Star Atlas Faction Aligned Companies (Public)

There are three groups in the Council of Peace (COP). The MUD, ONI, and USTUR groups. They take care of the safe and medium-risk zones. The manufacturers set up corporations in these zones because they know that this is where people will be safe and won’t be attacked so much by other factions.

To get blueprints to build ships, you need the company’s trust. You do this by improving relationships and doing good work for them. The more you do, the more they will trust you, and then they will tell you their secrets.

Faction Aligned Companies

Each of the 3 COP factions has different companies. You can join anyone:

Every COP faction has its ship maker.

  • You have to have a faction pass for other factions to be able to get ship blueprints.
  • The resources needed for the blueprints are in higher abundance inside the aligned faction region.
  • The manufacturers of these ships are called **Pearce**, **Busan**, and **VZUS** 
  • You can trade the proprietary ships across factions, but there are still some fees you need to pay

Example: MUD Proprietary = Pearce

To access more advanced Pearce blueprints, you need to be aligned with the MUD faction or have a MUD faction pass. Each faction has two manufacturers.

  • There are two factions for ship blueprints. The manufacturer can be either major or minor. People in the significant manufacture accumulate loyalty faster than people in the minor faction because of their loyalty pass.
  • Resources are easier to find in the aligned region of the manufacturer’s alignment, but they are still easy to find outside it. Applying a dual-faction blueprint will require more resources which you can collect only from that aligned region!
  • The manufacturers are **Ogrika**, **Opal**, and **Calico**

You can trade a dual-faction ship with someone from another faction. You will have to pay transport and transaction fees, though.

Example: Example: ONI Major = Ogrika, ONI Minor = Calico

To get more advanced blueprints for the Ogrika, you need to be a loyal Ogrika player. You can become more loyal by joining the ONI faction or USTUR faction or getting a pass from one of those organizations.

Other faction alignments

Jorvik – is a group of evil people. They are committing crimes and bothering other people.

  • You will need to play in medium and high-risk zones.
  • The more time you spend playing, the faster your loyalty points will go up. 
  • Resources for blueprints are spread across all regions, not just one region like before.

You can get access to more advanced Fimbul blueprints if you have a lot of Jorvik loyalty. To increase your Jorvik loyalty, you need to be on the Jorvik faction and complete missions for them.

ECOS – a group of people who do bombing in zones that are not safe.

  • You need to play in the medium and high-risk zones to earn loyalty points.
  • The game moves faster when you are in the high-risk zone. 
  • The resources for blueprints are spread across all the regions, not just one region.

TUFA – a group of creatures that is the cause of the cataclysm.

  • Play in the high-risk zones
  • Earn loyalty points for your alliance in these zones
  • Use resources found across all regions, but some high-risk zone locked materials.

Photoli – An ancient race of creatures who are made out of light. They are brilliant, and they have advanced technology.

  • If you do what the Photoli want, your loyalty to them will increase. The Photoli is not a faction, but they can help you if you work for them.
  • Unlocking access to manufacturing Rainbow ships requires highly exotic materials found in the high-risk zone.
  • The most time-consuming and complicated manufacturing line.

To have more advanced blueprints for the Rainbow, you need to be a loyal Photoli. To be a loyal Photoli, you must complete missions.


The aim of this article is to explain the Star Atlas Faction Aligned Companies, simply so a first grader can understand.

If I failed in that regard, well, I tried.

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