How Bloggers Make Money On Facebook ($1824/month)

Are you wondering how bloggers make money on Facebook?

Making money on Facebook is easy once you know what you’re doing.

However, don’t use Facebook as your primary money maker.

Use Facebook as a tool to build your blog.

If you approach it that way, you’ll build a stronger website and more traffic.

How to make money on Facebook as a blogger

People and pages that share content on Facebook are important for Facebook’s ecosystem. They add value both to the people who use Facebook and to the advertisers.

To help content creators, Facebook built tools to help these people get money from what they do.

Ways to make money on Facebook as a blogger

ways to monetize on Facebook

Since we’re writers and not videographers, we’ll only look at how bloggers make money on Facebook only. But, if you also make vids, then check out number 4.

  1. A paid subscription to pages. People who want to help you can become a “fan” of your Page. These people will receive a special badge in their comments that shows they are helping. Then you can reward these people by giving them special things, such as discounts and exclusive content that only they get to see.
  2. Paid collaboration. You can make money by publishing content that is influenced by other businesses. Brands want to work with other brands and their audiences. To make this easier, safer, and more beneficial for both parties, we created the Brand Collabs Manager tool, which enabled you to find and connect with other brands.
  3. A paid subscription to groups. Subscription groups are a way to get money from people who want to be in the group. If someone wants to be in the group, they have to pay for it. This lets them invest more in their community.
  4. In-stream ads.You can add ads in your videos. If you add them, they will show up before, during, or after the video. This will help you earn money because people watch the ads and Facebook pay you. Facebook decide when to put the ads in by looking at how many times people watch your video and who is advertising.

Check your eligibility

The next thing you should do is check if Facebook will let you make money on their platform. Not all bloggers are created equal.

To be eligible, your Page and its content must follow Facebook’s rules for monetization. How well you and your Page follow these rules will determine your monetization eligibility.

Firstly, you need to follow their Community Standards, which boils down to the safety of their community. So, for example, Facebook doesn’t allow pictures of violence, nudity, and hate speech.

Secondly, you must follow their Partner Monetisation Standards which are applied to the level of the Page. These standards tell Facebook how content should be created, shared and what payments can be accepted.

Third and last is about the content on your Page. It is against Facebook rules to post violent, sexual, criminal, or profane content on your Page. Check their rules on Content Monetization Policies.

Fan subscriptions

Facebook fan subscription is invitation only. You also need 10K followers OR more than 250 Return Viewers AND one of the following in the last 60 days: 50K post engagements or 180K watch time in minutes.

Branded collabs

Before tagging a business partner in a branded content post, you need to apply and then use Brand Collabs Manager. You cannot use certain forms of branded content like roll ads or banner ads.

In-stream ads

Only Facebook Pages are eligible for advertisements. If you are 18 years or older and meet the following criteria, you can have an advertisement on your page:

  • In the last 60 days, 600,000 minutes of video were watched. This includes on-demand videos and live videos. It does not include minutes from crossposted or boosted videos.
  • Page has 5 or more videos. They can be on-demand and they can also be live. This does not include videos that are crossposted.
  • You need 10,000 followers on your page.
  • If you want in-stream ads on your videos, they need to be at least one minute long. It is best if there is a natural break at the one-minute mark if your video is longer than 3 minutes.

Set Up Payouts

Once Facebook deems you’re eligible for monetization, you need to set up a few things.

Facebook needs the page admin’s name, phone number, legal name, and email address.

You must provide your country, business type, and identity. If you are in the US and an individual, then you will need to enter your SSN. If you are in the US but not an individual or a non-individual business type, you will need to enter your EIN instead of your SSN.

Then you need to link a bank account, verify that the bank is in the correct country. You will also need to know the routing number or sort code, account number, and account holder’s name. For example, to link a Paypal account, you’ll need to know what country it is associated with, the email address, and its holder’s first and last name.

Lastly, Facebook requires your tax information. This is because Facebook has to pay taxes in some countries. When you’re a US individual or entity receiving payments from Facebook, Inc., you will need to complete and upload your W-9 form, which can be downloaded from the IRS website.

If you are either Canadian or Brazilian, you will be prompted to complete and upload your applicable form W-8, which can also be downloaded from the IRS website.

How to keep earning money on Facebook

It’s hard work meeting Facebook’s monetization requirements. You had to work your butt off, and the last thing you need is Facebook taking away your income. So here’s what you should do to keep getting paid.

Review Facebook’s Community Standards. Make sure that your content on the website (links, videos, text, or photos) follows policies.

Review Facebook’s Content Monetisation Policies. Follow the guidelines to avoid prohibited formats, restricted categories and help keep your content eligible for monetization.

Keep your website “clean.” Make sure that people don’t see low-quality content.

If you want to post content, make sure that it is not violating somebody else’s intellectual property rights.

Facebook will tell you if your Page is no longer eligible for monetization. Depending on the notification, it will give a reason, and it might be for violating community standards or intellectual property. You can see this in your Creator Studio.


And that’s how bloggers make money on Facebook. But, you can also earn money with in-stream ads if you also produce video content for Facebook. Try vlogging when you’re not too busy blogging.

By growing a considerable following, sticking to the community guidelines, and continually put out quality content, you’ll keep making money on one of the biggest social media platforms.

If you’re not much of a Facebook type of guy or gal and your content is more visual, try Instagram.

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