Clickfunnels Review- Bonuses, FREE Trial, Pros, and Cons

Clickfunnels is a new and innovative software that has been created to make it easier for business owners to sell their products online. Clickfunnels offers an intuitive user interface integrated with dozens of apps at no extra cost, making it easy for anyone in your company to learn how to use the platform to streamline marketing efforts.

Clickfunnels can be used by companies of all sizes and budgets, including startups, established businesses, and enterprise-level organizations.

This ClickFunnels review is based on my experience. ClickFunnels is a program that does many things that help you take care of the hard work.

The program has many different features, but the most important is the startup plan which comes with many other things. Also, Clickfunnels 2.0 is coming out soon, making Clickfunnels the perfect game-changer.

What is all about Clickfunnels?

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Let’s talk all about Clickfunnels.

ClickFunnels is a service that helps people with their businesses. It makes it easier for people to have a business on the internet. People with ClickFunnels can build their websites, sell things, and more.

ClickFunnels is for dads who want to leave their job. It’s for moms who want to do a business of their own, and it’s also for people in college and needs extra money.

ClickFunnels helps people who want to build a better life. They want to change the world.

ClickFunnels is an online tool for creating high-converting websites and sales funnels. But it can be so much more than that.

ClickFunnels can help you do many things. You can make a website, find leads, sell items, grow your email list and start a business.

But their bread and butter are doing sales funnels. It’s what put them on the map, and it has changed thousands of entrepreneurs’ businesses for the better.

Need to know more about Clickfunnels? Here’s an overview of Clickfunnels, what it is, and what it’s used for.

What are sales funnels?

What are a sales funnel? A sales funnel starts with awareness and ends with taking action. We talk about it a lot, but what does it look like? It’s like an upside-down cone that guides people from initial awareness to taking action.

marketing funnel

To Clickfunnels, this is not a sales funnel. Instead, it is a way to show you how your business makes people take the action you want them to take. But what about actually making sales? How to make people buy your product?

ClickFunnels is a place where you can make sales easier. Clickfunnels help people who visit your site turn into customers. The funnel is made to help people who are thinking about buying something to buy it.

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But there is a lot of psychology that goes into creating sales funnels. They have created easy-to-use, high-converting templates for their members. Get your first sales funnel for free now and a copy of his number 1 selling book, “Expert Secrets.

Below is a video explaining the difference between a website and Clickfunnels.

How does Clickfunnels work?

When ClickFunnels wasn’t around, you needed a team of trained tech pros and marketers to design a funnel and then build separate pages connected.

Now, the game is different because ClickFunnels does it all for you. ClickFunnels made it so easy that anyone with essential web experience can build a profitable funnel and website. For example, if you already know how to post on Facebook, then you can make ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels can do the following:

  • Funnel templates on which you can make a design. 
  • A visual editor to put text on the template. 
  • Email integration so your data will go to any email marketing software. 
  • A landing page builder where you can make your design.
  • And so much more…

You pretty much get everything such as:

  • You can use it to guide people through the sales process.
  • You can find what they want and show them how to buy it, too.
  • If they leave the page, you’ll follow up with them later on.

What can you do with Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels helps your customers. Once they are inside the sale, you can take them to different pages to buy things.

Clickfunnels has a lot of features that help your business to run smoothly. The following is what you can do with Clickfunnels:

  • Launch products
  • Make online courses
  • Build email lists better
  • Build website pages that sell

Launch products

Launching a new product is hard. Online business owners find it more challenging to convince people to get on board with their new product.

ClickFunnels has something called the Product Launch Funnel. It is easier with this funnel because you can create brand awareness and convince customers why they need your product.

You need to convince people that it is worth buying your product before they buy it. This is called “marketing.” When people are marketing the product, they will tell them how good it is. Then more people will want to buy.

Make online courses

ClickFunnels is a good tool for any business, including online tutoring. In addition, if you offer online courses, ClickFunnels will be handy as your marketing tool.

Clickfunnels has a membership area that is easy to use. It is only easy to set up too. You will be able to do it in just a couple of minutes.

ClickFunnels helps you manage other things in your business. For example, you can use it to sell and market your courses.

ClickFunnels is an excellent place to host courses. It’s the only downside that it won’t support your marketing video. You can use a different platform, such as YouTube instead.

