Starting a Blog with a Friend: The Perfect Blog Partnership

Sometimes, the best partnerships are made of two friends who share a common interest, like blogging.

You get to work on something you love while spending time together!

Starting a blog is no easy task, though, so here’s a guide for creating one with your partner in crime to help make it easier and more successful.

8 tips to starting a blog with a friend

Starting a blog with a friend is not only fun but also inspiring. Here are 8 tips to make your partnership a success and a long-lasting one.

1. Your goals have to be aligned

Think of what your goals for blogging will be and how you want them to affect your business. For example, starting a blog with a friend can make it more fun and give you someone who knows exactly where they need help and when inspiration is low.

One thing that might not come up in conversation: How do we feel about affiliate links on our website? Should we use them or avoid them altogether? Should we blog on Facebook and, or, Instagram? How about Pinterest?

Starting a blog partnership isn’t easy; ensuring this vital topic is covered ahead of time ensures things go smoothly from the get-go!

2. You’re in this together

Starting a blog with friends means having some patience along the way too. You’re bound to run into some snags and glitches when you’re working on something new together. Starting a blog partnership means having someone else who can jump in to help out when things get tough, so be sure your partner knows what the plan is if either of you gets stuck along the way!

Starting a blog with friends can bring you closer together, but every detail must be covered ahead of time. Make sure any blogging questions are addressed before beginning this kind of relationship; otherwise, things might not work out as well as they could have.

3. 50/50

I don’t think it’s fair if both partners put in the work, but the other gets more. Starting a blog with friends means that you have to be completely clear about how the division of labor will work, and it’s better if there are some boundaries. Starting a blog is not easy, but having an even split between partners can help make things easier for both parties involved.

4. How Long Will It Last?

It could last forever! Starting blogs with other people doesn’t mean that yours has to stop anytime soon; in fact, sometimes blogging friendships end up turning into real-life ones. Starting a blog with friends means that even if you’re not working on it together, you can still stay in touch and be there for each other while going through the blogging journey.

5. Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses

The best thing to avoid conflict when starting a blog with friends is to be completely honest about what you can and cannot contribute. Starting a blog takes time, commitment, resources (such as money), determination – all of which are things that not everyone has in equal measure.

By being open from day one about who will take on different roles within your blogging team, it’ll mean there’s no chance for any disagreements down the line!

6. Be Open About Expectations

Starting blogs together doesn’t have to mean working closely hand-in-hand 24/seven; sometimes, just having someone else by your side while going through the motions helps keep you focused and excited.

But if you both want something more than this – like actually collabing regularly or building a big project together – be clear from the get-go about what you expect and how often. This way, there’s no chance of any miscommunication or hurt feelings further down the line!

7. Be Open About Roles

Similarly to above, if you want your blogging partnership to go beyond just having someone else around while you write posts, then it’ll mean that one (or both) of you will need to take on specific roles within the team.

For example, maybe one person is in charge of writing blog content while another focuses more on social media management? Whatever it may be, make sure everyone involved knows exactly where they stand when beginning this journey, so there are no looming disagreements later on!

8. Communicate

When you’ve got a blog post ready to go, do you sit at your computer and wait for the magic of ‘posting online’ or upload some images? No, we don’t expect that either! So instead: get in touch with your blogging partner and let them know what’s on the cards.

Once they’re given this heads up, it’ll mean that there’s time to collaborate, so both of their input is included within the piece before finally posting it – which is always more beneficial than handing work when it’s already done.

Always talk about what’s troubling you. Don’t let it slide for a couple of days, weeks, months, and then poo hits the fan. Instead, communicate with your partner what’s on your mind all the time. 


Blogging with a friend has its advantages.

A Welcome Change from Solo Blogging

If you’re someone who regularly writes blog posts by themselves, then starting up a new partnership can be an excellent change of pace – particularly if they have different skills or expertise from you.

Working with a partner can help spread the workload while also providing some welcome relief from time spent alone in front of your laptop screen.

And it’s especially perfect if blogging is something that gets done outside of work hours when other commitments may be calling!

Blogging for Business: Starting up a New Blog Partnership

If you’re thinking about starting a new business, then there are certain advantages to working alongside someone else on this project.

