Top 10 Best Blogs For Women You Need to Read

Women’s empowerment is on the rise, and with it comes a new era of female-focused blogs. These best blogs for women cover topics from beauty to relationships, from fashion to finance. They are an essential resource for all women – whatever your background or interests may be. We’ve compiled this list of the best female-focused blogs to read to make navigating them easier!

10. Women’s Health Mag

women's health blog

You would be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive resource for women’s health than Women’s Health. Whether you are looking into the latest workout trends or need some sound advice on how best to lose weight, this website has it all!

They also provide easy access that is convenient and helpful with its blog posts categorized by most relevant topics like “Nourish Your Body,” which shares healthy recipes anyone can make at home without sacrificing flavor.

Plus, there are tons of videos featured throughout, providing visual demonstrations. Hence, viewers know exactly what they’ll see when making these dishes themselves – no cooking necessary (for those days where time isn’t available!).

9. The Every Girl

the every girl blog

The Everygirl is the ultimate online resource for women looking to shape their creative, career-driven lives. The site offers plenty of advice on everything from how best to handle being ambitious at work without feeling overworked or undervalued all of the way up to make sure that you’re not sacrificing your health by working too much.

You can also find guides about finding the balance between family time and achieving goals, as well as ideas around building an emergency fund just in case any unexpected expenses come along one day – think childcare costs skyrocketed due to 2 sick children? They’ll have something helpful here for every girl.

8. Entrepreneur (Women)

women entrepreneurs blog

Women Entrepreneurs is the go-to website for all things entrepreneur. You can find interviews with successful female business owners, strategies to launch your venture, and get ideas from other women in this male-dominated industry or learn about some fun facts that might surprise you!

7. New York Times (Women and Girls)

the new york times women and girls blog

The New York Times is a trusted source of information for many people worldwide, including women and girls. The newspaper has covered issues affecting these groups on their website since 1851 with commentary from experts in various fields who can offer insight into how news stories can affect different demographics or cultures depending on where they live.

6. Women’s Voices For Change

women voices for change blog

Women’s Voices for Change is a commentary, news, and opinion website that celebrates the power of women over 40. They are here to remind society how vital women are in all aspects. 

From health care providers like female doctors or nurses Ģ¶ reminding you what your doctor would teach if she were non-disabled; creators/artists such as writers who paint pictures with words instead of brushstrokes on canvas. 

“We need these voices amplified so others will listen when it comes time for a change!”

5. Ms. Magazine

ms magazine blog

Ms. Magazine is widespread and the most trusted source for feminist news and information in print or online. Topics include politics, health care issues like cancer treatment, access universality of reproductive choice, among other things!

The opinions section provides readers with voices they may not have heard before, giving them insight into current events through different perspectives on topics such as violence against women at home and abroad.

4. AmoMama

amo mama blog

AmoMama is a go-to for every woman, with the latest and most trending content worldwide. In addition, you can find health advice and inspiring stories on their website that will make you feel great about yourself.

They also have celebrity news which would interest any fan of pop culture in particular because it covers all aspects, including fashion trends – Amomamasafari Team member’s favorite part by far!

3. Women’s eNews

women's enews blog

The Women’s eNews is a nonprofit news service covering issues of particular concern to women and providing them with perspectives on public policy. This not only enhances their abilities but also allows all sectors of human endeavor in which they participate as well – whether it be education or business-related activities like running companies that employ many people; owning homes where families live together.

2. Women You Should Know

women you should know blog

It’s time to get serious. You know that feeling in your gut when someone tries too hard, or maybe it has been a while since you’ve felt anything other than numbness? Well, forget all of those questions and more because WOMEN YOU SHOULD KNOW might be what the doctor ordered for people who need something with some spice!

Women You Should Know is an online magazine about dynamic, driven and passionate women who share incredible stories.

1. Cosmopolitan

Get the scoop on everything from your favorite celebrities and pop culture happenings to trending topics in sex education. From how-to videos for beginners through couples’ counseling sessions by leading psychologists – Cosmopolitan has got you covered!


There you have it: the best and top 10 best blogs about women you need to read. Now go ahead and read up!

Blogging has been a trending topic lately, and anyone can use social media to their advantage.

Many women have successfully started blogs in any category as long as they’re passionate about what is being discussed, from fashion tips or beauty tricks, lifestyle to travel; whatever your passion may be, blogging could help you reach more people than ever before!

Start your blog today.

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