Build email lists better

Many online business owners struggle with building their email list with bulk email services. But if you use ClickFunnels, it won’t take long until you have a good number of subscribers on the list.

One of the best ways to get people’s attention is to offer something for free at the beginning of your marketing.

For example, you want to advertise your supplements and Personal Training service. ClickFunnels can help you create a marketing campaign for your website. You can give people who visit your site a free consultation or their choice of supplement.

You can build a significant email list by doing this.

Build website pages that sell

To make money from your business online, you need to make a lot of web pages or what I’d like to call them, marketing pages.

ClickFunnels will make it easy for you to make these web pages. You want to take someone through the process and turn them from your website visitor to a paying customer.

Marketing pages include sales pages, order pages, and checkout pages. You will need these for your business.

ClickFunnels is an excellent way to get people to buy your things or ask for help. Different types of people like: can use it

  • The people who do the business (SMEs)
  • The ones who sell items (retail stores) 
  • Coaches, consultants, and speakers
  • And so much more…

Is Clickfunnels a scam or legit?

Clickfunnels has been around for a long time and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and bloggers make tons of money.

So, yes, ClickFunnels is a legit company. Every business needs to find new customers and teach them about their products, and follow up with them if they buy or not. ClickFunnels provides this service without a hitch.

More than 200,000 people are using it now, including me. And you should know that Russell Brunson is a well-respected guy in the online business industry. He has a YouTube channel with 212k subscribers, and he talks about what’s going on with his company and how to work there.

They offer a free trial of 14 days. If it is a scam, then you can ask for your money back and go.

I am not saying that ClickFunnels is the best thing ever happened or the most popular app. I am just telling you that they are a company and it is proved they exist and can help you.

Clickfunnels negative reviews

ClickFunnels is expensive. The lowest plan starts at $97 per month. But I still think it is good because you get a lot of value for your money. But some people may not afford it, so there needs to be a cheaper option for people who are just starting and are not sure about their financial situation yet.

ClickFunnels support service is not as good as it could be. Sometimes, you need a quick fix, and the time it takes for an inquiry to be answered is not good enough. Recently, they have started priority support for members of ClickFunnels Platinum $297 per month. But this still isn’t perfect because some people can’t afford to pay that much each month.

ClickFunnels is a great tool, but it will take time to learn how to use it. There is so much training available, but you will need some time before you can use all the tool’s features. Once you have built a few funnels yourself, everything will get easier.

Clickfunnels pricing

In the beginning, ClickFunnels offered three different plans. But now they have only two.

The Startup plan is the cheapest option. It costs $97 a month. With this plan, you can use all of the funnel creation tools like sales funnels, chat support, webinar funnels, membership funnels, and A/B split testing.

The Startup plan is not very good. You can only have 20 funnels, build 100 landing pages, and you can only have up to 20,000 visitors per month. So if you want more than three domains or want follow-up funnels, it is not the right plan for you.

The other pricing plan is the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. This one costs $297 per month. With this option, you will have access to all of the features of the Startup plan and more. Here are some of the bonuses you get with this plan:

  • You can make an unlimited number of funnels
  • You can have unlimited visitors on your funnels
  • You can create an unlimited number of pages on your website
  • You also get nine payment integrations and nine custom domains
  • FunnelFlix
  • Backpack

Some people may think that the pricing plans on ClickFunnels are expensive. But you are getting what you pay for. Also, if you use other tools, it will be much more costly than just using ClickFunnels.

Every time you need a new tool, you have to buy it, which can cost a lot of money. So, if this happens with each new tool, the cost will eventually become so high that it would be cheaper to use ClickFunnels, which has everything in one place.

You can buy this software once, which gives you access to all the tools you need for your business.

How much is clickfunnels after the free trial

You might be scared to use ClickFunnels because you have never tried it out before. But it is a good option, and you can try it for 14 days and see if you like it. You will get all the tools in this period. It won’t cost anything but your time, so try them out!