It could be possible that one person has more skills than they know what to do with (while their partner doesn’t have any), but they might not necessarily want to take full responsibility themselves; it could also lead down an avenue where both people do most things, negating the point.

Starting a blog is something you will want to get right from the start, so it’s worth exploring all possibilities before making final decisions.

Finding Someone Who Can Help You Succeed

If this other person doesn’t have much in the way of skills when it comes to blogging but they are willing to learn, then that could be just as good! Even if they don’t know precisely what they’re doing at first (which is likely), there will always be room for them to grow and develop their knowledge along with everything else;

it might not even take too long for them to become an expert blogger themselves either – provided that they put in enough effort at least! Starting up your own business with a friend is all about being united in your efforts, that’s for sure!

Ultimately Starting A Blog With A Friend Can Be Great Fun & It May Even Lead To Much More Success

Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of reasons why starting up a blog with friends can work out great. However, if it doesn’t go so well, then maybe you’ll have to ask yourself if this was what you wanted anyway?

You probably thought things were going to be perfect from day one. Still, unfortunately, not everything ever works out exactly how we had hoped…

Sometimes people aren’t compatible enough after all, and they don’t get on as well as they should; that said, though, when two different personalities come together with respect for each other (and a good deal of patience, perhaps), then that’s when true friendships are created.

It can be very beneficial to know two people who want to start their blog together because it could inspire everyone involved.

For example, nobody wants to get left behind in the progress stakes and knowing that your friend is working towards something similar at the same time as you will keep both people motivated throughout every step of this process. So it’s also great for getting things done efficiently too!

Starting with somebody else means there’ll always be someone available online within an instant should any technical problems arise.

Or even just general questions or queries about blogging matters (and let’s face it, these days, everything has its fair share of technical problems). 

Starting a blog with somebody else also means there’s another person to brainstorm ideas and post topics with, so you’ll never run out of fresh material!

Disadvantages to start a blog with a friend

Starting with a friend can be great fun. However, things can go wrong.

Falling out

Starting a blog with your friend can cause arguments. Starting on the wrong foot can be detrimental to your friendship, so it’s best you think long and hard before committing yourself to this decision.


Blogging is a highly social activity, and it might be difficult for you to post regularly if your partner isn’t interested in blogging. But, on the other hand, starting a blog with somebody else also means there’s another person who has the freedom to publish their opinions on topics they may disagree with – so don’t think it’ll all be plain sailing!

Future goals misaligned

Another potential downside to starting a blog with somebody else is that it could turn out you and your partner aren’t compatible when it comes to blogging. Don’t forget: Starting a blog isn’t all about having fun! It can sometimes be hard work, so if one of you doesn’t enjoy the process, this will probably show in their posts, too – even if they try not to let on.

Suppose there’s bickering over how much time needs to be committed or disagreements over what topics should appear regularly on the blog. In that case, it might make sense for both parties to continue pursuing other blogging partnerships instead.

Constant bickering

Starting a blog with somebody else might cause arguments if one of you struggles to commit time and effort into maintaining it.

It’s important that neither of you feels like they are doing more work than their friend – this could lead to resentment, which may ultimately put a strain on your friendship.

Starting a blog is already difficult enough without constantly fighting with your blogging partner over how much time needs to be committed.


If you are struggling with finding the right person for this role, consider asking someone who knows both of you well – like a friend or family member – if they have any suggestions.

Starting a blog takes trust and commitment from all parties involved, which can often mean that it’s best to find somebody close on whom you will always rely instead of trying to build up new relationships.

There could also be arguments if one of you disagrees on what types of posts should appear regularly on the blog. If there’s bickering over who gets the final say, it might make sense for both parties to continue their blogging journey on their terms.

If one is unwilling to work together and compromise, it can mean that you might end up doing all the work yourself or, even worse, lose interest in the entire project.

Starting a blog requires patience and time, which means it’s crucial for both parties involved to be committed; starting a blog with someone whose commitment level isn’t high enough will make your task more complicated than necessary.

Blogging with a friend is more fun than starting one alone, especially when you’re doing something that requires creativity. Starting a blog with your best friend will make its success much sweeter and way more rewarding in the end!

Time and patience are two key qualities essential for anyone who wants to start their blogging enterprise successfully. Also, dedication, determination, and drive are three things that may not always come easy or naturally but give any project its momentum from day one onwards.

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