How to make money your first month blogging

How to make money your first month blogging

How to make money your first month blogging?

I’m going to be straight. 

It’s hard, but not impossible.

If you’re already thinking of making money in your first month, then you already failed.

You’re expecting quick money, which is hard in the blogging space.

Do you know how many blogs are on the internet? There are over 600 million blogs worldwide, according to Growthbadger.

And you think you can just come in and earn money in the first month?

That’s the wrong mindset and will lead to disappointment.

Ways to make money on the first month of blogging

The first thing you do is have a product, an offer that can make you money. Make sure that the offer is compelling for people to buy. 

Here’s how you can determine if a product is worth investing your time and money. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you use it?
  • Would you recommend it to someone?
  • What differentiates my product from others?

Some markets are competitive, and some are not. However, this doesn’t mean you should go for an easy market. 

You may not have competition, but you may also don’t have any buyers.

Look, you will always have competition. It’s how you can differentiate yourself from others is way more important. 

Why would people buy your product instead of a similar item that is $10 cheaper? 

Suppose you don’t have a product to sell, no worries. You can try affiliate marketing. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Essentially, affiliate marketing is referring people to products and earning commission from qualified sales.

Affiliate marketing is how I make money from my blogs. I refer you to products that may help you, and if you buy, I get a commission. 

You can make money with affiliate marketing by leveraging SEO, paid ads, and social media. 

The first thing you have to do is to join an affiliate marketing program. The best one I’ve used is Clickbank.

There are others, but Clickbank has been around for a long time, and it’s simple. Their reports are detailed, and you can quickly sort the marketplace to your preference. 

You can sort by rank, avg $ per conversion, initial $ per conversion, recurring $, or gravity. Find out more about them by going to Clickbank’s Marketsearch explanation.

After you join Clickbank, go to the marketplace and choose which one you want to promote. 

There are many categories. From health, business to travel.

Some things to keep in mind when you become an affiliate marketer. 

  1. Likely, you won’t earn much money, if any, on your first day.
  2. It’s a long game.
  3. If you don’t have the chops to create an amazing copy that converts, you might be wasting precious $$$$.

Now you know what affiliate marketing is and where to start, here are two ways you can make money online in your first month:

  1. The most viable one is by using your money to run paid ads to your offer.
  2. The second is to use social media platforms such as Facebook, IG, and medium.

Using paid ads to make money is the best way to make quick money. However, you need to invest upfront. Be warned, though, the chances of losing your money before making any sale are pretty high.

The second is the safest option to make money blogging in your first month. Since Facebook has changed their algorithm to favor ads than organic reach, the game has changed.

Using your Facebook page to reach thousands and millions of your fans is not a viable option anymore.

Making money your first month of blogging with paid ads

There are many ways you can make money online in your first month by blogging. 

But, most of them are short term and not designed for bloggers.

If you have the money, you can use that to drive traffic to your offer, using Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, Youtube pre-roll ads, even TikTok.

Depending on the quality of your ad and your offer, you will convert. 

Thus making you money within the first month if the cost of acquisition is lower than the profit margin. 

Of course, the amount of money you’ll earn is dependent on your marketing and copywriting skills. And, don’t forget the offer. If the offer is full of crap, then your efforts and talents are all in vain. 

If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on ads, your option is to blog on the free platforms that can get you free attention. 

Blogging is a waiting game, especially when you rely on SEO traffic, which can take six months for you to see traction. 

However, you can get instant traffic by using already established platforms.

How to make money your first month blogging for free

You can do this to make your first check in the first month of blogging:

  1. Blog on Instagram
  2. Blog on Facebook
  3. Blog on Medium

1. Blog on IG

If you’re going to blog about fitness, health, lifestyle, fashion, photography, or anything that involves visuals, Instagram is your platform.

Don’t think that Instagram is just about photos. That was the old days. Instagram has evolved. You are now able to take videos and post in stories. And, now they have “Reel,” which is similar to Tiktok.

Instagram is continually evolving to meet the demands. This is smart. They are keeping the current users on the platform and potentially attract Tiktok users. That’s why I think IG will be around for quite a while. 

But we are not about videos. We love to write, so let’s stick to blogging. 

Having great photos help, but combined with a powerful copy, you can make an ordinary photo extraordinary.

For each post, you should write something meaningful that will resonate with your audience. I doubt you’ll be making money in your first month. 

However, you can start leaving your 2 cents in people’s posts. Leave a meaningful comment that can help them and their audience 100x a day. You can refer people to your offer when it’s the right time. 

The best time is when there’s a problem that your product can solve. 

2. Blog on Facebook

Since Facebook prefers us to spend on ads, the organic reach has significantly dropped. Facebook pages are not able to reach all the fans. The best way you can do this is to create your group, but this takes time to build.

Or you can join already established groups. Preferably a group where your target audience hangs around in. 

For example, you wouldn’t join a travel group if your offer is weight loss. 

Once you join a group, make it your community. Establish your credibility. Answer questions that show your expertise. 

Groups are very fussy about people spamming others and making offers. So, try not to be too salesy in there. 

Show results, show credibility, show greatness, and people will start asking, who the heck is this guy? Why does he know so much? Why is he buff?! How did she lose 200 pounds in 3 months?!?!

Okay, the last one might be exaggerated, but you get my drift.

Once you got their curiosity, they will check out your profile. Make sure your offer is there and how they can learn more about it. 

3. Blog on Medium

Medium is great for bloggers and writers. You get instant viewers to your blog, and you don’t have to pay for hosting. 

You can start blogging about your offer here. And, the best part is that it will never go away. Unless Medium decides just to vanish one day, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. 

Making money on Medium is the same thing as blogging on Facebook or Instagram. Establish cred, expertise, and results. 

The only downside to blogging on Medium and all other platforms is that you don’t own the content. Medium holds it and can do whatever they want with it.

And, when they do decide just to go puff, all your hard work is also gone.

That’s why I always advise you to get your domain and hosting. And own your content. You can get a free domain by going to the following article: free domain for blog.

How you’ll make money on Medium is to blog about your offer or something relevant. And when people buy, you get that commission. 

You can also earn money by people upvoting your blog with a “clap.”

Medium's clap
Medium’s clap

It’s not a significant amount of money, but it’s money in your first month of blogging. 

Why you shouldn’t think of making money in the first month

Many people are impatient. 

They want the quick buck. 

You can start spamming your affiliate links everywhere on social, but that’s a short-term play.

And you’ll most likely get banned. But, you may get a buyer and earn your first dollar in the first month.

If you decide to start your website, keep this in mind. 

There are many blogs on the internet. 

Some blogs make a lot of money, and blogs that don’t.

There are also many dead ones.

The dead blogs are usually from people who want quick money. 

They come in thinking to create content, and in the first week, they are millionaires.

Don’t think that way, because you’ll end up with a dead blog. 

When you have this kind of expectation, you’ll never be able to make money online. 

I’m not going to lie.

I was the same.

I used to think that I would just blog about something for a few days, and the money would come rolling in.

Perhaps I believed too many blogging gurus promising wealth in a short amount of time.

That’s why I failed so many blogs in the past.

I was looking for easy money.

My mindset has changed since then. 

But, knowing what I know now, there is a possibility (minuscule) that you can make money in your first month of blogging.

I highlighted some of them. 

The most viable way to make money in the first month of blogging without capital is joining Medium.

You can earn money when people give you “claps” or via your affiliate links. 

To earn a significant amount of money to quit your job, you have to invest in owning your content. 

That means you have to spend a little at the start. Then you can reap all the rewards later. You can start by reading how to start a blog that makes money on autopilot.

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