How To Start a Design Blog: Build Your Brand Successfully

Starting a blog is a great way to share your ideas and grow your brand.

This post will cover some of the basics, like what you should name your blog, how to come up with content ideas, and what kinds of tools you’ll need.

There are lots of different design blogs out there – Made By Folk, Print PM, It’s Nice That, Httpster, and much more.

This is just one person’s perspective!

How to start a design blog: tips and ideas

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Here are some questions that you’re probably asking and tips to consider before starting your design blog.

What should I name my blog?

Your blog’s title is often the first thing someone sees, so it needs to convey what you want visitors to know about your site. 

For example: “Blogzn Design” tells people that this will be a design-focused website, while “The Tangerine and the Blueberry” gives them an idea of how they’ll find content here. 

But don’t limit yourself! For example, if you’re starting as a lifestyle blogger, you may not need to explicitly mention that in your title.

How do I come up with ideas for blog posts?

This can take some time – no one wants their creative wellspring tapped out after just two posts! So start with things you’re already interested in. For example, if you love cooking and your kitchen is a mess, but it’s always clean when the meal is done, then that might be an idea for a blog post!

Or you can go to Google and start typing things such as design. You should see prefill words pop out when you’re typing. If some make sense for you to write about, then go for it.

An excellent tool to use when coming up with blog topics to write about is SEMRUSH. You can find keywords that you’re likely to rank for with your new website. So, you’re not wasting hours writing content that will never rank in Google.

Keyword tools such as SEMRUSH will give you a plethora of choices. But, pick one that you can write about or love.

It’s always best to write about topics you’re passionate about because it will come through your writing, and people can tell when someone is faking their love for something or just trying to get a few extra bucks from clickbait articles.

It makes brand-building more authentic and enjoyable if you enjoy the topic of what you are blogging about!

SEMRUSH is only one of the tools I use to help my business. I detailed the vital ones in this blogging tools guide.

How do I find my voice?

The best way to figure out what content will resonate with readers is by reading other blogs or magazines they enjoy. So what topics get them talking on social media?

What words get used most often in their posts? Keep these questions in mind as you create new ideas so that they’ll be more likely to strike a chord with others too!

Should I have an opinion about everything?

No – opinions are great and fun, but sometimes they can backfire. For example, what we know now as “blogging” was initially called “online diaries,” They were very personal, often with no words of advice or instruction given to readers.

How do I find the time?

It is possible to start a design blog without spending all of your free time on it. Instead, spend five minutes each day developing content and scheduling ahead, then aim for one or two posts per week.

You can even make a list of topics you want to write about in advance and use them as a guide! This way, no matter what happens during the day, there will always be something to post about when it’s evening comes around.

How do I get followers?

The best way is by being interesting! Like favorite social media sites, people choose who follows them based on what posts they find most intriguing (among other factors). So be sure you’re posting original content that entertains your target audience every time – even if it’s just a photo of a cake recipe for dessert ideas!

Get social

This is where brand building happens. People hang out on social media. They watch youtube for hours. Check out what everyone is up to on Facebook. And, TikTok makes their day. Here’s some advice to get you started.

Be consistent with posting times across platforms (e.g., Facebook at noon every weekday). Coordinating this helps give readers consistency so they know when they should expect new content from you–this translates into increased engagement on your posts.

Take photos of what you’re eating for lunch, make clothing purchase decisions in public (this will give followers a sense of the kind of things they should be looking out for when shopping), take selfies with your dog on weekends–whatever it is that makes you feel like yourself and brings joy to others! Be sure to get permission first if there are people around, though.

Don’t forget about hashtags! Hashtags can help readers find your content more easily and increase engagement rates because other users who don’t follow you may see them. Some popular design-related hashtags include #designerlife, #creativebloggers, and #inspirationdaily.”

Just finished a project? Take photos. Lots of photos!

Starting a project? Take photos. Lots of photos!

Document the project from start to finish. People love seeing transformations especially when it happens in real-time.

Should I have multiple blog posts about different topics?

This ties back into the idea of finding your voice: maybe there’s one topic that interests you but not enough to make up an entire blog’s worth of content. That may be an excellent place to start and then branch out!

My only recommendation is to keep things congruent. You don’t want to have a blog talking about random stuff unless the blog is all about your life.

Your posts should be related to design. Don’t publish a post talking about what you had for lunch or how hot it was in Vietnam.

What if my idea doesn’t work?

You can always try another topic or even change up the way you’re presenting your original idea. For instance, if photography is one of your passions, but it seems like nobody wants to read about that anymore, maybe other things in popular culture relate to photography (like an interview with a photographer) – whatever it takes for people to take notice!

Be persistent

Depending on how much effort you put into learning SEO, Pinterest, or other forms of traffic generation will determine the time frame it takes to grow your design blog.

You need patience and persistence for this process because most designers go through a period where they’re zeroing out their blogs before finally generating revenue-generating content.

With rigorous efforts in understanding what these sites are about (to avoid redundancies), connecting with influencers who can help amplify your reach along with some critical thinking skills -you too can see success more quickly than someone putting less energy towards designing an online presence that generates sustainable income streams.

Promote Promote Promote

Creating a blog is just the first step, so knowing how to promote it will ensure that your message reaches as many people as possible.

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are perfect for this purpose because they offer an inexpensive way of reaching out to potential followers in large numbers.

One of the best ways to promote your blog on Facebook is by joining design groups. You can offer your services or answer some queries about designs that will show your authoritativeness.

Setting up dedicated pages on these sites or connecting with existing accounts can help you succeed without breaking the bank!

How about a domain, hosting, SEO, and all that?

These are tips and ideas that may help you start and run a successful design blog. The detailed guide on getting hosted, scoring a free domain, and SEO basics are all about how to start a blog and make money autopilot article.

Once you got that all setup. Check out my favorite blogging tools I use all the time to help plan my content, save time on social media, improves SEO, and more: Best Blogging Tools


Blogging is an easy way to generate more leads and sales for your design business.

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or just starting, it doesn’t matter–every blog can be optimized with a few simple tweaks that will help attract new clients.

And don’t worry about not having the time; these strategies are so quick and easy, you’ll barely even notice the difference in your workload!

I hope you enjoyed this how to start a design blog tips and ideas and got you inspired to start your own.

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