Top 10 Travel Blog For Families You Must Follow

Do you travel with your family? If so, then you should be following these 10 travel blogs. These travel bloggers have helped many people find the best vacation spots for families, and they are always on top of new travel deals. Check out their list of “must-follow” travel blogs below to find one that is perfect for your family!

10. Red Tricycle

Red Tricycle is a website that has family-friendly recipes, crafts, activities, hikes, travel tips for families with kids of various ages. They also have birthday party ideas and classes for kids.

9. Flying With A Baby

airplane pilot holding a baby inside the cockpit
Pilot with baby inside the plane’s cockpit

Carrie has 12 years of experience as a long-haul flight attendant. She has visited 60 countries. As a flight attendant, she knows how to fly with children and provides tips for family holidays.

8. Family Travel Magazine

Family Travel Magazine News and Reviews is a blog for people who love to travel. People who read this blog enjoy reading reviews, tips, and deals about vacations. One of the writers here is Jodi Grundig. She has been traveling since she was a child and loves it now too.

7. The Barefoot Nomad Travel

Charles and Micki Kosman are two adventurous Canadians. They love to travel and write about all things travel-related, like how to make your next trip more joyful and fun.

They have been traveling around the world since 2003. First, they traveled as a couple and now travel as a family of four. They love sharing their adventures with you and the lessons they learned on the road.

6. It’s A Lovely Life

There are many things to do when traveling. You can find all the best tips and products here. We travel every day and share the best of what we see along with our life in Southern California.

5. Road Trip For Families

A travel editor for Road Trips, an online magazine dedicated to family road trips. The content and features in their print edition make it perfect as a resource on your next vacation.

4. Y Travel Blog

The Family Travel Blog shares travel tips and destinations for families. Learn how to plan a trip with their travel planning toolkit.

3. The Travel Expert | Family Travel | Advice and Tips for Travelling with Kids

Expat living is when you live someplace else in the world. You might do this to get a new experience or because you want to start a new life.

Traveling with your family and teaching kids how to be entrepreneurs can also happen during family travel.

The best places for kids and families to go on vacation are those that do not have dangerous things like water, sharks, or earthquakes.

2. Travel Mamas | Travel with Kids

Travel Mamas is a place where parents and children can connect. It also covers topics such as parenting, fashion, books, movies, and more. The adventure never ends once the bags are unpacked!

1. My Family Travels

The Family Travel Forum is for people who still go on family vacations and have children. They want to promote and support this. They write reviews about having family vacations with kids, and they also review hotels.

Family Travel Forum is a place for kids to find information about vacationing with their family. In addition, people can read other travelers’ stories. You can also ask questions that others will answer in the community.

They want to give you accurate and honest information about where you can travel. They do this by sharing reviews of places, like tropical or ski resorts and attractions. They also offer to license other media people to use our content and provide consulting services to the travel industry.


Most of these travel blogs started with nothing. Just bloggers blogging about their travels.

They are now probably earning at least 4 figures, if not more a month with their blog.

Start your travel blog to support and enjoy exploring the world with your kids.

There’s nothing better than getting paid to be flown over and stay at a hotel for free.

Well, not free, obviously you have to promote the company in your blog.

Many people have done it, just look at Mark Wiens. He started in Thailand documenting his travels staying at cheap hotels.

Today, he gets paid to travel business class and enjoys 15 courses of food!

Mark Wiens traveling business class on an Iran Airline

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