire writers.

However, if you love writing, then you should stick to that.

Assign others to do the other aspects of your business.

Running a business is complicated by yourself. 

General rule to blog frequency

Here’s my general rule when it comes to how often you should blog.

As often as you can for SEO purposes. 

Google loves fresh and updated content, as I mentioned. 

Google may not crawl a stale website like mine often because of inactivity. 

If you are not regularly publishing or updating articles, you are losing ranking. 

That’s what’s going on in this blog right now. 

I only manage to rank 1 to 2 articles with this website. 

My other website’s position is better because I’m publishing or updating articles twice or three times a week. 

Set your blog frequency to once or twice a week so Google will notice. 

You can also do it once a month, but the article has to be of high quality. 

High quality can be 3000 words long, answering every question the searchers may be asking. 

I know 3000 to 4000 words are plenty, which can also translate to a 1000-word article each week. 

Suppose you can do more, great. If you can’t, don’t expect your blog to get traction for some time. 

How many blog posts per month

How many blog posts per month depends on your capabilities as mentioned.

But, I guess you’re wanting a number to target. Well, here’s what others blog have to say about that.

Quick Takeaways: The more frequently you blog, the more traffic you tend to get, as a rule of thumb. 11+ posts a month is a magic number — it results in a noticeable increase in traffic for both B2B and B2C businesses. The more posts you already have on your blog, the more traffic and leads you receive

[source: How often should you blog]

Here’s one of my favorite digital marketers have to say about how many blog posts per month. To which I agree.

Unless you have the resources and skills to sustain a higher frequency and create consistently valuable content, you should settle for publishing a lower amount of quality content.

[source: 5 simple steps to determine blog frequency]

But, for Hubspot, they want you to determine your business goal to find your blog post frequency per month.

Starting a blog and keeping it consistent can be really difficult, but there’s no exact science to it. Because of this, you can be flexible with how you maintain your blog, as long as you are sticking to your business goals.

[source: Hubspot blogging frequency]

According to Blog Tyrant, how many times you blog per month is determined by the following:

Your perfect blogging frequency is a combination of three things: Your ability to write quality content consistently, your blogging goals, and your target audience’s preferences. You can control the first two, but the last one will take some experimenting.

[source: How often should you blog]

An article by Forbes, put out some numbers. The article is 5 years old but it is still relevant when it comes to how many blog posts per month you should be publishing.

So, using these numbers, you can see that your best option is to post 16 times per month, or roughly four times a week. If you do this consistently for six and a half months, you’ll achieve 401-plus blog entries. And at that point, you’ll be able to maximize the value of your blog.

[source: A Guide to How Often and When to Post Content]

While Problogger advises that everyone is different. Not one company or individual is ever the same. And that your health should come first before anything else.

Your perfect blogging routine might be one post a week, or one post a day. It might involve writing posts when you’re feeling inspired, or writing posts to a set schedule. You might use a content calendar to help you plan ahead with all or some of your content—or you might have differently themed posts on certain days of the week or month.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to blogging, and what’s important is that you find a routine that you can stick to over the long term—not one that leaves you burnt out after a few weeks.

[source: How often should you blog]


Blog often focusing on quality. 

My advice is to publish 2 to 4 times a week. 

This will get your blog some traffic and momentum quicker.

Compared to a site that only blogs once a month.

Your writing skills can also play a part in how many times you can produce content.

If you’re a great researcher, good writer, and know your niche like the back of your hands. Your writing will be phenomenal and fast.

Frequency matters. But, Google looks at other metrics as well when it comes to SEO. 

Your writing quality can get your reader reading some more, and keep them glued to the screen for longer is also good for SEO.

One quality article is much better than ten mediocre blog posts.

The speed of your website matters as well. Keep track of any errors and issues using Google Search Console.

Essentially, write 1 to 2 times a week if you can. 

Publish more when you can afford help.

Don’t write if you’re bad at writing. Get someone else to do it.

People who hate writing usually love to talk. 

If you’re awesome to listen to, you should start a podcast or a Youtube channel. 

You don’t have to blog to make a living on the internet. 

All you need is a passion, an idea, and a little bit of business marketing know-how that will make you successfully unemployed.

Do you want to start a blog the right way without paying for a $400 course?

Here’s a free guide to get you going. Click on the following link to start your successful blog: How to start a blog that makes money.

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