What blog should I start next? (#1 reason I found success)

That is why I always asked after a few months of blogging: what blog should I start?

I had many failed blogs. 

There are many reasons why it never worked out. The following are some of them:

  • I was impatient.
  • I had many doubts.
  • I wasn’t sure of what I was doing. 
  • There were no steps to follow.
  • I was blindly blogging.
  • There was no structure.
  • No discipline.
  • I never got serious.

After every few months of blogging, I would say things such as:

What the fudge am I doing?

Is this going to work?

It’s been 2 months already!?

By: Me

Then I quit and ask the same question I asked 3 months ago, which is…

What blog should I start next?

man on his laptop asking what blog should I start next
What blog should I start?

That was an endless cycle. 

A cycle I wished I broke when I was younger.

Now that I’m older with a child, it’s much harder to find the time to build a blogging business. Competition is more fierce and harder to rank in Google.

But I’m determined. 

How about you? 

Are you going to sit there and pass up on the biggest opportunity of a lifetime?

Do you want to know what blog you should start to supplement or replace your income?

If you are, keep reading to find the best blog to start writing about.

Blogs you should start today!

Firstly, to find your answer. Ask why are you asking what blog you should start?

Why are you even reading this article: “what blog should I start?”

Do you want to earn from the blog because you thought it’s easy?

Or, you just want to blog because you love blogging?

Or, you want to blog about the things you love?

Hopefully, your answer wasn’t the first. 

Earning money from blogs is not an easy task.

There are many things you need to consider before you start blogging. 

Because of experience, I know it’s hard to make it as a full-time blogger.

However, if you love writing, blogging is the best way to hone your skills.

And, if you want to help others by sharing what you know, then you’re on the right path.

The type of blog that you should start comes down to what you want?

Are you solely in it for the money, or you want to blog about the stuff you love?

If you’re in it only for the money, perhaps you should know that the amount of money you earn can also depend on your chosen topic.

The following are the type of blogs that earn the most ad revenue, from lowest to highest:

  • Games $2,694
  • Books and literature $3,462
  • Arts and entertainment $3,744
  • Sports $3,888
  • News $4,272
  • Computers and electronics $4,530
  • Food and drink $5,010
  • Online communities $5,058
  • Science $5,082
  • Reference $5,430
  • People and society $6,054
  • Auto and vehicles $7,464
  • Beauty and fitness $6,042
  • Hobbies and leisure $6,756
  • Pets and animals $7,452
  • Shopping $7,938
  • Business and industrial $10,986
  • Jobs and education $8226
  • Law and government $8,226
  • Internet and telecom $8,172
  • Travel $9,210
  • Health $10,506
  • Home and garden $13,026
  • Real estate $13,446
  • Finance $18,720

As you can see, according to Google’s Adsense calculator, the type of blog that has the highest earning potential is Finance.

The second is real estate, and the third is home and garden. 

That’s all good and well, but what if you get bored writing about finance, hate real estate, and have no idea about home and garden? What blog should you start?

How to choose the type of blog to start

To be honest, if I had the money, I would have chosen Finance and treated it as a business.

However, I had no money to start. I had plenty of time, though.

That’s the only thing I had before starting a new blog— time.

Time is precious. We can always make money, but we can never make enough time.

I knew that I would be blogging about this topic for five years before making money.

That’s why it was imperative that I love and be knowledgeable about my chosen blog.

I couldn’t possibly write about finance for five years without going crazy. 

Moreover, I have no idea when it comes to the topic of finance. I know how to save money and be tight, but that’s all.

You must know what you’re talking about and love it. You should start with that. 

The more you know, and the more you love what you’re writing about, you’ll have no problem making money from your blog.

Now, blogging is lucrative when you have the financial backing to keep running a blog. 

That means you can hire writers to keep pumping out the contents people are searching for. 

You can pay for the most reliable and fastest hosting for your blog.

And any other expenses such as plugins, tools, apps, copywriters, developers, and others are crucial to running a blog.

Yes, there’s more to running a blog than just paying for a domain name and paying a hosting company every month.


To answer your question, “what blog should I start?”

You should determine if you are financially capable of running a blog as a business.

If you are, you should start a blog and pay others to do your hard work.

But you’re not big time yet, and you dream about making money online blogging. It’s time to start your blog today.

And determining which type of blog you should start writing about depends on your passion.

I know bloggers will tell you that running a successful blog has nothing to do with passion.

That’s true too. As I mentioned, you can pay writers, web developers, SEOs, and marketers to do everything for you. 

A good writer can charge $100 for 1000 words article. Don’t even get me started with cheap freelancers. 

I’ve had my fair shares of bad articles from “affordable” freelancers. The amount of time I had to spend fixing everything, I should have done myself and saved some money.

Now when you’re hiring writers to blog for you. And you’re paying only $50 per article. 

To start making money from your blog, you’ll need at least 500 articles. 

Yup, 500 is what I found to be the magic number before you can start generating good traffic to your site. 

Five hundred multiplied by fifty dollars equals twenty-five thousand dollars. That’s a significant amount of money. Don’t you think?

You also need to take into account your marketing expenses, SEO, hosting plans, etc.

To have a successful blog, I must admit that you don’t have to love what you’re blogging about; you just need to be loaded.

However, if you’re strap for cash, you’ll have to do the work yourself. And running a blog usually means you need a significant amount of content. 

Writing about the same topic you hate day in day out will wear you out. 

Take me, for example. Even when I love my chosen blog topic, writing about it can be tedious at times. Some days I need a break and refresh.

When you love your chosen blog category, working wouldn’t be a drag. 

And when you’re knowledgeable, the faster you can crank out content to get to the magic number of 500 articles.

Where did I get that 500 number from? Is there a shred of evidence? Well, no, it’s just from my data after running two blogs.

You don’t have to believe me. Others think so too. 

So, there it is. That’s your answer to, “what blog should I start?”

The simple answer is, know your passion.

Click on the following link to get started on your blog and start making money online: Start a blog.

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