You should try out the different functions first to sign up for a free trial and set up an account. You will need your email address and password to get started. While you are on the free trial period, you can also get instant access to these bonuses:

  • 14 day trial to Clickfunnels (Invaluable)
  • Product Secrets ($97)
  • Funnel builder secrets ($1,997)
  • Ad skills ($498)
  • Tony Robbins private collection ($997)
  • 100+ funnel templates ($1997)
  • Funnel hacker forum (Invaluable)
  • Free book funnel templates
  • Free webinar funnel templates
  • Free Product launch funnel templates
  • Free high ticket funnel templates

Is Clickfunnels Worth it?

Yes, Clickfunnels is worth the money you pay. When ClickFunnels didn’t exist, it took a lot of weeks and months to build a complete sales funnel from scratch. And even after finishing the sales funnel, they would look rather dull and unattractive.

To create a good sales funnel, you needed to invest a lot of money in a sales funnel expert (they would charge anywhere around $5,000 – $10,000 or more for a single funnel). That’s why Clickfunnels was created.

Other Clickfunnels bonuses

When you sign up for your 14-day free trial or any package, you’ll get these priceless Clickfunnels bonuses:

  • ClickFunnels – Smart Funnel Builder ($2,997/yr Value)
  • ClickFunnels Editor – Simple Webpage Creation ($1,997/yr Value)
  • Backpack – Easy Affiliate System ($997/yr Value)
  • Follow-Up Funnels ($4,997/yr Value)
  • 3 “Fast Funnel” Templates ($149 Value)
  • Special Webclass Training ($149 Value)
  • Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook (Digital) ($149 Value)
  • Funnel Cookbook 3-Part Video Training Series ($149 Value)
  • ClickFunnels Member Community (Priceless…)

That’s a total value of $10,988 a year! It’s insane, right? Why the heck would Clickfunnels give you all these bonuses?

To be frank, they want to make money.

It’s just how their system works. When you make money, so do they. It’s basic.

Clickfunnels advantages

Advantages of Clickfunnels

There are many pros to Clickfunnels. And the following is why I love Clickfunnels:

Everything you need

Clickfunnels is an excellent website for businesses. It can do everything that websites can do and more. This is good news for people who don’t have the money to make websites because Clickfunnels does all of this and more at a lower cost.

You can create websites, launch your product or service online, generate leads and email campaigns. You can also track your performance using clickfunnels. They have experts that will help you learn more about clickfunnels and their features.

Email integration

To get people’s contact information, companies use a funnel. First, they put their funnel on clickfunnels. Then, they can earn money from Facebook or other paid ads.

They make it simple to get the information with an opt-in form. The goal of this campaign is to collect contact information from potential customers.

But after you collect information, you need to work on your leads. You can do this by emailing them with an email marketing campaign.

This is where the integration of your email marketing tool (Mailchimp, Zapier, drip, etc.) with your funnel will come in handy. It will automate the whole process of lead generation.


Clickfunnels has an analytics tool. You can track your entire funnel performance from the dashboard. Every part of your funnel will be tracked, like how many people opt-in, how many visitors to each page, etc.

You can use this data to see what works and what doesn’t work for your target audience. In addition, this data can help you make changes to your marketing strategy that are more likely to succeed.

Run multiple domains

You can connect your domains and subdomains with Clickfunnels. You can use the many features of Clickfunnels to run your latest sales offers or host a webinar on your website without having to pay for a theme or plugin.

Secure site

These days, websites need to be secure. Therefore, you should have features that prevent malware attacks. Clickfunnels comes with SSL certification, which means that it is 100% secure.


If you want to make it easier to do business, you can use an autoresponder. These will automatically take care of the process of getting people to become customers.

You can use autoresponders like Aweber and Active Campaign and other services like MailChimp, Convert Kit, Drip, and Salesforce.

Cart for your shop

If you want to make a shopping cart with Clickfunnels, it can help you make one. It has all the necessary features to make a good shopping cart.

The goal of the shopping cart is to convert people who are interested in your product into customers. To do this, you need to guide them and collect their contact information during the checkout process. Clickfunnels helps you do this when building your shopping cart.

Save time

To make a sales funnel, you need to think about what people will need. Then, you need to create landing pages and include apps in your funnel so it is more powerful.

In Clickfunnels, you don’t have to build the whole thing from scratch. Instead, you have to customize it with the tools they provide.

Clickfunnels saves you time. You can do all of your work in your dashboard, and it is easy to use.

Accept payment easily

If you want to sell things with your funnels, clickfunnels has a payment integration feature. You can add your payment method to the landing pages. That way, you can sell products and services directly with clickfunnels.

