How to Start a News Blog: 3 Simple Steps

News has never been more important than it is today.

With the constant turmoil in the world, people need to have a news outlet they can rely on for accurate information.

One of the best ways to do this is by starting your news blog! In this tutorial, you will learn how to start a news blog and make sure that you successfully provide reliable information for others.

Follow these 3 steps carefully if you want your news blog venture to be successful!

What is a news blog?

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How to start a news blog!

What is a news blog?

A news blog focuses on providing information about current events and how they are affecting people.

News blogs can take many different forms- some of the most popular types include:

  • Breaking News Sites which provide short summaries for recent developments in various fields. For example, CNN, Buzzfeed, CBS News, USA Today
  • Thematic Blogs which focus on one specific topic or event (for example, how the recent political changes in Turkey are affecting people)
  • News Aggregators which provide summaries of news stories from multiple different sources on one page

Why start a news blog?

There are many reasons why you might want to start writing for your blog. One reason is that it can be an excellent way to make money- some bloggers have made enough revenue through blogging that they’ve been able to leave their day jobs!

Another benefit is that you’ll get more exposure and build up a following- if you’re looking for new opportunities or job leads, this could help boost your profile with potential employers or clients.

Journalists often use blogs as a platform because it’s less formal than traditional journalism formats such as newspapers or magazines.

The best way to think about how a blog differs from other writing is that it’s more personal because you’re talking directly to your audience.

That said, blogging can be difficult at first- but don’t worry! Here are some simple steps for how to start a news blog of your own.

Step 1) Start small

Unless you have the capital to spend on content writers crunch out hundreds of articles a day, I suggest you start local.

To become a fast-rising authority in your industry, you need to focus on being local. It all starts with focusing and majoring on who your audience is going to be; this means finding the people relevant for what you are trying to promote or write about and sticking around long enough so that they find their way into staying as an interested reader throughout the lifetime of having a blog.

This should then be one of your main objectives when starting–figuring out who will take an interest in what you have written (whether news stories, trending topics happening within their locality niche, business select demography, or community).

If you want to start a local news blog, be prepared for some long nights. To get global success is not an easy task and will require perseverance to see any remarkable results. It takes hard work every day that could very well go unnoticed if all of your efforts are focused on the larger picture rather than celebrating small victories along the way.

One blog out of 10 dies in the first year, and starting a local news blog is like testing your passion, determination, and resolve. Don’t just become global but don’t try to be CNN or Aljazeera either; those companies are running full-scale businesses with plenty of money behind them which you may not have.

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Step 3) Follow these tips and secrets to propel your news blog to the stratosphere!

Go all in your niche

Being a jack of all trades will not work for you if you are starting. Instead, you need to go local on your niche or focus on one area, like running an online news portal with the latest headlines from around the city and country.

The biggest mistakes most new people make is when they try to do everything, be it content farming, forums, or trying to run their site as both a business and forum, but that can’t happen because visitors will see this as a less credible source, so stay focused!

Know yourself

Writing a blog and not running a website is an important distinction for any aspiring blogger. The most valuable thing you can do as the author of your news site, whether it be political or entertainment-based, is to know what sets you apart from other bloggers out there by presenting yourself honestly with your heart on display without fear, even when being impartial to hit nail just right.

Many individuals set up blogs before they realize that their intent should revolve around creating a successful online business rather than merely keeping those interested updated about all things happening within the industry or current events.


Successful blogs publish articles, stories daily at a consistent and persistent schedule. Writing posts can be tiring, but if you have passion for what you are writing about, it shouldn’t matter how tired or busy you are.

There was an adage that said, ‘you spend money to get more money; this proved true if I aimed to run my blog/website like any other online company would do so (although many people view blogging solely as leisure). The cost includes registering domain name, hosting payment required for social media accounts + scheduling time on them often, etc., all of which require some level of financial commitment.

Publishing frequency

Blogging is a very demanding job. Writing for news blogs requires publishing at least 20 articles (and more) every day, which can be difficult to maintain, and still have time off from blogging work. So follow these best practices to ensure you’re getting the most out of your hard work:

  1. The majority of people are online during certain times and not others. For example, a news blog will experience an increase in traffic when the morning hours hit; so if your goal is to succeed as a content marketer for this website, make sure you’re posting new stories first thing in the AM!
  2. To keep your blog up-to-date with fresh content, you should start making a new post at the start of each day.
  3. After that, you can publish new stories as soon as you get them.
  4. The first peak period falls between 5:30 pm and 11 pm, with the second one happening during a much broader range of time. The busiest periods are when people need to leave work for their commute home, or they’re coming off from another engagement to head out. You must be engaged at this point if possible!
  5. You should make sure that your social media accounts are set up to share posts automatically. You can post every day, or just a few times per week if you don’t want too much activity on the account- but it’s important not to let them go idle! The best way is for someone else (e.g., an assistant) in charge of scheduling and updating content, so they’re always fresh and new, which will translate into more followers who stay engaged with what you have going on all year round!

Be a news blogger

As a news blogger, you are the keeper of an archive and owner. You share with your readers what is happening in the world of journalism–you tell them about current events that they might not be aware of or able to find elsewhere.

It’s personal when you’re involved as it gives people access to topics without looking for information themselves; being a newspaper doesn’t have the same intimate feel.

You may have never had an experience in your industry, but don’t let that get you down! The truth is, most successful blogs out there are run by people with no past knowledge of the niche they’re writing about. All it takes to become a success story online is passion and zeal for what you do- whether exposing wrongs or laughing at them (or even sharing feelings).

Yes, even entrepreneurs who create content about making money online never made money online. They made it after you bought their $1,000 ebook. I am not selling an eBook. Yet! What I am writing about is not new.

Lots of people made money selling free information. Not just in the make money online space.

Where to get news and sources

I use a few tricks to find news sources, trending topics, and stories. First, I subscribe to the latest updates on company websites so that when something new gets posted for public viewing, it will pop up in my inbox.

Secondly, I follow most companies and celebrities, and politicians on their social media accounts because they often post about life or what is going next in world events which turn into content very easily accessible through Facebook.

Thirdly, community newspapers are always great places if you’re looking for fresh perspectives.

Last but not least, press releases from large corporations provide instant access to information without having any of your work put into writing articles yourself.


A news blog is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in your niche. By keeping tabs on current events, you can be prepared for any future business decisions that may arise, as well as know what’s going on in your industry and with competitors.

It also allows readers to keep track of their favorite topics or people without searching through social media posts or other blogs. If you’re thinking about starting one yourself, we hope this post has given you some ideas and inspiration!

Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect from day one; start writing and find out where it takes you. Happy news blogging!

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