Is Clickfunnels Worth the Money? From Broke To Rich

This question has been asked by entrepreneurs everywhere, is Clickfunnels worth the money? Many people are hesitant to invest in this software because they feel like the price is too expensive. The truth is that any solution for increasing your conversion rates will be costly.

You can’t put a price on increased revenue! If you want to increase your business’ profitability and generate more income, then you should take the time to research Clickfunnels, whether or not it is worth the investment.

Do you want to know more about Clickfunnels but prefer not to read a 10-minute review? Here’s a brief overview of Clickfunnels and what you can do.

Is Clickfunnels worth the money?

Case Study #1: 

Alison Prince

Alison Prince

Alison Prince’s 2 young daughters created their own 6-figure Ecomm business just 9 months! 

No one knew what was wrong. All they could do was watch her spinning in the chair with a frightened expression on her face, refusing to eat or drink anything. It wasn’t until someone noticed that she had been clicking on things all day long that they realized it might be something more than anxiety.

She was days away from graduation, and this clickfest had taken up all of her time, but after some research online for businesses, she discovered Clickfunnels and joined their free trial with high hopes.

With no money coming in at home anymore, she needed to make some quick cash, no matter how small it would be. So she found herself reading as much as possible about marketing and funnels so she could start making sales right away when the trial expired.

When the free trial ended, she was shocked that it wasn’t much different than before and canceled her subscription right away.

Years passed, she was all grown up and got a job. She makes a decent amount to support her, but she hates it. She always wanted to be her boss, set her hours, and be passionate about “work.”

She decided to start her business again and gave Clickfunnels another try. However, after a few weeks of not making any money at all, her dream of working at something she loves and getting paid quickly diminished.

She gave them one last shot since they had given her so many resources during the first month for free. After that, she decided to devour all the training and joined the 30 days One Funnel Away Challenge.

clickfunnels one funnel away challenge

After a month of intensive training, she implemented all she learned into her business. However, she realized that success would not happen overnight. So she went to sleep, saying to herself that patience is key.

The next day, she opened her email, and to her surprised, she had made $500 in sales!! But, of course, it could have been a fluke, and she got lucky, so she didn’t get her hopes up.

Before she could get ready for work, she made another $500. Then, at lunchtime, she made $1000. At the end of the day, her sales totaled almost $10,000.

She is now on her way to making a few thousand dollars every month by following the step-by-step training she has received from Clickfunnels.

Is Clickfunnels worth the money?

When they asked what made her business a success, she mentioned Clickfunnels.

“It’s a great software and automates pretty much anything you need to make sales. But, is Clickfunnels worth the money? Yes! Absolutely. But, it’s up to you to make it work.”

This is all too common in the Clickfunnels community. Check out the other two who shares a similar story:

Case Study #2: 

Willow Bend Creations

Tim Stenros

Tim Stenros and his wife built a funnel and took their quilting passion to $40K per month!

Case Study #3: 

In Your Face Skincare

Michael & Denice Duff

Michael and Denice Duff completely SOLD OUT their product within 5 weeks of their launch!


Sales are not the most exciting part of Clickfunnels. The real value is building a business that is automated and runs on its own without you needing to do anything else but set it up once.

Is Clickfunnels worth the money? It depends. Is your goal to make sales or build an online business? If your answer is “both,” then yes! You will love using Clickfunnels because they bring everything together into one place for you with easy-to-use tools.

So is Clickfunnels worth the money? Yes! They provide every tool and feature necessary for someone interested in creating their first profitable website.

And best of all, it’s free when you decide to up today, so why wait any longer? Clickfunnels is worth the investment.

Not into e-commerce? Clickfunnels is made for any type of business. Check out the #1 Secret To Get Rich With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

And, with the release of the Clickfunnels 2.0, making sales funnels has never been easier.

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