Simple customization anyone can use

Building beautiful landing pages is hard. However, it’s easy to customize them and change them with Clickfunnels. People can use it without any technical knowledge to design landing pages.

Easily automate Facebook campaign

Facebook has the most number of people on it. So if you are an advertiser, you should use Facebook.

Doing so will let you have better ROI(Return On Investment) and help automate your ad campaign. In addition, automating your campaign will reduce the need for human support, which can help give better results.

Ease of use

If you are in an online business, then you need to create a sales funnel. That means that you need to have some pages that show what the journey for your customers is.

A funnel shows where people are at in the journey, and it also helps you understand who your customer is. Every sales funnel has five stages: awareness, interest, decision, purchase, and retention.

  • Awareness: People will know about your business.
  • Interest: People are interested in your product. They might come to your blog or click on Facebook ads.
  • Decision: The customer makes their decision here, which means you need to give them some value. You can offer discounts or gifts during this stage.
  • In the purchase stage, your customer is buying something from you.
  • In the retention stage, they are already one of your customers, and you want to keep them as such. Thank them on a thank-you page or try an upsell there.

Some people will not reach the very end of your funnel. Your sales team needs to know about these people to get them interested in your product.

Clickfunnels offers all the services you need, including autoresponders and high-converting sales funnels.

Upsells and downsells

Upsells and downsells aren’t free on any platform. So expect to pay a reasonable amount if you want to implement upsells and downsells to your e-commerce store.

Upsells offer you give to people after they put in their payment information. Funnel experts often show upsells between the checkout and thank you page. You can earn extra money if your customers buy an upsell that is related to the main offer.

If you focus on your main offer and don’t do upsells, then you are leaving money on the table. However, there are many good reasons to do upsells: it can make your average order more valuable, give you more money to spend on advertising, and help make your main offer cheaper.

You can also use upsells to sell more of your main offer.

You need to map your upsell funnel. You should make sure that it has a particular flow and is aligned with the main offer.

For example, if they accept the first upsell offer, then show them the second one. If they ignore the first one, then show them a thank you page or a down-sell.

An upsell funnel is a list of things you can buy after getting the main offer. You will put the main offer on the websites and then follow it with an upsell.

Add membership

Clickfunnels is an online service that offers membership features. You can create a membership website for your private information on it. If you launch courses, products, or other premium services, you can use clickfunnels to do that too.

Webinar automation

A webinar is an excellent way to get people interested in your company. They can ask questions, and you can answer them, too. You can set up a webinar from your website with clickfunnels. It has many benefits like this one.

Professional templates

Designing is challenging and creative. But it can be easy because you don’t have to design it yourself. Instead, you can use templates that are already made for you. And then, you need to click a few times before the design is done.

A/B tests

Clickfunnels has different options for you if you want to test something. For example, if you’re going to create a couple of different sets of your funnel and see which one is better or would work better, that is possible too. This could save your money for marketing.

Clickfunnels disadvantages

The following is what I don’t like about Clickfunnels:


ClickFunnels is more expensive than other tools. The cheapest plan costs $97 a month. You have access to tools for making funnels on this plan, but you are limited to creating 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors.

You also do not have access to Actionetics or Backpack, which allows you to create your affiliate program.

To get unlimited funnels, pages, and visitors all in one place with these features included at the same price as the cheapest plan requires signing up for Etison Suite, which costs $297 a month.

Not easy for some

Clickfunnels may be hard to use for some people and take some time to get used to. However, Clickfunnels has put a lot of time and effort into the tutorial process. Nevertheless, the interface is excellent, and after you build one or two funnels, the process will get easier.


Now you know all about Clickfunnels and how it will help your business.

ClickFunnels is not perfect, but it can help you sell more of your stuff. It comes with all the tools and training that you need to make that happen. You can use ClickFunnels to create as many funnels as you want, and they will all have all the tools for marketing and growing your online sales.

This software is for anyone who owns an online business. It has all the solutions you need, and it’s easy to use. You can choose from many templates so you can make your website the way you want it.

And if you’re an affiliate marketer, Clickfunnels is a great application to promote. Check out the Clickfunnels affiliate program as it explains in detail how you can make money.

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