How to Start a Gossip Blog: 17 Tips for Success

Gossip blogs have become a popular way to share the latest gossip about celebrities and people in your neighborhood.

In this blog post, we will be discussing how to start a successful gossip blog.

We will cover 14 different tips that will help you grow as an online writer and blogger!

This is the ultimate how to start a gossip blog secret sauce to success.

What is a gossip blog?

A gossip blog is a website that features topics related to celebrity culture, politics, and other subjects of interest.

It was originally published as an online forum where people could write about their opinions on celebrities or socialites they knew personally, but over time it has evolved into just about everything and anything under the sun- including vegan recipes!

In some cases, gossip blogs have grown to become as popular and go-to news sources for people in their communities.

What are the benefits of having a Gossip blog?

Gossip blogs can offer an opportunity to write about topics that you’re passionate about or interested in from the privacy of your own home. You don’t need any special qualifications (although many bloggers do use them), nor is there a boss telling you what to say; this means you get complete creative control over what goes on!

Additionally, blogging may be done alongside other work without being seen as trying to replace it altogether- so not only will it give you extra money but also more free time! Finally, by starting up a blog now while its popularity is still increasing, you have the chance to make it into something that could become an empire!

How to start a gossip blog tips and secrets

Follow these 14 tips to start a gossip blog and increase your chances of success.

1) Find your niche

Your first step is deciding what you want the focus of your blog to be, so find out if there are any topics that other bloggers or public figures have neglected. If not, think about making it funny – people love comedy!

2) Build a persona

Develop an internet persona for yourself that will stick with readers over time; this way, they will feel more connected to you as a person and thus eventually trust anything else you publish online (after all, why would someone who isn’t really in touch with their audience write something nasty?).

One tip: don’t just come across as one-dimensional, so make sure to give some backstory on your life, including what you do for fun and how you spend the weekends;

One more tip: Make sure to be analytical in your posts. What is the point of writing a gossip blog if it can’t offer anything new?

3) Look out for the latest trends

Keep an eye on trending topics so they don’t overtake another story or become irrelevant (unless necessary)! This means following celebrities’ social media and entertainment websites such as Perez Hilton, TV Guide, and Buzzfeed.

4) Stay informed

Stay updated on current events – you don’t want to miss any of the latest news about celebrities, politics, or even trending topics. This is a job for Google Alerts! Set it up and let them notify you every day when they find something that could be interesting on your blog. Click here to learn how to set up Google Alerts.

5) Network with insiders

Work on finding inside sources to give you information about celebrities before discovering what is going on themselves! This means texting with friends of the “in” crowd and following their Twitter feeds for any leads.

6) Give your POV

Don’t forget your own opinions – why should someone read an article without a point of view? You can offer up advice or tell people how you feel about something in general. Whatever it might be, adding some personality will make reading more enjoyable! Studies show that readers are more likely to share articles if they have strong feelings either way after reading them (so think carefully when submitting!).

7) IRL to the internet

Find what people are talking about in real life (and then talk about it online!) There’s no better way to get traffic than by starting a conversation with others interested in the same topic as you. Talk to friends at school, family members over dinner, or make new connections through social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

8) Be the news!

Comment on what’s happening in the world. You can’t start a blog to talk about celebrity gossip without keeping up with what is going on around you! Find out who has been cast in movies, which bands are playing where, and when new TV episodes will air. When there is something essential or funny happening that could be of interest to the audience for your blog, make sure you’re “live-tweeting” it so people know exactly how they should feel about these topics too.

9) Leverage other platforms

You can also use things like Instagram and Vine (if those are more popular than Facebook?) as another way to keep up with current events because pictures always tell a story well enough for readers to get an idea of why this topic matters – and they can share that story with their friends.

Spend some time considering which social media platform(s) you’ll use before getting started – Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Tumblr? Different sites have their benefits and drawbacks.

10) Don’t be shy

Don’t forget to blog about your own life too! Maybe you have a friend who’s been working hard on some project and want to spread the word, or if there is something funny happening in your office or school between co-workers/students, for example. Sometimes even just posting pictures of what goes on around town when you’re out exploring will get people interested in what else is going on near them – so don’t be shy.

11) Plan your content

Have a content plan before becoming active online; this should include original posts, tweets, retweets, etc., as well as blogs from other sites (such as Buzzfeed) that may not be specific gossip but are related to the same type of interests that your blog will cover.

12) Focus on your niche

Know what content you want to create for both general and more specific readers, such as entertainment news vs. celebrity gossip; this is also about knowing how much time/effort should be spent on each topic, so it doesn’t become overwhelming (go with whatever seems like it’s most interesting!)

13) Don’t neglect the about page

Create an About page with relevant information so visitors can learn more about you – this should include why they should be following your blog or reading it in the first place. For example, if your blog’s main focus is on the latest celebrity gossip, mention what makes it different from other sites like TMZ.

14) No one wants to stay in a ghost town

Make sure you have enough content before posting anything! You don’t want people finding out right off that there isn’t much to read on your site (or worse still scrolling endlessly through pages of nothing).

Write at least six articles or posts to start with which will give readers something interesting when they visit for the first time; these could cover a range of topics from celebrity gossip to lifestyle and beauty.

15) Show your best post

Provide links to some of the best posts on your site at the top of each page for new visitors who may not want to spend time scrolling through all your content to find something they might be interested in reading first.

For example, a link saying ‘Best Celebrity Gossip’ has three or four links below this (the latest ones) that will take them straight there instead. Keep these up-to-date too! If an article has received lots of views and likes over many days/weeks but is now an old one, you should consider removing it from the list.

16) Engage visually

It is important to keep your blog visually interesting with lots of colors and different font types and images. You don’t want people to lose interest after a few minutes because they can’t see anything new! Mix up posts so that readers will come back for more – some long-form content, some short snippets that take just a couple of seconds to read, then there’s still plenty on offer too.

17) Bad sources can ruin you

This last point goes without saying, but I’ll mention it anyway. If you are writing about celebrities or gossip in any way, always make sure you check reputable sources before publishing them online yourself or even mentioning them in conversation.


Gossip blogs are a fun way to get your readers hooked.

The best way to ensure your gossip blog is a success and that it makes you money, too, is by starting with the right foundations.

Be sure of what you want from your blog before choosing a niche or even picking out an URL. Once you have a blog that is your own, it will become more than just an online diary.

You need to know if this will be something you do in addition to your other job, as a hobby, or just because you’re bored at night – then take all these factors into account when deciding how much effort needs to go into every aspect.

Want to know how to start a gossip blog properly? Click on this free how to start a blog and make money on autopilot guide to avoid potential death traps that can ruin your website in the long run.

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