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You may have heard about Clickfunnels done for you and wondered what the heck is it. Well, it’s like this… Clickfunnels is a software that helps online marketers get their marketing tasks done quickly and efficiently without spending time on the technical aspects of marketing. It’s like having your own right-hand man or woman who does all the work for you! In this blog post, we will go over Clickfunnels’ done for you features, benefits, pricing plans, Clickfunnels reviews from customers, and more!

What is Clickfunnels done for you?

What is Clickfunnels anyway? First of all, I will tell you the difference between a website and a sales funnel. A website is a series of pages that provide information about your business, who you are, and what you do.

A sales funnel is a series of pages that engage with the viewer to drive them from their initial click on an ad or social media post to making a purchase/signing up for something. In other words, it’s how users move from being visitors to your site to becoming customers.

In many cases, businesses get so caught up in building a website that they forget about the sales funnel aspect of it all. This is great for SEO and making money from click traffic but means nothing if you aren’t converting viewers into paying customers!

Clickfunnels Done For You helps solve this problem by providing “done for you” sales funnels with pre-made templates based on proven marketing strategies (such as webinars & email sequences).

What are some benefits?

The time savings alone can be enough to make someone switch over to Clickfunnels done for you because busy entrepreneurs often don’t have an excess of extra time lying around! Not only does creating your custom-designed landing pages take hours, but there are also email sequences to write & webinars to schedule.

Another benefit? The access to the pre-made templates that are proven to work. This means you can get your sales funnel online quickly and start driving traffic through it right away! These days even internet marketing beginners with little experience using Clickfunnels have created landing pages successfully.

What are the features?

ClickFunnels is a place where you can get everything you need for marketing and selling your products. ClickFunnels has a simple design and tools to create web pages with lots of features like online shopping carts with 1 click upsells, email marketing automation and more.

You can make a funnel to collect people’s information so you can connect with them again. You can use funnels that are simple and create a quick way to capture your visitors’ contact details.

You can use a website to create pages and funnels to show people how to buy your products. You can also add upsells that will let them buy more.

ClickFunnels Platinum can help you send messages to your customers. These messages can be delivered anywhere if the customer has a phone, computer, or text message.

How much does it cost?

Clickfunnels done for you costs $97 per month or $297 for the Platinum version, but this includes both Clickfunnel done For You.

The Clickfunnels done for you package is a bonus that comes with the higher-tiered Clickfunnel subscription. This means when you purchase your Clickfunnels account, you will have access to click funnels done for You.

A hands-on training course includes video modules where Russell Brunson teaches how he has used click funnel in his business and shows examples of landing pages. Hence, it’s possible to see precisely what they look like before creating one yourself. Russell is a click funnel expert, and it’s the only place where you’re able to get this kind of education.

Clickfunnels done for You initial 14 days is free, then $97 per month or $297 if joining Platinum, but this includes both clicks funnels done For You.

Clickfunnels done for you is a full-blown marketing system that takes out all the guesswork from building your business online. Clickfunnels has been created to make it possible for anyone who wishes to succeed online with no experience. There’s nothing else like Clickfunnels anywhere.

Clickfunnels customer reviews

Now some affiliates of Clickfunnels will always leave a 5/5 star rating; otherwise, you won’t buy, right? So which reviews do you trust? An independent one who is trust-centric.

One thing that is important to Trustpilot is trust. It’s in their name, so they always try to do an excellent job with this. That’s why Trustpilot has invested in software and people that will help them protect reviews on their platform.

Here are just some reviews of Clickfunnels from Trustpilot:

OFA Q&A with Morag, Lee & Eli. Great help, as always, helping to clarify our offers, and links to other resources. Really know their incredibly resourceful product. Ann Dartnall

Excellent proactive training and coaching on Follow-up Funnels! Great job CF Team! Dane Deutsch

Gregory & Yashika you both are awesome. Good learning from the membership funnel Hackathon. Lifestyle Engineer

Morag is an AMAZING tech coach! She knows her stuff! There was a variety of questions from all weeks of the OFA Challenges and she answered them all quickly and efficiently. What I really love is that she gives the framework that goes along with each question so that you know how to think it out. Yvette Reynolds

Had my first “one funnel away” live with Morag Brand, I did like how helpful she was however I hope I will be able to learn everything I need to get the basics of clickfunnels ready to use for my service. Kessy Christian

Morag and the rest of the team are doing a great job explaining everything. Greetings from Hannes. Hannes Gastelger

The 1st video that Russel posted cut out during the “Do it yourself, with them, and for them” portion and Morgan quickly went through to recap! Thank Morgan! Nicole Torres

I loved the session today with Morag. Her kindness is everything when she explains concepts and give advises! Thank you guys, all the team is awesome! Pepa Palva

Morag is a wealth of knowledge, with a very patient and enthusiastic manner of explaining, even if it needs to be explained sevearal times. She makes going through the OFA challenge , less of a challenge. Highly recommended. Thanks Morag! Alastair Stephen

For more unbias reviews, head on to Clickfunnels at Trustpilot.


Clickfunnels done for you keeps innovating by bringing out the new Clickfunnels 2.0.

You can make a beautiful sales funnel without having to hire a professional.

Stop wasting hours creating sales funnels from scratch.

Clickfunnels done for you will take care of the rest.

All you do is relax and make bank.

Can’t decide? Find out if Clickfunnels is worth the money for you.

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